Hello again, since my first ever games were a sucess (yay!) I decided to make another one! Just like before it will be done in POV's and I hope you enjoy!


You all start with £5000 and can sponser anyone not just your own tribute, also whenevr your tribute kills someone you get an extra £500. Secondly, you can only give me up to 3 tributes . Finally, you have to give me the:

  • Name
  • District
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Personality
  • Skills
  • and prefered /best weapon

Plot Twist

  • Konami Aretino
  • Katarina Seacrest
  • Alexandria Maydon
  • Saverna Hayes
  • Isabella Black
  • Autumn Sky
  • Blane Fitz
  • Cael Hunt
  • Jayson Huff

In this years hunger games Slender Man will make an appearance. When tributes see him they will either be 1. scared or 2. killed.


For this years hunger games the arena will be in the shape of a triangle. In each point there will be a horror awaiting and in each section there is a different function. 

In the brown section there are hardly any trees and it is very muddy. Inside the mud are camoflauged crocodiles and in the air there are mosquitos and gnats and tracker jackers. There are very little water sources in this section apart from one tiny pond but there are lots of food options like mockingjays, beavers and berries.

Inside of the black section there is a massive black lake in the centre of the area and that lake is safe to drink from it just doesn't seem like it. There isnt that much food in this area apart from the frogs but some are poisonous and some aren't.

Finally, inside of the green section there are lots of trees and bushes and game and water, however in this section there are lots and lots of mutts, so if your tribute goes in there good luck. 
Hunger games arena 2

Badly drawn arena

Sponser Items

Sponser items
Items Price
Food -
Crackers (x10) £100
Beef Strips (x10) £150
Apples (x5) £100
Bread (x5) £125
Fish (x4) £125
Chicken legs (x5) £100
Cheese £50
Drinks -
500ml Water £75
1l water £135
250ml Orange juice £135
Survival Items -
Blankets(x2) £75
Sleeping Bags (x1) £125
Gloves (1 pair) £75
Nightvision glasses £75
First Aid Kit £200
Medicine £200
Ointment £150
Weapons -
Bow £100
Quiver of Arrows (x12) £150
Knives (x10) £200
Sickle (x2) £150
Axes (x3) £250
Trident (x2) £300
Swords (x2) £150
Bomb £400
Electric Wire  £350

Girls Outfits

This year the girls will be wearing hard black ankle boots with toe protectors inside so they can run on the rubble and mud easily. They will also be wearing a green t shirt and a brown jacket with heat radiators inside it. They will also be wearing black trousers with heat radiators.  
  • What the boys will be wearing
  • What the girls will be wearing
  • The badly drawn arena

Boys Outfits

This year the boys will be wearing hard black ankle boots with toe protectors inside so they can run on the rubble and mud easily. They will also be wearing a green shirt and a brown jacket with heat radiators inside it. They will also be wearing black trousers with heat radiators. 

The Tributes

The Tributes
Name Age District Skills Weapons Creator

Savera Hayes

16 1  

Stealth, Stamina, Hand to hand combat, Weaponry, Survival

Bowie knife and bow and arrows Xbillex

Drayden Hax

15 1 Weaponary Mace/long sword Yoonie

Tarin Aisla Brandt

16 2 Throwing knives, combat knife or dagger (main), spear, sword Throwing knives, combat knives and a dagger KatnissEverdeenFan
Darius Asterin 18 2 Battleaxe, sword Battleaxe, sword Yoonie
Lightning Voltage 15 3 Fast, good at climbing, fast reactions Throwing Knives and combat District14girl
Odin Amarth 18 3 Smart, fast, can swim well Spear, close combat, throwing Icanhasnofriends
Katarina Seacrest 14 4  Weaponry (specifically axe), manipulation, persuasion, hand to hand combat, swimming. Axe Xbillex
 Konami Aretino 14 4 Swimming, Speed, Accuracy. Axe Tehblakdeath
Nellie Cougar 15 5 Killing, climbing, hiding, swimming, slash techniques, making homemade poison  Sickle, poison Biel1458
Lance Ampere 16 5 Weaponary Throwing Knives/ close combat Yoonie
Seraphina Oaks 15 6 Likable, good climber, good at hiding. Swords, daggers, starting fires. Pippycat
Brendan Jack 14 6 Can be deadly with a Kukri Kukri/knife Thereal opian
Isabella Black 13 7 Accuracy, strength, swimming, stamina Sword IsabellaBlack777
Jayson Huff 17 7 Strong. Can handle weapons (especially axes) very well. Can take quite a lot of damage. Axe


