• My occupation is Medical student
  • I am Female
  • Rockinrobbien

    Ok, so i totally write this but my fiction gravitates towards slash a lot

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  • Rockinrobbien

    Ok, so i found so many but this is the best one

    The Lyrics This game’s been played before Seventy-three times won The faster you die the faster you lose Life’s the prize for one

    [Pre-chorus: Joey] Children wielding weapons, cutting short a life Cameras see it all But were they enemies, or were they friends? Gotta make it through somehow

    [Chorus: Luke, Joey, Meghan] The arena The arena This is our world stage The arena The arena This is our death cage Cannons in the distance, the distance Silver parachutes descend You’ve been spared for now But for how long? When will all this end?

    [Verse 2: Meghan] Watch out for the Careers Murder’s in their veins Cato, Clove, and Glimmer Survive and thrive on pain

    [Pre-chorus 2: Joey] All that’s left are the e…

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