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    The 101st Hunger Games

    April 15, 2012 by Robekka

    Welcome, to the 101st Annual Hunger Games! I am your Gamemaker, Angelica. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


    District 1- Xandia Bander 14 yrs. old, Jodel Von 15 yrs. old

    District 2- Safari Hastel 17 yrs. old, Morder Anking 18 yrs. old

    District 3- Nicoelle Jowen 14 yrs. old, Hasdley Bogen 16 yrs. old

    District 4- Sofanna Adlans 14 yrs. old, Rizzy Carf 12 yrs. old

    District 5- Danete Vandermast 13 yrs. old, Beking Cofan 15 yrs. old

    District 6- Massia Radson 18 yrs. old, Clark Overcast 17 yrs. old

    District 7- Pan Fronster 12 yrs. old, Jacob Meg 15 yrs. old

    District 8- Zideny Frosko 15 yrs. old, Haraz Maine 14 yrs. old VICTOR!

    District 9- Catereni Janicki 17 yrs. old, Mish Gables 16 yrs. old

    District 10- Yonte Carenden 13 yrs. old, Erose Car…

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