This is my first hunger games and I hope you like it. I will be doing it in POV'S if you wanted to know. And if you havent already guessed by the title it is a quarter quell.


You can only enter up to 2 tributes each and you have to tell me what  training scores you want them to have and what name. i will choose the age .


This year it has been a century since the hunger games has first begun so it is going to be larger with more muttations than any other arena!

There will be 24 tributes and each will start on their plates (which are a on a meadow) circling a gold cornucopia. Facing North, there will be a dark jungle with caves in the heart of the jungle (in some caves there will be food/weapons/water. However in others there will be a nasty surprise!) . In the jungle there will be around 10 different types of poinsonous (sp) berries and other food sorces(game ect). There is only one lake which is safe to drink from but it might not seem like it... There will also be lots of scary mutts around of all shapes and sizes. On of the muttations are cute rabbits that will seem nice when you see them but if it thinks you are a threat it will grow 10x its original size and hunt you down and it wont stop till it gets killed or eats you! 

Facing South of the cornucopia, there will be a snowy forest. The trees will be climbable and are great to hide in from other tributes. But there are tracker jackers in nest in various trees. The only safe water source is the snow and the only safe food sources are the lizards,frogs and mockingjays. The are frozen lakes in this area in which if tributes try to break the ice to get water and sucseed in breaking it they will either get eaten by an ice mutt or they will drink it and die within 3 seconds.

Twist no.1

In this game the tributes will be between the ages of 10-15

Twist no.2

If a tribute is not killing anybody and hiding till everybody else has been killed when it comes to the final 10 they will either be killed by mutts or thrown out of there hiding space and get thrown to the careers.

Girls outfits

The girls will be wearing a white snow coat with there district badge sewn on the sholders. It is designed to radiate body heat keeping them warm in the snowy part. They will also be wearing a green long sleeved top (also designed to keep body heat), a pair of brown trousers and hard black boots.

Boys outfits

The boys will be wearing a white snow coat with there district badge sewn on the sholders. It is designed to radiate body heat keeping them warm in the snowy part. A long sleeved blue top(also designed to keep body heat), a pair of black trousers and hard black boots.

The tributes

District Gender Age and name Training Score
1 Female 15    Luna Fire 11
1 Male 13   Silver Jackson 10
2 Female 14    Tueur Du Couteau 10
2 Male 14   Daniel Halloy 10
3 Female 14   Karla Flake 9
3 Male 12  Solar Panels 7
4 Female 15   Isabella Black 11
4 Male 14   Jim Tiarra 6
5 Female 15   Aurora Dragon 10
5 Male 10   Devan Cave 5
6 Female 11   Lucia Morris 7
6 Male 12  Blade Spectrus 11
7 Female 13   Novella Burns 5
7 Male 12   Zade Sprectrus 10
8 Female 13   Eleith Lighstorm 12
8 Male 14   Mist Scorchil 9
9 Female 14   Zaria Lightning 10
9 Male 15   Troi Cian 8
10 Female

15 Missy Teagle  

10 Male 12  Shad Spectrus 8
11 Female 12   Jackie-Dana Rosefeld 6
11 Male 14   Sickle Fang 7
12 Female 14  Sapphire Ice 12
12 Male 15   Coal Spear  9
  • What boys will be wearing
  • What the girls will be wearing
  • Badly drawn arena


Deavon Cave POV

I look around when my podium finished moving up. All I could see were flowers around all of the tributes and the cornucopia.  However, in front of me I could see a snowy forest. I guessed that would be full of muttations.

I looked around and tried to find my district partner. She was 2 plates away from me. I tried to catch her eye and tell her to move towards the snowy forest but she wouldn't look.

"10, 9 , 8 , 7, 6"

Reality started to kick in. I could die here. Never to see my family again. If i die, i will die with honor.

Luna Fire POV


The gong went off and i ran as fast as i could. In front of me i saw my district partner and the boy from district 3 i think. When i reached the cornucopia I grabbed a sword, two bagpacks and a belt of knives.  As soon as I turned around i saw the amount of chaos going on behind me. I liked it! I am a caarer after all. 

