Since my first games went well, I decided to make another one. You can only have 2 tributes, and there are NO RESERVATIONS! There's nothing else to say, so let the 26th Hunger Games begin.....

I have decided to add a twist to these games. There will be two MEGA tributes from different stories. If your tribute is able to kill one, all the tributes in that district are revived! They will be in place of District 13, so sorry if you wanted to submit for it.....(By the way, these tributes will not win)

District Name Male Tribute Female Tribute User Name
District 0 Cotto Crest Eclipse Glade Clove1001
District 1 Charles Kurt Henri Darkholme Ms. Artie Abrams
District 2 George Gold Miley Gold Brony12
District 3 Cameron Jaque Lily Sage Skybender101
District 4 Cod Netts Swell Current Moviepopcorn123
District 5 Jack Merter Tierry Chercheur BCHRforev
District 6

Pony Mitch

Willow Redwater Mockingjaysong
District 7 Twilight Dawn Giselle Sunburst Jabberjay78
District 8 Thread Form Shay Flax Necterine411
District 9 Venom Strike Sunny Blares Nate777
District 10 Gavin Octavian Estelle Mar TomGurl22
District 11 Uniform Strut Lemon Grain EffieLuna
District 12 Byrd Alexander Summer Mine Tommyboy97
MEGA TRIBUTES Number 4 Harry Potter Rockman117

Underlined-Career Alliance

Italicized-Other Alliance

Regular-No alliance

Crossed Out-Dead


District Number Male Tribute Female Tribute
District 0 Cotto Crest(5) Eclipse Glade(9)
District 1 Charles Kurt(7) Henri Darkholme(10)
District 2 George Gold(11) Miley Gold(8)
District 3 Cameron Jaque(6) Lily Sage(10)
District 4 Cod Netts(9) Swell Current(7)
District 5 Jack Merter(6) Tierry Chercheur(12)
District 6

Pony Mitch(3)

Willow Redwater(11)
District 7 Twilight Dawn(6) Giselle Sunburst(1)
District 8 Thread Form(2) Shay Flax(1)
District 9 Venom Strike(3) Sunny Blares(9)
District 10 Gavin Octavian(2) Estelle Mar(6)
District 11 Uniform Strut(6) Lemon Grain(11)
District 12 Byrd Alexander(3) Summer Mine(10)
MEGA TRIBUTES Number 4(12) Harry Potter(12)

The Mega Tribute's training scores are rigged, if you didn't know.....

Day 1: The Bloody Bath

Shay Flax's POV: The area around me turns to black as I enter the arena. But that doesn't matter. I close my eyes, thinking of ways to kill Thread. Stab him with a spear. Drown him till he dies. The gong snaps me out of my thoughts. "Dang it!" I think. "Now I can't get a good weapon, or I'll get killed!" Instead, I lunge down and grab a knife, knowing it's the best weapon I can get right now. Then, I run into the forest, knowing my chance to kill Thread will come.

Number 4's POV(ask me if you don't know who this is): This too easy. I glide to the weapons area, and the rest of the competitors are very far behind. Deciding I want to have a little fun, I grab 2 knifes and a spear from the pile. I throw the knifes at the boy from 9 and the girl from 1. They both die instantly. The girl from 2 comes at me with a knife, and she throws it. Smiling to myself, I dodge the knife without blinking an eye. Then as I run into the forest, I throw my spear at her. The spear hits her head, and her brain blows out. By the time that happens, I am still running away, searching for a source of water to help me survive these games.

Harry Potter's POV: I have to win these games so I can go back home. Running to the forest and dodging all the knifes that come my way, I point out my wand behind me. "Avada Kedvara!" I shout just as I pass a tree. The spell hits the girl from 11, and she falls instantly. Smiling, I realize that I might have a chance in these games.

Uniform Strut's POV: I need to get in with the careers. But first I need to show my strength. The careers are at the cornucopia, with a few scattered tributes. I grab the knife next to me and jump on the boy from 8. I stab him through the neck, and his cannon fires. I look at the careers, hoping they'll accept me. "Alliance?" I ask them. The boy from 2 suddenly cracks a smile. "Sure, we need people like you in our alliance." he said. I smile. My mission is accomplished.