Hannah Archer 17 8 running, aim, climbing, plants, stealth, knives, hand to hand combat Bow and Arrows A wiki contributor
Textil Archeus 13 8 Strong, good speed and agility Throwing Knives, hammers Tehblakdeath
 Autumn Sky 16 9 running, climbing, trapping, hunting, aim, knows plants, knives, can swim, light sleeper, hiding/camouflage, usually knowing who to trust, balance, light weight Bow and arrows A wiki contributor
Cael Hunt 16 9 climbing, trapping, hunting, fires, can swim, hiding/camouflage, light sleeper, persuading, aim, making/finding shelter, dodging Spear A wiki contributor
Alexandria Maydon 18 10 Aim, Accuracy, Charisma (can make friends but prefers not to), Weaponry Slingshot and Bowie knife Xbillex
Blaine Fitz 16 10 Axe/ Throwing Axes/ Tomahawk Axe/ Throwing Axes/ Tomahawk ConspiracyKiller825
Addison Waters 13 11 Manipulation, Swimming, Maintaining Average Body Temperature Metal Whip Blue-Ribbonz
Rubin Jett 17 11 climbing, resourceful, brave, clever, hand to hand combat Sword, Khopesh, Knife ConspiracyKiller825
Ebony Fern Grenslev 16 12 Archery, hunting, setting traps and snares, smartness, survival skills, plant identification, a very fast runner, agile, climbing trees Bow and Arrows (sometimes a knife) KatnissEverdeenFan
Scott Bow 17 12  Can make his own simple weapons out of most types of material. He can make good and life saving decisions, fast. He is a fast runner. Is great at close range weapons, but keeps a long distance weapon, just in case.  Spear, Dagger, sword. ConspiracyKiller8


Hannah Archer - District 8

" Keep calm and follow me" said the peacekeepers. I can just about restrain myself from punching him in the face. Keep calm! I am just about to be thrown into the arena to fight to the death. I'm petrified, angry, and malicious at the same time and I don't know how to control those feelings... 

I am lead into a room with my stylist inside. On the left is a glass tube and on the right is my outfit for the arena. 

"You'll do fine, Hannah," said my stupid stylist. She is another one of the Capitols minions, with her pink hair, pink skin and permanetly pink lips. She looks like a clown.

"Right..." I say to her in a sarcastic voice, as I let her dress me in the clothes for the games.

Rubin Jett - District 11

"You have 10 seconds", the mechanical voice announced. I gave my stylist one last hug before I walk over to the glass tube.

The thought of the fact that I am am probably going to die had just hit me. Even though I didn't exactly like my life before the reaping, anything is better than this. 

Racing though my mind are the endless possibilities of how I am going to die. Stabbed, decapitated, poisoned... I really don't want to die. 

I have teamed up with my district partner and the distrct 7 boy, I have seen them in training and I think they are some of the best tributes I have seen in this games, besides the Careers. I honestly believe at least one of them can make it.

The tube has just finished lifting me upwards and I stare at my surroundings. I am facing something that looks like a black lake, with lots of rubble. Not much concealment there, I think to myself.

I manage to make eye contact with the boy from 7 and he juts his head in the direction of the muddy wasteland. He must know what he is doing, he did get an 11 in training, I will go along with him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the 46th Hunger Games begin" Claudis Templemen said and them the gong went off...

Savera Hayes - District 1

"12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... BANG!"

I run towards the cornucopia at a record speed and grab a bow and a sheath of arrows. I would look around for a bowie knife but I want to get the first kill. I can hear some footsteps behind me and I turn and shoot my victim in the chest. She crumples and falls immediatly and I smile at the thought of having my first ever kill. I think she was from district 5?? I think her name was Seraphina but I cant be sure. 

I spot a boy running towards a bowie knife that I spotted as I shot that girl. I sprinted towards him, shot him in the temple and stole the knife and his large bagpack. 

Quickly, I look around and notice the rest of the careers routing around for supplies because I killed the last person. I go over and join them, stuffing my bag with food and spare knives and filling my sheath to the brim with arrows.

After around an hour, we had finished our camp and we were about to set out to the black lake.

