Renee7's First Hunger Games of Panem is what it says it is. Tributes are from Districts 1-12

Arena and Mutts

The arena is a replica of LA, America as The Capitol wanted to show some History. Pasadena is the Corncopia. Their are 5 types of mutts. Pasawallie (A wombat), Devoni (A snake), Ghanki (A Gun welding Zombie), MockingJay (A bird) and Ravenclaw (A Raven).

Tributes (Please Submit Tributes)

District of Tribute Tribute (Male) Tribute (Female) Tribute (Male) Tribute (Female)
1 Orion Nightlock(9) Star Galaxy(7) Adrian Christenson(7) Everlyn Dreamcatcher(9)
2 Oparnler Parker(6) Ellacey No-Surname(5) Everest Sateer(8) Jupiter Dorthog(12)
3 Joe Grenwism(9) Anna Grenwism(12) Nolan Wire(9) Electra Sparks(8)
4 Logan Blue(8) Misty Blue(15) Cedar Mallark(13) Kajama Odair(8)
5 Alec Powers(6) Addie Buzz(13) Malt Easer(8) Choice Loopy(9)
6 Shane Hover(12) Carrie Hover(9) River Rhodes(11) Sutton Yates(9)
7 Glenn Woods(9) Dawn Lark(2) Flare Forrester(12) Revelynn Tinder(8)
8 Hades Bringer(13) Amanda Hills(9) Hinder Black(6) Soul Anderson(8)
9 Buglar Millet(11) Kasho Farro(7) Ryak No-Surname(7) Shania Deary(9)
10 Blue Sky(11) Holly Honey(7) Starry Knite(7) Breeze Moon(8)
11 Beaux Faust(7) Calliope Revine(12) Akin Yakovliv(7) Linda Pierre(9)
12 Arthur Turquoise(12) Suzy Turquoise(12) Jay West(11) Summer Leason(16)

Line throught tribute means dead, Bold means career.

The Games

Day 1 (Completed)

'Welcome to the First Hunger Games of Panem' The annoucer Fertie Waylen blasted into the mic. 'Let the games begin'

As Holly Honey

I wait for the gong, a minute goes up and the gong hasn't rung yet a dozen tributes down I see Ryak No-Surname trip off the ring killing him and also killing 3 other tributes BONG!!! The gong goes off and I sprint to retrive a decent weapon. I grab a knife and I slash a tributes throat. BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!!

48th place: Ryak No-Surname

47thplace: Arthur Turquiose

46th place: Kajama Odair

45th place: Orion Nightlock

44th place: Suzy Turquiose

As Alec Powers

As I am running through the items of cornucopia I notice a trident and I pick it up I use it to spear Dawn Lark. I trip over a backpack and I roll down a hill. BOOM!!! While I dust myself off I see the careers approaching, in panic I run dead scared and I am able to hide in bunch of bushes. Just when I think I lost them I feel a dagger enter my head then I black out. BOOM!!!

43rd place: Dawn Lark

42nd place: Alec Powers

As Beaux Faust

I am running around cornucopia, looking at the corpses while also looking at the weapons. I guess I'm just picking around for a decent choice. I pull out 3 trowing stars from Dawn Larks hands, but I try not to disturb her body. I think it is appropriate to be kind to the bodies. I throw a star into a neck belonging to Nolan Wire, I NEED to win. BOOM!!!

41st place: Nolan Wire

As Addie Buzz

I run out of cornucopia before I am killed there. I find and alley with Misty Blue, Logan Blue, Hinder Black and Amanda Hills. Misty and Logan try to perswade Hinder, Amander and me to kill everyone we can. Amanda agrees with the Blue brother and sister, I do to. But Hinder doesn't so Misty slashes his throat with a knife. Misty then says 'We need to go back to cornucopia to get all the weapons and supplies.' I can't see an error in that plan, well apart from the fact all the other careers might kill us. All the weapons might be gone and if Misty and Logan dies me and Amanda might be tortured and killed by the tributes from Districts 1 and 2. Just as I am about to say those reasons, Hinder's cannon goes off BOOM!!! I think to aviod being dead like Hinder I best keep my mouth shut. We head back to cornucopia.

40th place: Hinder Black

As Shania Deary

I have been jogging around the arena for a while now and despite all odds I'm lost as I walk around a hill I run into 4 tributes and I realise I have walked right back into cornucopia. I swear under my breath, I recionise the tributes as Misty and Logan Blue a married couple, Amanda Hills and Addie Buzz. My first reaction is to kill Misty and Logan, I change my mind but its too late, the knife blade penatrates Logan into the stomach. BOOM!!! Oops, I step back and I the background I see Buglar slip over blood and land on his back, I can't help but to giggle a little. Big Mistake Misty jumps foward and grabs my hair and pulls my head back, she is about to slit my throught or stab me or gut me or something when her knife falls down between my feet. Her hand lets go off my hair and I turn to see her fall down dead with a knife in her back. I look up to see Addie smiling and Amanda gasping with a hand over her mouth in shock. Addie then says 'You owe me.' So the three off us alley. BOOM!!!

