• Rillup100

    Rillups first Hunger Games

    November 14, 2011 by Rillup100

    Hey I've watched and contributed to everyone else hunger games so I decided to create my own. This will be a normal games not a quarter quell or include district 13 or the capitol.

    Tribute requirements:





    -token (if they have one)

    -reaping info (optional)

    -weapon choice

    -other info


    A giant castle. The cornucopia is in the middle of the court yard the castle is surrounded by a mote. The castle is 5 floors high with mutts roaming the halls. Suits of armor are along the walls. Also around the cornucopia is a beautiful garden with an apple tree. And that's it. No items in the cornucopia. They are hidden around the castle.


    You can ask for for any of these things-







    misc. item

    anyone can s…

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