Welcome to the sixtysixth Hunger Games

Hello everyone! The holiday is almost here in the Netherlands, so I thought it would be fun to start a new Hunger Games. I guess most of you don't know me, because I've been inactive for a year, I think. But I hope that I will make some friends, again. I've been active for one or two years, before I stopped being active, because of school. If you want, read my other Hunger Games blogs :)! Some of them, I didn't finish, because sometimes I'm just lazy.


1. No swearing or cussing. If your tribute dies, it dies.

2. No link or profiles, please.

3. Make your tribute interesting.

4. You can submit a maximum of 4 tributes, because I want to start soon.

5. You're not allowed to take both the spaces of a District.

6. Reservations last 1 day.

7. I'll do training scores and the Games.

8. You don't have to use a special template for your tribute, but add so many things as possible, because that will give them a bigger chance to live to the end!


The arena is just like Hell, but when you think nothing can be scarier, the arena has a little surprise for you. In the East, there are some different Haunted Woods, one scarier than the other. In the North lies a lake with singing mermaids in it. A volcano which has just erupt lies in the west and the south just seems to be a black hole. Nobody knows what's behind the Woods, the Lake and the Volcano, but nobody dares to investigate it, because the only light in the arena comes from the reflecting gold of the Cornucopia. No sun. Only Darkness. In Devil's sake.






Copper McPrice

Sapphire Lustre


Malek Rath

Lavinia Quartz


Brass Voltage

Ruby Hyrglass


Hiro Kahn

Blair Pearlescent


Caius Rays

Eris Jett


Lonan Finch

Aspen Cessair


Markey Primal-Omega

Thistel Foxbell


John Bourne

Cassie Yuo


Toby Rodgers

Saguna Isola


Asura Shinigami

September Rollo


Thorn Darkwater

Willow Thorn


Blade Spectrus

Misty Honeysuckle


District Tribute Score
1 Copper McPrice 8
1 Sapphire Lustre 7
2 Malek Rath 9
2 Lavinia Quartz 9
3 Brass Voltage 4
3 Ruby Hyrglass 2
4 Hiro Kahn 11
4 Blair Pearlescent 10
5 Caius Rays 7
5 Eris Jett 7
6 Lonan Finch 5
6 Aspen Cessair 10
7 Markey Primal-Omega 6
7 Thistel Foxbell 9
8 John Bourne 4
8 Cassie Yuo 11
9 Toby Rodgers 9
9 Saguna Isola 4
10 Asura Shinigami 3
10 September Rollo 6
11 Thorn Darkwater 5
11 Willow Thorn 7
12 Blade Spectrus 7
12 Misty Honeysuckle 10

The Games!

Day 1 ~ Only the Devil will win

Malek Rath POV

As the platform reaches the top, I try to look over the edge.  Dark clouds gathering above our heads, a plain field filled by the ashes of the ones we once loved. Everyone can smell the hate, can hear the crying of our beloved ones and can see the painful expressions on the other participants' faces.

I try to focus on the main target at this moment, the Cornucopia. When the timer says '60 seconds', some open spots in the air strike me. They get my attention. Everyone is aiming at the weapons, but the sky isn't fully dark, so I wonder what the intention of this arena is, because it kind of looks like 'hell'. After some seconds I get aware again and look for my alliance. I can't find any of them, probably because they are situated at the other side of the massive Horn of gold. When the timer finally reaches 'zero', I start running. After fifteen seconds, I reach the Cornucopia. I love it. Killing people, just for the fame. Why does everyone hate this? I really can't imagine not killing. As I take some of the knives, which lay in front of the horn, I turn around, looking for some helpless little creatures. In front of me, the District 7 boy, tries to find some backpacks with food in it. I hate him. The annoying look on his face, which assumes  that he is way too arrogant to be in an alliance, but in some kind of way, although I hate him, my heart tells me to ask him to be my ally and just leave the Careers.

I'm in doubt, but I know that this should be the right thing to do. I really have to leave Copper, Lavinia and Blair. Maybe they find a better substitute for me and then, nobody's angry or mad. Or they all are and try hunting me down for some other reasons. In this case I really need some allies to bond with, so it won't be one versus three.

I falter to the boy, who doesn't seem to notice me. 'Hey,', I say to him, 'would you like to be my ally...?'.  The look on his face is surprisingly good, but still quite arrogant. He murmurs something, which I assume to be a ‘yes’. Both of us take stuff with us, like a black backpack and a brown bag, and we wander to the woods, which are in the opposite direction of the mouth of the Horn. 

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