Jack Merter's POV: Someone is coming. When I was eating my goose by the fire, I heard a twig snap. Now that I think about it, a fire wasn't such a good idea. Then a male tribute that I don't reconize comes into the campsite. Knowing it's now or never, I jump on him. He tries to throw me off, but I have a good grip. Raising my sword in the air, I then stab him with it. His cannon fires, and I smile. Then the knife hits me. With my last strength, I turn around and see his district partner, or at least it looks like it. As my cannon fires, I think, "How could I forget about his district partner!"



Venom Strike-Number 4

Henri Darkholme-Number 4

Miley Gold-Number 4

Lemon Grain-Harry Potter

Thread Form-Uniform Strut

District 13 boy-Jack Merter

Jack Merter-District 13 girl

Career Alliance: George Gold, Cod Netts, Sunny Blares, Uniform Strut

Other Alliances: None

Day 1: Night: Crazy Charles

Cameron Jaque's POV: Right now I am looking for tributes to kill. I found the girl from 10, but she managed to get away. Suddenly, I sense another tribute nearby. I pull out my knife and run toward them. The tribute whirls around, eyes full of shock. I stop. It's Lily, my district partner. She grabs my hand and I feel a blaze of warmth surge through me, even though it is really cold out tonight. "Please don't kill me," she says. "Alliance?" I nod, knowing now that I'm with her, maybe these games won't be so bad after all.

Lily Sage's POV: I am so glad that Cameron decided not to kill me. Right now I am lying next to a tree, and he is searching for food. I hope he finds some. I'm starving. Then Charles, the District 1 boy jumps on me. With a startled shriek, I stab him multiple times in the arm, but he just laughs at me. "I'm impervious to pain, little girly." he says. I am very scared. Am I about to die by the hands of this insane wierdo? Laughing, he brings up his knife for the final blow.

Taylor Heartstock's POV: I am the girl from District 13. Because of the crimes we commited, the capitol had us shipped us into these games. I already know the boy from my district is dead, because I saw him die. Now it's just me. Ripping a sharp, hard branch from a weird looking tree, I head off into the forest. I need allies in order to win these games, and the forest is the best place to get them.

Harry Potter's POV: These games are horrible. This afternoon a horrible cross between a lion and a bear attacked me. I managed to kill it with my wand. but it scratched my shoulder. It hurts so much, and my wand can't heal it. I decide just to go to sleep and wait the night out. I use my wand to levitate into a big oak tree. Then, I fall into a deep slumber that I hope that I will be able to awaken from.

Shay Flax's POV: Wow. Thread is already dead, and I didn't even have to lift a finger. But I feel a little empty. Killing Thread was supposed to be my goal, and someone got to it. "Oh well," I think to myself. "One more tribute is gone, and that gets me closer to winning the hunger games." I get into my sleeping bag that I got from sponsors, and fall quickly asleep.

Charles Kurt's POV: This is it. I hold my knife above the screaming girl, ready for the kill. Then I hear a voice. "Let her go!" a male voice shouts. Then I feel a knife hit my head with great power. I smile. That doesn't hurt me at all, so I decide to kill the girl. Then I realize something horrible. If the knife hit my brain, I'm dead. As if on cue, my vision starts going black. The last thing I see is the girl and boy in a tight embrace, the girl crying on the boy's arms. I think, "It's just too bad that I wasn't able to kill her."



Charles Kurt-Cameron Jaque

Career Alliance: George Gold, Cod Netts, Sunny Blares, Uniform Strut

Other Alliances: Cameron Jaque/Lily Sage

Day 2: Crunching The Numbers

Twilight Dawn's POV: This is horrible. Right now, I'm running away from the careers, who are gaining on me fast. If there was just one, I'd be all right, but there are obviously more than one after me now. Then, it happens. I trip over a root, and the careers are on me. "What should we do with him?" says the District 4 boy. "I have an idea." says the District 2 boy. Then, he takes a knife out from his pocket and jabs it into my ear. My vision rapidly turns black, then it disappears.

Swell Current's POV: I have finally found someone to ally with. I see the 5 girl just relaxing against a tree. I decide to walk up to her. What's the worst that could happen? "Allies?" I ask. I really hope she says yes, because I have no weapons with me right now. "Sorry, but no. You will die now." she says with a grin. And before I can react, a knife pushes through my neck, and all I can see is darkness.