I ran up to the weakest person I could see and stabbed them in their back making sure the knife was fully wedged in. I then kicked the tribute to the floor as the girl uttered her last blood curdling scream. 

Lucia Morris POV

Yes! I did it! My mentor told me not to go to the blood bath but I am fine so far. I heard footsteps behind me! I tried to turn around but it was too late... I looked down and saw a sharp metal knife protruding form my stomach. I tried to scream but because of the shock the words were taken from my mouth. I then felt a sharp pain in my left knee as I was kicked to the ground. I finally managed to scream. It was my last scream.

Daniel Halloy POV

I looked around after killing this boy from 8 i think. He practically ran into my knife. I helped the careers with the killing and I liked it. I could tell the other careers liked it as well by the looks on their faces

Sapphire Ice POV

All around me i could see people dying. I heard a scream to my left and saw that it was my district partner! My boyfriend! Coal! Oh I hate these games! I wish I could go back home. Qucikly snapping back to reality, with tears pouring down my face I ran to the snowy forest. Well almost... Just as i turned to run away an arrow entered my head and everything immediatly blakced out. At least I am with Coal now...

Deaths (so far of day 1)

24. Lucia Morris

23.Mist Scorchil

22.Aurora Dragon

21.Coal Spear

20.Sapphire Ice

Day 1 (rest of it)

Missy Teagle POV

We managed to escape the blood bath thank god. Shad, Zade, Novella and I all made a run for the jungle. At first Shad and I thought Zade and Novella were going to kill us but we made allies. We call ourselfs the anti-caarers. We are going to try and not kill anyone.

"guys" said Zade in a whisper just loud enough for us to hear "there is something in the bushes"

At the same time we all crained our necks round to the left. Sudddenly, a snake (green and purple all over and around 20 feet tall) erupted form the bushes. Everone screamed and me and Novella  made a run for it. Whilst, the boys tried to kill the monster.

After a while we heard a cry of pain and then a cry of triumph. The boys emerged from the trees. 

Zade Sprectrus POV

My stomach is killing me. That stupid snake snatched me up with its mouth and started to bite down on my ribs. Luckily though Shad axed the snake and stabbed at the snake till it fell down and freed me from its mouth. Its dead now.

"Oh my god , Zade what happended" Screamed Novella. I told the girls the story and after every entence I said their mouths dropped down lower and lower.

"We really need something to help you , man" said Shad. He went over to a tree and plucked five berries off. "I think these are edible .they will heal any wounds or cuts you have instantly "

He shared them out and everyone apart form him started to eat. I did as well unfortunetly... I watched in horror as my friends started to fall down to the floor having fits and foaming at the mouth. Soon I did as well. The last thing I saw was Shad's smug face looking down at me before he walked off.

Isabella Black POV

I heard 3 more cannons to add to the other 5 from the blood bath. 8 people have died already and its just the first day! I try not to show my discomfort to the rest of the careers.

"Okay I am offically bored" said the on e I think was Luna.

"I'm hunting for tributes" said Daniel getting up and motioning for evryone to come with him. He was the most feared Career so everyone did as he said. "You two stay and look after the camp" he said pointing at me and Jim.

When the careers left me and Jim (my district partner) had a sneaky idea and stole half of the careeers food supplies and weapons and ran off into the opposite direction to where the careers went into the jungle.

Troi Cian POV

Its getting late and I cannot seem to find my way back to where I had set up for the night after hunting for food (that was unsucsessful). Suddenly I tripped down on top of a rabbit hole and after I moved a rabbit came out of the hole. I got out my knife to kill it for food as i was starving. 

Without warning the rabbbit grew at least 10 x it's orginal size and its eyes turned red. I dropped my knife and started to run. Faster. Faster. No matter how far I ran the rabbit kept gaining on me. The rabbits heavy footsteps were drawing nearer and nearer. I could hear the rabbit snarling behind me. Then the footsteps stopped. I looked back and saw the rabbit lying motionless on the floor with two spears in its neck and heart (one each).

