I'm telling here about an idea from me. Just read it :P.

What's 'My Huge Project', actually?

Well, I will try to explain it. I will make, with three other writers, 4 separate Games. Then the victors have to fight with each other, until there is only one standing. The four Games will be made by 4 different duo's and will all have another, little twisty thing, like the Husky Games. (In those Games I replaced people by Huskies)

When will 'My Huge Project' start?

I want to start it when I have finished my Husky Games. So I think in about two weeks. But I need to know which writers want to write with me. Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand, but how many tributes can I submit in each of the Games? And can I reserve them?

In each Games you can join with two of your tributes, but if you submitted one of your in a Games, they can't be in the others. And yeah, you can reserve tributes, up to (of course) 2 tributes in each Games.

But now the question: Who will be the writers?

The three other writers are: AnnieCresta4, Lead the Careers and EvilHariboMadness!

You said that there were twisty things, but do you have an example?

Yes, sure I have. I take ´The Spirit Games´ as example. I will write these Games with AnnieCresta4, that´s for sure. The Games will have the normally 24 tributes, but the only thing that is different, is that every tribute has an animal spirit, which can be a mouse or a lion. You can tell us which animal you prefer, but maybe we will change it.

Are you going to do reapings, trainingssessions, interviews and chariot rides?

I can't say that at the moment, I have to decide it with my co-writers.

What are the other Games, beside 'The Spirit Games'?

I will list them for you:

  1. The Spirit Games, will be written by AnnieCresta4 and me.
  2. The Song Games, will be written by EvilhariboMadness and me.
  3. The xxxxx Games, will be written by AnnieCresta4 and Lead the Careers.
  4. The xxxxx Games, will be written by Lead the Careers and EvilhariboMadness.

I will put up more information about this soon.

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