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  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Student(high School)
  • I am Female
  • ReneeTiana

    Hello again, since my first ever games were a sucess (yay!) I decided to make another one! Just like before it will be done in POV's and I hope you enjoy!

    You all start with £5000 and can sponser anyone not just your own tribute, also whenevr your tribute kills someone you get an extra £500. Secondly, you can only give me up to 3 tributes . Finally, you have to give me the:

    • Name
    • District
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Personality
    • Skills
    • and prefered /best weapon

    The Tributes
    Name Age District Skills Weapons Creator

    Savera Hayes

    16 1  

    Stealth, Stamina, Hand to hand combat, Weaponry, Survival

    Bowie knife and bow and arrows Xbillex

    Drayden Hax

    15 1 Weaponary Mace/long sword Yoonie

    Tarin Aisla Brandt

    16 2 Throwing knives, combat knife or dagger (main), spear, sword Throwing knive…

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  • ReneeTiana

    This is my first hunger games and I hope you like it. I will be doing it in POV'S if you wanted to know. And if you havent already guessed by the title it is a quarter quell.

    You can only enter up to 2 tributes each and you have to tell me what  training scores you want them to have and what name. i will choose the age .

    This year it has been a century since the hunger games has first begun so it is going to be larger with more muttations than any other arena!

    There will be 24 tributes and each will start on their plates (which are a on a meadow) circling a gold cornucopia. Facing North, there will be a dark jungle with caves in the heart of the jungle (in some caves there will be food/weapons/water. However in others there will be a nasty su…

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