I saw two tributes jump out a tree and collect their spears and walk up to me. 

"heya my name is Jim and this is my district parter Isabella" said the boy

"do u wanna be allies" asked the girl and I couldn't help but notice how pretty she looked. She had black eyes, black hair and something about her made me tingle inside.

"sure why not." I replied and we walked back towards the cornucopia.

Deaths (for the rest of the day)

19. Missy Teagle

18.Zade Spectrus

17.Novella Burns

Day 2

Sickle Fang POV

I'm so glad that I made it through day 1. My father (who doesn't like me very much) said he bets that I woudn't last the first day, but I proved him wrong. Then only thing that I am not happy about is the fact that I am starving and hungry!

When I sprinted into the snowy mountains I didn't expect it to be that cold. But then again it is the 100th hunger games. Above my head I heard a twinkleling noise. When I looked up I found out that there was a gold (special edition fro the 100th games) parachute on the lowest branch of the tree.

I shivered as I stood up. I would have to climb this tree! It had snow on it head to toe! I'm probably going to die of cold by the time I get to that branch.

After slipping a few times, I managed to get up the tree and grab the parachute. Inside was a large , sharp , silver sickle. As my name suggests I am excellent at using a sickle (if I say so myself) . I mutter a thank you to the sky directed at my mentor.

Shade Spectrus POV

I have to admit I am a bit sad that I killed by friends, but I will  get over it. Over night I was attacked by tracker jackers the size of a gnat but extremly dangerous and deadly as I found out. All over my body there were stings and it ached like crazy! And it doesnt help that I jumped into a lake with what I thought was pure water but turned out to be acid.

At this point I was feeling like my mentor had failed me or had given up on me. I don't know why he would have given up on me for. I just killed 3 tributes in one go! I looked up at the sky and was about to shout for some medicine when a parachute came tumbling down from the sky and onto my lap. I could feel my cheeks blush red with excitement as I opened the parachute. I was a bit disappointed when there wasn't any medicine inside. But instead was my best weapon. A crossbow! With this I could just relax until my wounds were better and shoot anyone that comes within a 10m radius! I am so going to win these games!

Luna Fire POV 

Yesterday when the careers and I came back from hunting nearly all of our stuff was taken and those disgusting district 4 people have ran off! Gosh.. I hate people sometimes. Daniel and Silver went ballistic. They were screaming and cursing and it took 5 minutes to calm them down!

We alll decided to hunt for them. Everyone takes some of the weapons that haven't been taken yet. I grabbed a bow and a quiver of 14 arrows and an extra five knifes to put in my belt for close contact. We headed towardsthe jungle 

Five minutes Later

We have just entered the smallest cave ever in search to find the district four people.Daniel went first and saw a parachuute with his name on it. I caould see the happiness in his eyes even though he normally looks moody and scary. Inside the parachute was a packet of knives and some peanuts. He put them in his pack and carried on walking.

Daniel Halloy POV

Yes my first sponser!Even though I am delighted I try and hide it.I'm not here to be happy. I'm here to kill then go back home to district 2 and possibly with  Tueur Du Couteau she is kind of cute. 

"Alright we are going to split up!" I said, already planning to have Tueur Du Couteau in my pair."The tunnel breaks off into two parts. Tueur come with me and Silver and Luna go together"

Deavon Cave POV

I have just found the best hiding space ever! I'm in the cornucopia! The careers appear to have gone and there are lots of weapons and food for me to eat! I can't help wondering how Eleith is doing. We made friends (and I thought she was cute) in the training Centre and we were going to be allies but she went with her district partner instead. And he died on the first day. Maybe I should go and find her.....Nahh i'll stay here. It safe and warm.

Eleith Lighstorm POV

Why didn't I ally with Deavon. He was cute, funny and still alive. I should go and find him. Before I go and look for Deavon I go to top up on some water. There is a cystal clear lake in front of me. The only thing wrong with it is that it is frozen. 