39th place: Logan Blue

38th place: Misty Blue

As River Rhodes

I have not yet allied for one reason and one reason only Sutton Yates has allied with Buglar Millet, Kasho Farro and Linda Pierre. I know I won't feel any safer if I alley with Shane, after all I only trust Sutton. As I think about all this nonsense. I don't see the District 10 tributes approach from behind I hear a rustle and I turn aorund with my blade out on instinct. I almost decapitate Breeze and Starry, and I go to stab Holly but Starry screams 'Wait, we only want to alley,' Holly looks down anxious for me to remove the blade only an inch away from her stomach, that could impale her at any moment. 'Go away I don't want to alley' I yell very loudly.' 'Care to keep it down I don't want to alert careers' Blue stats. 'Okay I will. But only if you go away NOW!!' I say a little softer than before 'Put the blade away' Breeze yells very very very loudly. 'And you wanted me to keep it down.' I say and I pull out another blade and I use it to stab Blue in the throat. He moans before collapsing to the ground dead. BOOM!!! The cannon goes off signaling his death. I then I stab Breeze and Starry in both their limbs and I pull out two hunting knives and I use them to stab both of Holly's arms into the tree behind her. They all scream. I tie up Breeze and Starry and I stab them in their left shoulders and the same with their right. I then twist Breeze's hair around her head multiple times and I use the stillin form ponytail to hang her from a tree. I pick up Starry and I start stabbing him in the lower intestine over twenty times untill he is completely gutted and disembowled BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! I look over and notice Holly bled to death and Breeze hung to death. Perfect now I qualify for career, 'You better watch out Sutton' I scream merciless. The capital must be soooooooooo spolit.

37th place: Blue Sky

36th place: Starry Night

35th place: Breeze Moon

34th place: Holly Honey

Night 1 (In Progress)

As Linda Pierre

I run through the forest with my alleys as we head back to cornucopia for a place to rest for the night, we have 1 mile to go until we reach to tail, which is in the opening of the forest. When we arrive we all start panting, 'Phew, what a long run' Carrie says in between breaths, 'Yeah, tell me about it.' Buglar pants. 'I think it is about time the anthem plays' Sutton stutters. As if on que the anthem plays, 'Told you so' Sutton regains his steady breaths.

(Editors Note: In these games it shows the corpes of the tributes on screen and it says who killed them)

'Good ESP' Kasho mutters to Sutton. The corpes play on screen first Ryak, then Kajama, Arthur, Orion and Suzy. Then Dawn, Alec and Nolan up until when Starry's corpse is shown I turn away only to see Carrie cringing and Buglar huging himself tightly. Then I see Breeze and I scream in terror and then Holly's corpse comes to the screen and I faint. In the morning when Sutton wakes me I ask who killed the last four tributes. He replies 'Carrie and my District partner River. She was a friend of mine', A chill goes down my back. Kasho must see this because he says 'Easy, Linda. What's wrong.' I don't reply because I know he knows the answer. River will kill us all before he kills Sutton.

As Akin Yakovliv

I wonder down a rocky path beside a creek quitely. I'm stalking the careers tyo kill them one by one when they least suspect it. I don't have a good view from the reeds I'm hiding in, but I see Star turn around, see must have heard a rustle because she approaches towards where I am slowly before turning back around. I load a bow and arrow I swiped from cornucopia and I fire it at them a body falls down, I can't make out who it is though BOOM!!! Just 22 hours before I see who I killed. But I don't have to wait because just after I thought about that I hear Everest Sateer say 'Somebody shot Ellacey.' Star replies 'Well, duh. We all saw that, I mean come on we have eyes. Wait a moment somebody must be hiding in the reeds.', then Everest says an inside joke. 'Well, duh. We all have ears.' Everybody lauges so Star pulls out a hunting knife and goes into a hugging position on Everest and jams the knife in. Everest moans before Star withdraws the knife. BOOM!!! She then throws the knife into the reeds where I'm hiding killing me. I black out. BOOM!!!

33rd place: Ellacey No-Surname

32nd place: Everest Sateer

31st place: Akin Yakovliv

As Anna Grenwism

I was lucky enough to get a container of food at the cornucopia before I ran out. Fortunatly it has 4 large slices of bread and 3 apples. I was lucky my brother Joe ran off when the gong went as Misty Blue tried to throw a spear into him. I think he got a battleaxe though - I hope so. "Tributes, Listen Up this is Fertie Waylen. I have news for you tributes. A rule change has been made. Tributes Anna, Joe, Glenn, Shania, Linda, Jay and Summer. You have been randomly selected to be winners. But it is not that easy. If some or all of you are the last standing you will all win. BUT if you ally for you and your ally the deal is off and you will be out of the deal. This means there could be 1-8 winners this year. Good Luck Tributes and May the odds be ever in your favor." The seal comes telling us the annoucement is over. Joe. That is the first thing I think of that Joe and I may win. Good luck I think to myself and I pray Joe is alive. I hear a cannon go off in the distance followed by another. Oh god I think to myself, that could be Joe dead.

30th place: Adrian Christenson

29th place: Carrie Hover

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