Sunny Blare's POV: Ok, it is time to get to work to make the boys fall for me. I start with the District 11 boy, because he looks easy to manipulate. "Hey there cutie, how's it going." I say as I sit in his lap and run my fingers through his hair. "U-uh, it going f-fine," he says. I kiss him on the cheek and smile. "I'm getting a little hungry. Could you get me some food?" I ask him. "Sure. Whatever you want, I can get." he says, and runs to try and find some food. I smile. "Looks like this will be easier than I thought," I think to myself.

George Gold's POV: Now that the careers are settled, I think that it's time to take out our biggest threat. "Cod, you're with me. District 11 boy and Sunny, you stay here and watch the supplies. We're going to try and find Number 4," I say. Cod nods, and we go into the forest. I hope I find him, because it was his fault my sister is dead, and I want to avenge her.

Number 4's POV: "Hey you!" I hear someone shouting. I turn around and see two tributes running at me. Laughing, I easily dodge their attack and stab the District 4 boy in the leg with a knife. He goes down, and I turn my attention to the other one. He throws a knife at me, hoping for it to hit. I use my telekinesis and turn the knife around at him. It hits him in the leg, and he cries out in pain. I turn to walk away, and then I realize. Something's not right. I look back and see the tributes running at me with the knifes I stabbed/threw into their legs. How could this be? It would give them intense pain just to stand. I realize that I am about to die.

Cod Nett's POV: The Number 4 dude was easier to get than I thought. When it noticed me and that other squirt running at it, it stabbed the other guy in the neck just below the head. But we managed to get it in the neck with both our knifes, and 2 gongs sounded. Suddenly, a blinding light flashed, and something amazing happened.

Pony Mitch's POV: Woooooooo! This is great! I'm running around without a care in the world! Who cares if I win. I just want to have fun. Then I see a cliff. "Cliff-jumping time!" I think. And I do. Then, I get impaled by a sharp rock. Before I die, I think, "Well, that was fun."

Cotto Crest's POV: Wow. This is bad. My sponsors aren't sending anything, and I haven't had any water for a whole day. If I don't find some, I'm going to die. Then I see it. A big blue lake. I start running to it. When I get near, I see someone drinking the water. It's probably the District 6 girl. A possible ally. "Hey, Willow." I say. I think that's her name. She turns around, but doesn't have any weapons. "Allies?" I ask. She nods, because her mouth is still filled with water. I come over, glad I have finally found some water to drink-and an ally.

Cod Nett's POV: I can't believe my eyes. After the light flashed, 2 people were standing there, the District 2 girl, and Swell, my District partner. The 2 girl ran for her brother(I think), and Swell started to run away. I threw my knife at her, but she dodged it. After seeing her District partner(who is dead) she turned to glare at Swell as she ran away. I guess she thought that Swell killed her district partner. It's time to go. There are tributes to kill. "Come on, time to go." I say to her. She nods, tears falling down her face. We get up and walk back to the career camp, both of us ready to kill the first tribute we see.

Harry Potter's POV: Wow. I got a parachute from the sky containing medicine. I put it on my cut, and it healed intstantly. It was almost like magic.....Anyway, I found a tiny pond, and I'm starting to drink from it. "Hey you! Want to be allies!" someone says. I turn around and see the District 12 boy. I almost say yes, but I realize something. This was that kid who acted all stuck-up and rude when I was at training(wrapped in an Invisibility Cloak). I don't want to ally with someone like that. I raise my wand and shout, "Avada Kedvara!" The spell hits him in the chest, and his cannon fires. I go back to drinking, wondering how someone like that could survive this long into the games.

Eclipse Glade's POV: This is the life. I haven't seen a tribute since the games began, and I have a bunch of berries and roots. Suddenly, I hear someone coming. I lift my bow, thinking that killing this person could get me sponsors. The person comes into view. It's the girl from 10, so this should be easy. Something alerts her to my presence, and she looks up at me. Her mouth opens in shock, but the arrow is already on the way. It hits her in the stomach, and her cannon fires. At that moment, a parachute drops into my lap. I decide to open it. It's a spear and 2 knifes. I smile. My plan did work after all.



