Welcome, to the 101st Annual Hunger Games! I am your Gamemaker, Angelica. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


District 1- Xandia Bander 14 yrs. old, Jodel Von 15 yrs. old

District 2- Safari Hastel 17 yrs. old, Morder Anking 18 yrs. old

District 3- Nicoelle Jowen 14 yrs. old, Hasdley Bogen 16 yrs. old

District 4- Sofanna Adlans 14 yrs. old, Rizzy Carf 12 yrs. old

District 5- Danete Vandermast 13 yrs. old, Beking Cofan 15 yrs. old

District 6- Massia Radson 18 yrs. old, Clark Overcast 17 yrs. old

District 7- Pan Fronster 12 yrs. old, Jacob Meg 15 yrs. old

District 8- Zideny Frosko 15 yrs. old, Haraz Maine 14 yrs. old VICTOR!

District 9- Catereni Janicki 17 yrs. old, Mish Gables 16 yrs. old

District 10- Yonte Carenden 13 yrs. old, Erose Carenden 13 yrs. old

District 11- Jen Ngyuen 17 yrs. old, Dameson Grace 18 yrs old

District 12- Emma Hunt 14 yrs. old, Dawson Orlonsk 15 yrs. old


A valley in beetween 2 mountains. Many rivers and streams. Lots of wildlife.


District 1-

I look for my brother. There he stands. 7'1 strong and bulky, unusual in our average family. Reaping day. I hate it! My thoughts are cut short by the escort. So happy and excited. Ugh. " Welcome! Welcome!" begins the escort. " So, let's have the boys go first this time." I loosen up a bit. At least I get a minute to relax. " And our first tribute is... Jodel Von!" I see a guy from the 15 yr. old peg come up. I examine him closely. Black hair, pale skin, freckles. Green eyes, like many boys in our District. " Time for the ladies!" cries the escort " Hmm... let's see.. Xandia Bander!" It takes me a few seconds to realize my name has been called. I slowly come up on stage. I am now officially dead.

District 2-

" I VOLENTEER!" Safari shouts. No surprise there. " Well!" says the escort. " Looks like we have a volenteer." Safari Hastel rushes up on stage and gives a million dollar smile. I might call her cute if I didn't know how vicious she is. Red hair, golden eyes, tan. The wind blows, and her curly waist length hair flows in the breeze. " Time for the boys." the escort says. " Let's see.... Nathan Karley." " I VOLENTEER!" I shout out. In a few seconds I am up on stage next to Safari. I am ready to win this thing.

District 3-

" NICOELLE JOWEN!" Me? ME?!?! No! " Nicoelle!" Chimes the escort " Where are you?" I blindly stumble up on stage. The next few moments go by and all I can think is no. I can't go. I am jerked back to reality by the cry of " HASDLEY BOGEN!" I look up at the humongous 16 year old and know that I will be crushed.

District 4-

I try to stand calmly on stage though inside, i'm having a panic attack. What will Nico do without me? Who will fish? How will my father feed the family? He has cancer! What if he dies? Then what? " Rizzy Carf, for the boys." A little 12 year old comes up and I know he is dead meat. But who am I to talk? I, Sofanna Adlans, are dead meat too.

District 5-

I stand proudly on stage. Just like my brother, I am going to the Hunger Games now. Beking Cofan will survive! Beking Cofan is me, actually. Danete Vandermast is standing next to me, crying. Just like a girl. Which she is. Her brown hair is sopping wet from her tears. I do not cry. Because I know I will win.

District 6-

" MASSIA RADSON!" cries out the escort. A hot blondie comes up. Too bad she is gonna die. " And for the boys.. CLARK OVERCAST!" the escort bubbles out happily. I feel bad for whoever that kid is. Oh wait, that kid is me! I'm gonna die! Maybe blondie and I can hang out before that happens.

District 7-

" Oh Brianna, you lucky ducky!" the escort says in glee. Well, right now I don't feel to lucky. " Any volenteers?" the escort shouts out into the crowd. " I VOLENTEER!" somebody screeches. I look down and gasp. My best friend Pan, is volenteering for me. I watch in horror as she comes up. No! I don't want her to die! I am sent off into the crowd to watch the rest of the reaping. A kid named Jacob Meg is chosen on the guys side. No volenteers. As the reaping ends I run off and cry.

