Okay, so this is my first blog on my Hunger Games Wiki. I would just like to welcome everybody to my blog. Ok so just a coulple things you should know about me:

  • I am obessed with Twilight, but the Hunger Games are my second obsession.
  • I am deffinatly Team Peeta!
  • I plan to go to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games
  • I have only read the first book of the series so far, and I LOVE them!
  • Oh, did I mention I am TEAM PEETA?!

Haha ok, so if you haven't figured out already, I'm sort of a goofball. I don't really care if people think I'm weird because I like to be weird. It makes me different. Okay, now I'm getting too deep. Haha anyway, I look forward to reading you guys' comments. And I hope to hear from you!

Renesmeecullen13 out!:)

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