Just like the title says:

'Yes, I did leave.'

Sorry, I left once. Nobody knew it and this is the only time I come back. I kinda miss you every day over and over again, but it was better to quit. Why am I back, you'll all be thinking? To say goodbye. I forgot that, when I left. You were friends, you didn't anything wrong, but it will be better when I'm gone.

Sorry for everybody: I don't finish the Husky Games, if anyone wants to finish it, ask it, and maybe you'll get my permission.

You can also ask for my tributes. My lovely tributes. Some I will give away easily, some, which I admire too much, you need to say why you want him or her. All my tributes are on my page. The only thing you have to write under each enter in Games is: 'This was the tribute from Robin040197. I have the permission to use it. You can ask him if you want.'

Goodbye my friends.

Goodbye my fantasy.

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