Ok. These are not games it is sort of like Nate777's Murder In The Dark (I think it might be although, I have never read it.), So you submit characters not tributes. You can make up characters just for this, In comments please include first AND last name of the tribute(s). The tributes are placed into pairs (I decide who are in a pair) and those pairs decide to sneak out of bed early to try to find and catch Santa, but Santa sees them and tries to kill them. They try to escape Santa, his Elves, Goblins, Angels and Snowmen.

Pair 1
Pair 2
Pair 3
Pair 4 Venom Strike

Matza Oriana

Pair 5
Pair 6
Pair 7

Flaire Fireblaze

Pair 8
Pair 9
Pair 10 Kajama Odair

Line through the name of a character means he or she is dead.

Chapter, One: I have a plan

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