Kills so far in Day 1:

24. Seraphina Oaks- District 5 - Shot by Savera Hayes

23. Odin Amarth - District 3 - Decapitated by Konami Aretino

22. Alexandria Maydon - District 10 - Stabbed by Daruius Asterin

21. Autumn Sky - District 9 - Knife thrown at by Lightning Voltage

The Rest Of Day 1

Isabella Black- District 7 POV

I am currrently in by the Black Lake with Addison Waters. I don't know why we thought it was a good idea to come here. There is barely any concealment other than the rubble. We are quite far in though and we have a decent amount of supplies also.

In my bagpack I managed to collect a sleeping bag, nightvision goggles and a 1l bottle of water. I also managed to grab a sword just before the District 2 boy. Addison managed to grab two knifes and a metal whip and in her bag was  some crackers and a sleeping bag. Because she found the metal whip she gave me the shorter of her two knives.

We were quite content for a while just chatting, whilst hunting for some more food when we hear some laughter coming from behind.

As soon as I turned my head around, I felt a knife spiralling past my ear and hitting a nearby tree. The careers had arrived...

Tarin Aisla Brandt - District 2 POV

My knife missed Isabella's ear by a centimetre, if only she didn't turn around I would have got my first kill. Oh well I can kill the other one instead.

"RUN!" screams the other one - Addison Waters I think her name is- and they try to escape us. I throw another one of my knives and it hits addison in her shoulder and Darius swings his battleaxe just over the top of Isabella's head.

Unfortunatly, after 2 minutes of full on chasing, we lost them as we became tired. Because of the sudden chase however, they left their bags behind.

In one of the bags was a sleeping bag and nightvision goggles along with some water. 

"Just what we need!" Said Savera proudly, she acts like the leader of us all because she got the highest training score out of all of us, a 10 whereas the rest of us got nines.

She takes the other bag and we continue to hike though the rubble, hoping to find more tributes to kill.

Ebony Fern Greenslev - District 12 POV

The muddy area is seriously muddy. At the moment I am wading though it with my district partner in a chance to find any areas to sleep in for the night. 

Even though we are only 1 hour into the game we have already been attacked by 2 crocodiles that appeared to be rocks and a strange encounter with a very tall man with no face. That one scared me the most. Just the thought of having no face was scary enough, without having arms protruding from all over your body.

"Come on, Ebony!" Scott shouted back to me, "I think I found somewhere to stay for the night."

Scott is only one year older than me but that only makes me like him more. His face is just so cute and I think he likes me back. We got to know each other well in the training areas and just being tributes together. Also, he killed the crocodile that was about to attack me as well. He is perfection.

I quicken my pace somehow and make it to the cave that Scott has found.

"Ebony, I know this is the arena and all but, I really like you. I understand if you don't like me because of the games but-" I cut him off with a kiss and hand in hand we decend into the cave only to be axed by Blaine and Jayson.

I guess we should have checked before we went in huh. . .

Kills - the rest of Day 1

20.Ebony Fern Greenslev - District 12 - axed by Jayson Huff

19. Scott Bow - District 12 - axed by Blaine Fitz

Day 2 - Slenderman

Textil Archeus - District 8

"Will you hurry up, gosh!" I yelled at Cael. He is from district 9 and for some reason I really don't like him. Maybe because he is stupid, maybe because he seems to have eaten more than any other person here. I just don't know. 

Right now because of his extra weight, I am having to stop every 5 seconds in the knee deep mud to wait for him. I'm pretty sure he is going to sink if I have to wait any longer.

"I am trying Textil!" he yells back at me, whilst he continues to wade though the mud. 

"Well you're not trying hard eno- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!!?" I shout cutting myself off.

Standing right behind Cael was an 11 foot tall man wearing a black suit and a red tie. The most terrifing thing was that he had no face. God it was horrendous!

"What is what?" replied Cael turning around and bumping into the man I have decided to call slenderman. He scream a ridiculosly high scream and tried to run over to me.

Cael Hunt - District 9

All I can see are black and white dots obstructing my vision. That man is scary! I try to run away, but my leg gets stuck in the mud. I know that Textil really doesn't like me but surely he will try to save me.

I frantically turn my head around to face the face-less man and see that it is advancing with tentacles rising from its body. I let out another scream and try and focus on getting out. Out of the corner of my eye I notice a hammer flying in the direction of the man. It was a feeble attempt to harm it but surely it will hold him off.

"Yes!" I cry out as the mud frees my leg. I then try to run to Textil, but my bagpack slows me down, it feels like something is carrying me backwards.

