The Arena is a mansion with excuside features.


Male Tribute Female Tribute
D1 Scarr Blade

D1 Crystal Glow

D2 Levi Stone

D2 Anna Marie de Caprio

D3 Calculum Infinity

D3 Issabella Electrode

D4 Apollo Elto

D4 Artimis Elto

D5 Rick Jones

D5 Cathy James

D6 Jack Gardes

D6 Lillian Gardes

D7 Adrain Christenson

D7 Evelyn Dreamcatcher

D8 River Rhodes

D8 Sutton Yates

D9 Miles Graze

D9 Belle Freeze

D10 Herflex Nome

D10 Shania Deary

D11 Max Summers

D11 Winter Grakineey

D12 Arthur Turquiose

D12 Suzy Turquoise

Line through tribute's name means dead


Santa: Throws bricks

Snowman: Discuises as a decoration slays tributes

Reindeer: Razor antlers

Ms Claus: Breaths fire

Christmas Tree: Impales tributes with its branches

Elf: It shoots arrows or stabs tributes

Angel: It shoots lazer beams

Grinch: Throws presents with explosives in them

Let the Games begin 'Ho Ho Ho'

Sutton Yates' POV

Sutton Yates woke with a fright, she realised she would be going into the arena tomorrow but she just wasn't sure about what she was going to do, grab a backpack, a knife or dagger, stay at the bloodbath or move out.

Anna Marie de Caprio's POV

I can't believe i just got reaped.... THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways the games start tomorrow, so I will just hang with the careers and kill.

Miles Graze's POV

My alarm clock just went off. This means I will be going into the arena in 3 hours. I quickly get dressed into my outfit and I scratch my hair, then I comb it and I run downstairs to breakfast. I see Belle and Max have saved a seat for me, Belle Freeze is my District partner and Max Summers is a friend I have made here. Belle and him seem to be friends too. I sit in the middle of them and I start gulping down the eggs on my plate. As they say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Issabella Electrode's POV

I pig into the cereal infront of me, gulping it down faster than River Rhodes and Lillian Gardes. I fiddle with my hair which distracts some people from listining to The head gamemaker, I catch Rick Jones staring and I smile at him. He looks at the gamemaker, but every so often his eyes roll towards me. I think he likes me!

60 Seconds

Cathy James' POV

We have to wait 60 seconds before the gong rings, usally adreinaline gets to the tributes and they sprit foward and blow up. While I daydream the gong rings. 'Huh, wait what' I splutter and realise what just happened. I bolt foward to grab a dagger but Anna Marie already got it and now I have a dagger petruding out of my chest, 'Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh' I scream grabbing the attenchion of many tributes and I collapse to the ground dead.

Cathy James 24th place

Arthur Turquiose's POV

I notice Catchy James' body and I sigh, already one is dead. I pick up a spear and I run out of Corncopia, but I trip and the spear stabs throught me. I scream, luckily Suzy sees me and comes to help me but Levi Stone sees this and he shoots Suzy with a bow and arrow and leaves me to bleed to death

Suzy Turquiose 23rd place

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