I take my bag off and reach in to grab my sword. I take it out and begin hacking away at the ice. A tiny chip had appeared on the ice so I tried again.

Coming from out of nowhere a tiny snake-like-dragon jumped appear where the crack was. I thought it was cute so I went to hold it when it bite my hand and my hand dissolved! I screamed and got my sword and stabbed the creature nd ran away accidently leaving behind my bag with all of my food in it. Great... I think I will head back to the Cornucopia. Deavon is clever he will probably be hiding in there.



Day 3

President Blunt POV


I watched Marcel bustle into the room with at least 10 folders for the current hunger games.

"The capital are getting bored! Why didn't any one die yesterday!" I yelled

"B-b-becasue no one killed e-each other?" Said Marcel.

"No WRONG because you are rubbish at you job u good for nothing piece of -"

" My grandmother doesn't like swearing" said Marcel. He would regret that.

"Well your grandmother will be dead tomorrow anyway so I don't care what she thinks! Anyway do something for this day or you will lose a lot more than your job and your grandmother!"

Zaria Lightning POV

I woke up to the sound of Blade (my new boyfriend) screaming. What was going on i instantly thought. I broke through the barrier of sleep and looked around. Well tried to. The second I looked up a tsumani flew past me sweeping up me and Blade!

I cannot swim at all but luckily Blade was coming to help me. He wouldn't leave me. After about a minute of screaming from all of the tributes the wave stopped. I looked around and Blade had gone. I saw him running away in the trees. I tried to follow him but earned a knife in my head from Shade (I think his name was) because I got in his way.

Jackie-Dana POV

The wave hit me like a wrecking ball! Everyone around me was screamig and I was screaming so much I wasn't concentrating on swimming and staying above the water so I slowly and lifelessly sunk down to the floor.

Blade Sprectrus POV

I have finally got away from that Zaria. She was nice but she was so clingly! When the wave had died down I grabbed the oppotunity to run away and suceeded. 

I am now in the jungle in a cave and I think I can hear vocies inside but I think it is my brain playing tricks on me. I walked furhter into the cave and stopped suddenly. I saw two disgusting looking mutts. One was the sixe of an elephant and the other was the size of a mouse. However, dispite the mouses' size it looked more scary! The elephant thing started running towards me. I froze with terror as it bared it's brown/yellow sharp teeth at me and trampled all over me. Then the rat scampered twards me and started eating my leg. The pain was excruciating but I wanted to have an honourable death so I din't scream or shout or do anything. Then suddenly I saw the mouse reach my face and that distracted me (thank god) from what the elephant did. I will never see my family again...

Tueur Du Couteau POV

Daniel made his move about 5 minutes ago. Itw as about time. He was so hot! But then again he was from district 2 like me so I would expect no less! He kissed me as well. He almost did but we had to fight off these ugly mutts. We have a few scars but its fine now because we found some ointment and it heals almost anything. Also, Daniel has got yet another sponser! I haven't got one yet! I think I need to be either more ruthless or sexy...

In Daniel's parachute there was a map of the arena saying which lakes were poisonous and what was around each corner. We are definatly going to win these games!


16.Zaria Lightning

15.Jackie-Dana Rosefeld

14.Blade Spectrus

Day 4

Silver Jackson POV

I HATE LUNA! She treats me like a baby! Just because I am 13 and she is 15 doesn't make me a baby! If she keeps treating me like this I think i might end up killing her before something in this goddamn cave does. As we walk i hear a tinkling sound and instantly I reach for an arrow. Slowly we turned around... Thank goodness it was just a sponser. I tried to run towards it but Luna (being the "superior one") shoves me out of the way.

Knowing Luna even if that sponser is mine she will keep it. She screams out in joy as I walked towards her. I dont know why she was so excited for. It was just bread and cheese.

10 minutes later

We have just arrived at another split tunnel.

"Luna, I think we should split up. I really don't like you and it is clear that you don't like me" Without waiting for an answer I walked of into the left tunnel. That was the last decision I ever made. When I walked down the tunnel a large werewolf was waiting for me. Before I could run away it pounced on me and ripped me to shreds.