District 8-

I stand on stage. My sister stands in the crowd. It should be the other way around, but I volenteered. I have more of a chance winning, me being 15 and all. Anyways, Mom always loved her best and would blame me when she died. Haraz Maine is the tribute for the boys Oh well. At least I will get to see the Capitol.

District 9-

Mish Gables is on stage. I know him. He and my sister Jaquelle went out for a while. He is also my brother Michil's best friend. I look at Jaquelle. She is crying. " Catereni Janicki!" says the escort. I look at Jaquelle. She is crying even harder.

District 10-

" Shake hands please." says the escort. I and Yonte shake hands. She is still looking at me with a look that seemes to say "why?". Yonte, my sister was called up as a tribute. I being her only family volenteered for the guy. I must protect her. And I will. With my life.

District 11-

" DAMESON GRACE!" Oh god. That show-off. I always hated him. Oh... I have an idea! XD " FREDRIKA MASTED!" "I VOLENTEER!" I cry out. My plan, is to kill Dameson in the games.

District 12-

Emma cries. Like always. I just roll my eyes and look around. Stupid Hunger Games. I never even got to have my first kiss. " Come on, Em. It's not that bad." I say. She doesn't listen. I roll my eyes. Geez, what a wimp. She has a 1/24 chance of winning. It's not like she's already dead. Well, by the look of her you can't see a victor. By the look of me you can't either.



Xandia- 7

Jodel- 8

Safari- 11

Morder- 10

Nicoelle- 4

Hasdley- 4

Sofanna- 8

Rizzy- 6

Danete- 3

Beking- 7

Massia- 8

Clark- 2

Pan- 3

Jacob- 1

Zideny- 6

Haraz- 3

Catereni- 7

Mish- 6

Jen- 5

Dameson- 12

Emma- 3

Dawson- 4


" So our dear tributes, this years interviews are a little different. You will all sit together and answer my questions. Now let us start." Ceaser begins.

" So..." Says Ceaser " What is your favorite weapon?"

" Spear" says Xandia

" Knife" says Jodel

" Bow and arrow." says Safari

" My fists" says Morder

" Um... don't have one." says Nicoelle

" All of them." says Hasdley

" I don't kill. But I like daggers." says Sofanna

" Don't know." says Rizzy

" None of them." says Danete

" I can't decide." says Beking

" Traps." says Massia

" They are all so good." says Clark

" Nets." says Pan

" Tridents" says Jacob

" Um... Uh..." says Zideny

" A stick." says Haraz

" Clubs. No, chain saws. Wait, do they even have those?" says Catereni

" Whips." says Mish

" My mind." says Yonte

" Fire. I love fire." says Erose

" Poisonus food." says Jen

" I don't like any." says Dameson

" Do I have to answer?" says Emma

" My charm." says Dawson

" Wow!" exclames Ceaser. " Such a variety! Well next question. Do you plan on making any alliances?"

" No." says Xandia

" I might." says Jodel

" I'm a Career. What do you expect?" says Safari

" Yeah." says Morder

" Yes. I already know who I will join." says Nicoelle

" Yes." says Hasdley

" I will." says Sofanna

" Maybe." says Rizzy

" It's my only chance of survival." says Danete

" Nah. I'm a lone wolf." says Beking

" I plan to." says Massia

" Even if I do, i'll just kill them sooner or later." says Clark

" No." says Pan.

" I am not answering that question." says Jacob

" Sure I will!" says Zideny

" No." says Haraz

" I already have one." says Catereni

" I will not." says Mish

" With my brother." says Yonte

" With my sister." says Erose

" Um.." says Jen

" Mmm Hmm." says Dameson

" Yes." Says Emma

" No." says Dawson


"Well that ends our interviews, folks." says Ceaser. " Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be EVER in your favor!"