Textil screams," It was nice knowing you!" and runs off into the distance as the man draws me in with his many tentacles to devour me.

Just as I am about to be eaten I hear my cannon go off early.

Nellie Cougar- District 5

I stay quiet as Lance thinks of a plan to kill off the careers. Personally, I have nothing against them and I think the only reason why Lance wants to kill them is because they rejected him as an ally when he got a 5 in training. It is quite pathetic if you ask me, considering I got a 9 for slicing a dummy with my sickle.

"... and then we will run in a kill Savera..." Lance goes on.

"Lance, okay, I get the plan you have explained it 5 times already." I say tiredly, "I'll take the first watch, alright." I say as Lance takes off his bag and lies down.

"Thanks Nellie," he says before drifting into a hopefully deep sleep.

What Lance doesn't know is that, I am not to be trusted, escpecially with the first watch. I empty out his bag which contains some water, two knives, a bottle of poison and some crackers and put the contents into my bag which only has a sickle and some beef strips in at the moment.

Slowly and carefully, I walk up to him with one of the knives and clumblisy try to stab him. Knives aren't my speciality and so when I penetrate the ground beside him he wakes up and his reflexes kick in. He grabs his throwing knives and prepares to attack me, but he is already to late as my sickle found a way into his chest. 

I watch as he falls lifelessly to the ground and go over to steal his remaining knife. I am about to walk away when the cannon goes off. I smile.

Deaths- Day 2

18. Cael Hunt - District 9 - Slenderman

17. Lance Ampere - District 5 - Nellie Cougar

Day 3 - The Deathly Hallows Quote

Rubin Jett - District 11

I shouldn't have trusted that distict 7 guy. We made plans to be allies in the training centre and I trusted him and looked up to him in a way even though he was only a couple of months older than me. He got an eleven and that was my only hope of me getting far into the games. But though after we ran off into the muddy terrain he threw a knife at me and ran off with a boy who was standing next to one of the many trees. The knife hit my arm right below my shoulder and so I can even protect myself with my sword.

I really shouldn't have come to this area. Every where I go I see eyes peering out of the mud an dwatching my every move. When I first got here I made the msitake of sitting on a "rock". This "rock" turned out to be a crocodile and I just about managed to get away without it biting my leg off. 

My mentor isn't that much help either. I really need something for my arm and some water but 3 days in and I have nothing. I am dehydrated and cold and in pain, I really hat emy life right now. Nothing could be as bad as this. I would take my old life back in a flash.

My family were on the extremly poor side of town and because of this I was consitantly bullied. I hsted that life so much I deliberatly didn't eat the maegre scraps of food I had in order to kill myself. That plan didn't work though as I was whisked off the the capitol and filled to the brim.

"I want that life back," I say out loud just as a swarm of huge mosquitos come flying towards me.

Draydon Hax - District 1

"I want to kill someone," I wonder aloud and everyone stares at me.

"We ALL want to kill someone," says Savera to me in a sarcastic voice. She really annoys me sometimes. She is from my disrtict and all but she is just so bossy and forward.

"Lets plan an attack on some tributes then. Maybe the ones we saw before?" Tarin suggests and I nod.

"They shouldn't be too far away," I agree. "We should ambush them. We have more supplies all together than anyone else in thee arena. We could take them all on."

Darius nods his head and then says ," I think we should ambush someone else, maybe go to another area. They won't be expecting us then."

We all agree and then sit for a while confirming plans and chatting.

Katarina Seacrest - District 4

"KEEP RUNNING!" yells Konami at me. My legs are aching form all of this running. These things have been chasing us for ages. They are tracker jackers. Genetically engineerged wasps with a deadly sting which can cause vivid hallcinations and some times death. Konami has been stung twice already, me thrice.

We come to a clearing in the grassy section and see a lake. 

"OVER HERE!" I yell over my shoulder and see that Konami isn't there. "Konami?" I call out and I head over to the trees, staggering and tripping as I do so. Everything I look at seems to be getting bigger and smaller everytime I turn my head. After a couple of seconds I fall on the ground and see Konami a few metres in front being stung repetitivly by tracker jackers.

I would call out, I would try and help but black dots obscure my vision and I accept death as an old friend.

Deaths - Day 3

16. Konami Aretino - District 4 - Tracker Jackers

15. Katarina Seacrest - District 4 - Tracker Jackers

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