Karla Flake POV

Why is it so cold! I'm in a tree in the snowy forest and literally freezing and starving to death. I have a good supply of water which is keeping me going but it's not enough. My mentor is rubbish. I'm not getting any food or protection. 

I would try and move but I feel like my limbs have frozen. I thought I was going to make it in these games, well clearly not anymore. I heard something to my left so I turned my head. Right in front of my face was an oversized vulture! I screamed and tried to move, which resulted in me falling out of the tree. I had regained the use of my legs and I started to run in the direction of the jungle. I never made it though. Whilst I was running I tripped and fell into a lake. Suddenly, I started to grow lots of boils on my skin each of them bursting in turn. The pain was agonising. I tried to swim out of the lake but felt my self being dragged under never to breath again...

Solar Panels POV

I dont know why I went into these caves. I hate the dark and I dont have a torch or anything to make a fire with. I guess that won't matter though. I am going to die here anyway. My mentor hasn't sent me anything at all. The only thing I have managed to hunt is a mockingjay and I ate that way to quickly. 

I sat down and just decided to wait someone to find me or something. I couldn't be bothered anymore. Couln't be bothered to hunt, couldn't be bothered to find water. Just couldn't be bothered.

Jim Tiarra POV

I'm kind of fed up of Troi and Isabella. They just keep whispering together and Isabella has this really annoying laugh which she directs at me most of the time. I should have just let that rabbit kill him. He would have been laughed at by other distrcts for being killed by a RABBIT. Anyway  I manage to ignore them  most of the time but today they crossed the line.

When I woke up this morning and saw them stealing food from my backpack (which was by the enterance of the cave we were sleeping in) I just thought they were hungry so I left them be. Then they just left. 

"Hey!" I shouted in their direction. Before Troi could properly turn around my knife implanted itself into his head. Isabella screamed and ran away. I wouldn't kill her anyway. I wouldn't dishonor my district like that.

Turns out she would... It turned out that she ran away from the scene to attack me from behind and the suceeded in throwing a spear in my back.


13. Silver Jackson

12. Karla Flake

11. Troi Cian

10. Jim Tiarra

Day 5 (the feast)

Luna Fire POV

I left the cave after yesterdays umm.. "events". I had enough sense unlike the other careers to realise that The district 4 people arn't in there. There are only 10 people left. I am acutally quite pleased with myself. Honestly, even though I am from district 1, I thought I wouldn't make it out of here.

I waited another hour for Daniel and Tueur to come but they didn't so I went solo. Then after I had killed some mockingjays to eat I climbed a tree and started to search the area for tributes to kill with my bow and arrow. I'm not that skilled with one but I can shoot relativly well. Just as I was starting to get comfy a loud trumpet sound came out of nowhere and almost made me fall out of the skinny jungle tree. It was Ceaser Flickerman. 

"Attention all tributes," he began " at midday there will be a feast at the cornucopia. In each pack there will be someting you need to win this years games. On each pack will be your district number . Happy Hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favour."

Immediatly I started to form a plan.

Sickle Fang POV

The announcement had just finnished and I just came up with a plan to hide in the cornucopia. I grabbed my sickle and gathered some hopefully edible berries to eat on the journey.

I wonder what will be in my pack. Because I have only really got 1 sponser so far I figure I am not a favourite to win, but I will prove them wrong.

Luckily I am not to far in the snowy mountains and I make it to the cornucopia way before midday. I got a shock when I came to the mouth of the cornucopia. Right in the middle were a boy and girl. One of which had a 12 in training...

Eleith Lighstorm POV

Oh great. Me and Deavon finally found each other and then a boy just walks into the conucopia. He was probably getting ready for the feast. Well now he wont make it to the feast.

The boy charges and slashes my upper arm with his sickle. I then throw one of my knives at him. It implants itself into his leg. He somehow seems to not notice. Then with the same sickle stabs Deavon in the chest. He instantly falls to the ground. I let out a sob but then remember that I am in the arena and it is not a place for crying.It is a place for fighting. A cannon is heard just as the light behind my eyes disappear because Sickle slashed my throat with his sickle.