Xandia's POV-

GONG! I dash to the Cornicopia. And trip. Over a body. I look down. Jen Ngyuen lays on the ground in a bloody mess. I look up and see Morder. He holds his hand out to me. " Join the Careers?" he asks. " Sure!" I say but in my mind i'm thinking HECK NO!!! I take his hand and stand up. In one swift movement he slits Jen's neck. A cannon booms. He picks up a spear and throws it to me. " Saved it for you." he says. I hear somebody breathing behind me and stab them with my spear. It's Jacob Meg. I hear his cannon go off. Then we keep going. We go behind the Cornicopia. Most of the careers are there. Only Sofanna and Hasdley are missing. "Hey." I turn around. Jodel is standing there." Hey yourself." I say. He smiles.

Sofanna's POV-

I follow Catereni. She looks like she knows where to go. Then Dameson drops out of a tree in front of her. His yellow eyes are gleaming with hatred. " You kill Jen?" he asks. " N- no.." Catereni stammers. Dameson tsk tsk's. " Too bad you didn't. Now I have to kill you." he says. He lunges at Catereni and she falls to the ground. Dameson takes out a knife and stabs her shoulder. I can't stand to watch this. I run out of the shadows and throw myself at Dameson. Then I realize what a stupid thing i've done. I'm totally weaponless, a 14 yr. old girl against a 18 yr. old guy. And anyway, who is Catereni to me? No one! I don't even know her! I feel myself being slammed against the ground. Dameson slashes my cheek. I scream. I realize that I'm gonna die, Catereni is going to leave me here... And i'm right. Catereni runs off. I punch Dameson. His lip is bleeding, though it doesn't seem to faze him. His Black hair is covering his eyes, but i'm sure they show amusement. " Is that all you can do?" He says. " I'll have a fun time killing you." He laughs. Suddenly, he is pulled off me and flung to the ground. Catereni is back and this time she is not alone. Massia Radson is standing by her side. They must be allies. " Don't touch her you freak!" Massia shouts. Dameson gets up. " I'll be back for you,sweetheart." He says and then staggers away. I know who he was talking to. Me.

Safari's POV-

" Come on." I say. We head back to the front of the cornicopia. A few wimps are hanging around, obviously un-aware of any danger. I see that girl Danete standing with a sword in her hand. I like that sword. I want it. I shoot an arrow at her back and she falls to the ground. A cannon fires. Rizzy smirks. I don't like it. I stab him in the chest with my knife. The look of surprise in his face is inevidable. " Aw, Safari! Did you have to kill him?" Nicoelle sighs. " Why did we have a 12 yr. old hanging out with us anyway?" I say " It made us look weak." Morder says in disgust. I grin. Most of those wimpy tributes ran away, but some stayed. It was time for the real fun to begin.

Massia's POV-

I watch as Dameson trudges away. What a jerk. I look back at Sofanna. She had a deep cut on her cheek and blood was seeping from the side of her head. " Did he throw you?" I ask. She lookes at me, confused. " Did he throw you to the ground?" I repeat. " Uh, yeah why?" Sofanna asks. " Your head is bashed." " Oh, that. I didn't notice." We stand in silence for a while. Then, Catereni breaks it by saying " Would you like to join our alliance?" "Uh, sure." Sofanna says. Wow. A 17, 18, and 14 yr. alliance. Of girls. Won't we look feirce.

Emma's POV-

" YOU'RE SO STUPID!" Dawson yells at me. " Sorry!" I apoligize. How was I supposed to know not to light a fire? Ugh. Dawson can be so unfair. As night starts to fall, he calms down. We go to sleep. Both of us. I wake to a soft growling. Right in front of me, a mutt is standing. Teeth bared. I scream. Dawson jerkes awake. The mutt attack's. I feel it ripping my flesh. A cannon fires. I die.


Rizzy Carf

Danete Vandermast

Jacob Meg

Jen Ngyuen

Emma Hunt


Dawson's POV-

I feel the blood seeping out of my body. I sit in that tree, losing hope with every moment. Emma was ripped to shred's by the mutt. I barely got away alive. I told her not to light that fire. Girls. A small object catches my sight. It's that district 8 chick, Zideny. She is hiding in the bushes. Stalking. But stalking who? I follow her gaze and see it aimed at Pan, the little 12 yr. old. I see her take out a knife. No! With all my strenght I jump down on her. I hear a crack. My ankle sears with pain. I don't care. I grab the knife out of Zideny's hand and stab her. Once, twice. A cannon. I grin in delight. I saved a kid. Then, I feel a sharp pain in my chest. I look down, and see a knife going through my body. I turn around, and see Dameson. The last thing I hear is another cannon. Mine.

