District 1: Brellie Haven,Lion Scrapes

District 2:luna Dane,Script Level

District 3:Zack (Last name is undisclosed), Brielle Moio

District 4:Tater Fowler,Estelle Moon

District 5:Ethan Sun,Deena Wadgadubakowski

District 6:Cecillia Grant,Brann Clatch

District 7:Avery Manson,Scott Manson

District 8:Luna Snare, Rory Lemner

District 9:Dimitri Bens,

District 10: Shermaine Willson,Ryan Spring

District 11:Rue Collins,Benny Oakling

District 12:Summer Hills,Marthus Agus

District 13:Kaldonis Pondo,Jade Swift

Capitol:Lauren Hill,Jymie Ronound

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