Tueur Du Couteau POV

I am going to grab our packs whislt Daniel kills anyone who tries to attack me. 

The table rises and I wait for the first person to run out. I follow them and then throw my spear in his direction. He falls dead to the ground. I then turn to grab my pack when a girl from 4 (the tratoir) steals my pack. Daniel will deal with her. I hear a cannon. I then run back into the jungle where I was supposed to meet Daniel. But when I got there he was face down on the ground with a knife sticking through his head and stomach. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I wanted to shout but I couldn't. Instead I pull out my own knife and end my life.

Luna Fire POV 

I run out into the meadow, grab my pack and try to run away but a boy runs out if the cornucopia and throws a knife in my direction. I duck and retaliate with my own knife. He then comes charging at me with a sickle. But my knife got stuck in his leg instead of his heart (because my main weapon is bow and arrow) so that slowed him down. I used that time to run away.

In my pack is some extra knives more arrows and a sack load of food and a bottle of water. I thought they would be more worthy things but it will do.

Only 3 left now and I am definetly going to win!


9. Deavon Cave

8. Eleith Lighstorm

7. Shade Spectrus

6. Daniel Halloy

5. Tueur Du Couteau

Day 6 (final day)

Isabella Black POV

Its been a day and I still cannot believe that I have killed a career. Daniel is the most feared one as well. I guess most people back in District 1 and 2 hate me now though. I am career but I didn't live up to the name. I killed a team member and I ran away from the team. I need to get over this now though and focus on the fact that I might be going home!

To prepare for this last day in the arena, I decide to hunt despite my icy cold fingers. As i look up in the snowy trees for any mockingjays to hunt. I spotted one and climbed up a tree to get to it. When I reached the bird it appeared to be smirking at me. I know this can't be possible but was it giveing me a warning. It turned out it was...

Sickle Fang POV

"HELP ME!" I yelled.

This is kind of a pointless thing to say as this is the arena and this is the last day so no-one will come to save me. I looked over my shoulder whilst running and they were gaining on me. A scream errupted from my mouth. I ran faster than I ever had before even though my leg was killing me, to the cornucopia and away from the jungle.

At my heels were a large pack of 10 feet tall lions. It seems like they can read minds because whenever I turn they turn, whenever I try to run faster they run faster.

I have finally reached the meadow and I find out that the ramaining tributes are there too. I don't stop to spectulate though 'cause the lions are hot on my heels. I reach close to the cornucopia and I look back and The lions have gone. I hear something and look up. This is the worst time for a sponser. I am grateful and everything but still couldn't I have that around 10minutes ago when I wasn't being chased by lions. Quickly I open the gold parachute, and notice some medicine. I quickly look around.The other tributes are fighting I can have some I think. On the bottle it says it heals wounds. Quickly I swallow what I think is 10ml when a knife whizzes past my head cutting off my ear.

Solar Panels POV

I have finally thrown a knife that hits a target! I dont celebrate though because I have just engaged in a fight with a girl (I think she is called Luna). She is good at combat, well then again she is a career. I threw a knife at her. It hit her abdomen at the same time her arrow enters my head. I thought I could make it home as well...

Isabella Black POV

This boy from 11 seems really off centre. In the training centre he seemed really good, but know his sickle is going every where apart from where my body is.  

Sickle Fang POV

Oh gosh. I think I drank too much medicine. Normally, I could finish this girl with one swipe of my sickle but not now. Instead because i cant see I just wave my weapon around and It contacts with something. And something contacts with me.

Isabella Black POV

The pain from his sickle is excruciating! His sickle cut off my arm . If it is possible to die from pain I  think that is what will happen to me. He stares at me when I stagger backwards and then walks off as if to say I will die from blood loss. Well if I do he is going down with me. I throw my last knife in his direction , but I never get to know if I hit my target because i collsape on the ground.

Winners POV

I can't belive I made it. I really can't. I am going back to my district. District 11!



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