Clark's POV-

I smirk. Wow. Here I am at the cornicopia. Most tributes ran away after Danete was shot, but I stay. So does Mish and Hasdley. We are in an I-don't-touch-you-you-don't-touch-me sorta thing. I hear a thud, and see Mish on the ground, arrow through his heart. Hasdley falls next. I turn around, panicking. Nobody. Then, I see it. The career's, high up in a tree. I run. I survive.

Yonte's POV-

Pan falls from the tree. Cannon. How stupid of her, trusting my brother to go up in that tree. And be pushed to her death. But something is wrong. Erose is not coming down. I hear a cannon, and become paralyzed with fear. Dameson climes down from the tree. And throws a knife. And I hear a cannon. And I die.


Zideny Frosko

Dawson Orlonsk

Mish Gables

Hasdley Bogen

Pan Fronster

Erose Carenden

Yonte Carenden


Beking's POV-

I sit high up in a tree, watching, waiting. I hear them before I see them. The careers. The grip on my knife tightens. I spot the district 3 girl, that 14 year old. What was her name again, Nicoelle? Yeah, that's it. I aim my knife and.... I feel a spear go through my body.

Jodel's POV-

I stand quietly as Beking falls out of the tree. No cannon. " Is he alive?" Safari asks. Xandia bends over and checks for a pulse. " Alive." she says. " But barely. Weak pulse." She glances over at Nicoelle. " You should be thankful, you know." Xandia murmurs. " I saved your pathetic life." Nicoelle looked as if she was about to say something, but held it back. I sigh. All eyes on me. "Well?" I say. " Now what?" " This." Morder says. He drives a sword through Beking's body. A cannon. A death.

Clark's POV-

I feel her lips on mine. It's me and blondie. She was out gathering berries, then I came along. She could of killed me, she had a knife, but she didn't. Blondie slowly backs away. " What's wrong, hottie?" I ask. Then, I see the fear in her eyes. Before I even have a chance to turn around, I die.

Dameson's POV-

A cannon. I hear the unmistakeable sound of my knife leaving his body, it falling, her screaming. I launch my knife. I watch it in the air, like slow-motion, it feels like it's taking forever. Then it hits her head, blood flies in all directions. She falls to the ground by Clark, them laying there. So romantic. Massia's cannon. Footsteps. Shouts. Two girls. One target.

Morder's POV-

I hear screaming in the distance. Dameson. " Come on!" Safari shouts and then sprints into the directions of the cries. We all follow, sprinting. I'm out of breath by the time we get there. And what I see is not pretty. Dameson stands, his back to us, a bloody knife in his hand. Two dead tributes lay on the ground in front of him. Two living ones in front of him. That District 9 girl is staring at Dameson in horror, while the girl that was supposed to be with the carreer's, with us, notices us and her eyes seem to be pleading us to do something. And that is exactly what Safari does. " DIE!" She screams, flinging herself at Dameson. But at the last moment, he hurl's around and his knife slices her stomach.

Nicoelle's POV-

Dameson runs off. Oh no! Safari! She's dying! Then, I do what I was born to do. I build. While I build everyone is rushing around Safari. The district 4 girl tears off a peice of her jacket and tries to stop the bleeding. It dosn't work. Finally I am done building. I made a blood transplant machine. I stick tubes in Safari's arm and mine. It start's pumping my blood into her body.


Beking Cofan

Clark Overcast

Massia Radson


Sofanna's POV-

We stay with the career's for a while. Till Safari gets better. When that's over we part ways. " I can't belive it." Catereni says. " Masssia's dead." We walk in silence for a while. By nightfall we start to get hungry. " Oh no!" I says suddenly. " What?" Catereni asks. " All the supplies were with Massia!" I shout. " And she was the only one that know's plants!" " What will we eat?" Catereni asks. I don't have an answer for her. We go the rest of the night without food.

Day 5

Xandia's POV-

I am done with this. I can't be in an alliance anymore! I look around. Everyone is still asleep.I sigh. I get up, grab my spear. A bag of supplies. And I'm off. I'm not part of the career's anymore.

Dameson's POV-

I chomp down on the rabbit. I love roasted rabbit's almost as much as I love death. I shake the thought from my head. What happened to me? What happend to the kind, loving, asthma bearing, animal helping Dameson? It's the Hunger Games that has changed me. It's made me a killer. But I don't care. I must kill to get out alive.

Jodel's POV-

"ARGGG!" Safari screams. " Calm down." I say. She punches me. Ouch. " C'mon Safari, I know you're upset-" Morder begins. " Upset? UPSET!?!? I'M FREAKIN ANGRY!!!!" Safari interupt's. Oh god. " Do you really have to throw a fit?" I say. All eyes on me. " What do you think we should do?" Safari asks. " Let's do what we do best." I propose. " Kill."




Nicoelle's POV-

I can see why Xandia left. The team started to show their true colors. Being only 9 tributes left, they needed to start getting fierce. Safari has been snapping over the smallest of things, which leads her to beating somebody up. Morder is always taking over. Jodel is being unapporochable. And even if you do approach him, which I do not think is smart, you end up with a knife in your wrist. I have decided, that I am leaving too. And I did.

Catereni's POV-

This was the third day we had gone without food. And we had company. Nicoelle from the career's had left and joined our alliance. She told us about all that was going on. NOT SAFE!!!!\




Sofanna's POV-

" FOOD!" I scream in glee. Catereni and Nicoelle rush to my side. " YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!" Catereni cries and pumps her fist in the air. I found it. A bush of berries. I am so happy! Nicoelle starts gulping them down. Catereni is to busy crying with happiness. But then I know that something is wrong. Nicoelle's smile vanishes and she goes extremley pale. Then she falls to the ground. Catereni stops and looks at Nicoelle in fear. Nicoelle's lips turn purple and then her cannon fires. " NO!" I shout. " WHY!?!?" Catereni examines the berries closley and then gasps. " What?" I ask." What's wrong?" " Nighlock." She says. " These berries are poisonus."


Nicoelle Jowen


Safari's POV- Cannons. Two of them. " Dameson again?" Morder asks. " I don't think so." I say. " Xandia." We rush to the place the cannon sounded from and saw Xandia and Jodel, both dead, both with knifes in there chests. " They killed themselves." I murmur. " But why commit suicide?" Morder asks. I shrug. " I have to go." I say. "I have busness to attend."

Dameson's POV-

" It's time we settle this." Safari shouts from across the field. " Well, what do you know? I think so too." I retort. Her face tightens. Then I launch myself at her. I slice her arm with my knife. She squeals, but is still strong. Her bow and arrow won't help her here, so she gets out a short dagger. I feel it dig into my leg. I growl and stab her shoulder. Then I jerk my head. If I hadn't a dagger would have been in my head. I stab her stomach. She doesn't care. Then She stabs my chest. One time. Two. Three. I can feel my life slowly leaking out of my body. A cannon fires. Well, I guess she was stronger than me.

Safari's POV-

I am panting. I get up and look down at the now dead Dameson. " Loser." I snarl. Then I look down at my body. One of my arrows had gone through my heart. I turn around. Morder. " I'm sorry." He says, tears in his eyes. I die.

Catereni's POV-

My hands are shaking. Actually, my whole body is. I'm being electricuted. There I was, swimming to the bananna tree we found when a storm hit. Lightning shocked the water, along with me. I hope Sofanna wins. A cannon. I die.


Xandia Bander

Jodel Von

Dameson Grace

Safari Hastel

Catereni Janicki


Morder's POV-

" I have to win this." I whisper under my breath. Then I see her. Sofanna. I should just sneak up behind her and.... a dagger flies out of her hand and hits my neck. I underestimated her.

Sofanna's POV-

I am sweating with fear. A cannon. I won? I WON! Wait, but something is wrong. There has only been 22 cannons! There is still-

Haraz Maine's POV-

I watch as her lifeless body falls to the ground. Cannon. " CONGRADULATIONS HARAZ MAINE! YOU ARE NOW THE VICTOR OF THE 101ST HUNGER GAMES!" I hear the head gamemaker say. Wow! I won!

That's the end of the 101st Hunger Games! And may the odds, be EVER in your favor!

Robekka 19:52, April 25, 2012 (UTC) Head Gamemaker

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