Twilight Dawn-Careers

Swell Current-Tierry Chercheur

Number 4-George Gold/Cod Netts

George Gold-Number 4

Pony Mitch-Cliff Diving

Byrd Alexander-Harry Potter

Estelle Mar-Eclipse Glade

Career Alliance: Miley Gold, Cod Netts, Sunny Blares, Uniform Strut

Other Alliances: Cameron Jaque/Lily Sage, Cotto Crest/Willow Redwater

Day 2: Night: The Gladiator Battle

Narrator's POV: This night will have a twist that will kill at least one of the tributes. The announcer says, "Tonight there will be a cage battle! Two will go in, and only one will come out alive! The tributes are.....Eclipse Glade and Gavin Octavian! Good luck!" The two tributes step into the cage that was lowered for this event, and the cage doors swing shut, leaving the two tributes alone......

Gavin Octavian's POV: She won't stand a chance. Ever since I got that deadly sponsor gift for killing 2 rabid monkey mutts, I know that I have a great chance of winning. The girl shoots arrows at me with that wooden bow, and I dodge them with a smile. Eventually, she runs out of arrows. I decide that this is the time to use my sponsor gift. I bring out my knife, and press a button on the side. Out of the handle, poisonous darts start flying toward her, and she tries to dodge. But she can't dodge forever. One hits her in the head, and her cannon fires. The cage door swings open, and I walk out, glad that any tributes who saw this now know my power.



Eclipse Glade-Gavin Octavian

Career Alliance: Miley Gold, Cod Netts, Sunny Blares, Uniform Strut

Other Alliances: Cameron Jaque/Lily Sage, Cotto Crest/Willow Redwater

Day 3: Death Of A Wizard

Harry Potter's POV: I can't take it. I need to get out of here. These games are making me insane. Right now I'm running around for tributes to kill so I can get home faster. Then I burst right into an alliance. I think they are called the careers. Ready to kill to get back home, I start shooting off the "Avada Kedvara" spell. They try to run away, but a little while later, they're all dead. Except for the 11 boy, who I think was able to get away. Shrugging my shoulders, I run deeper into the forest to order to kill him too. I am so close to winning, and I must win in order to get back to my home.

Uniform Strut's POV: I've got to get away. That wizard is after me, and he killed all the other careers. Suddenly, someone steps in front of me, blocking my path. "Time to die." he says. I know him. He's the District 10 male with the poison knife. But I will kill him to preserve my own life. I take out 2 knifes and throw one at him. He dodges, and starts shooting those poison darts. I run toward him, dodging darts all the way. Running past him, I slash his head off with my other knife. His cannon fires, and I smile. I know that I will be able to survive, even if it is only for a little while.

Tierry Chercheur's POV: The games are almost over. So little tributes left, and I only killed one so far. Time to show everyone that I'm not a coward. I walk toward the cornucopia, knowing that this will be the place of the final battle. When I get there, I see the girl from 7. She has no weapons, so this should be easy. "Allies?" she asks, but I already know the answer. With a swipe of my knife, her organs are falling out and a cannon has fired. I smile. This will prove that I'm not a whiner, or a coward.

Willow Redwater's POV: This is bad. Me and Cotto are cornered by the lake by the wizard. He looks mad, and a little bit insane. "Allies?" I ask, but he shakes his head. "No, I need to win! I will kill all of you!" he shouts, and points his wand at me. I try to scream, but he shouts the dreaded words Avada Kedvara, and a flash of light comes from his wand, and I am no more.

Cotto Crest's POV: How dare he! I was really starting to connect with Willow, and I started to believe these games weren't so bad. But then he came and killed her! Whatever it takes, I will avenge her. I run at him, and he tries to kill me. But with all the anger I have, I am able to dodge them. We fight for a long time, and this fight could go either way. But then, he finally gets me with that stupid spell. As I die, I can take pride in one thing, the knife I put right through his chest. Our cannons go off at the same time, and I smile. I was actually able to avenge Willow.

Taylor Heartstock's POV: I need an alliance. My food is running low, and my only weapon is this makeshift knife. I hope I find someone soon. After a while, I find someone. I reconize her from the girl from District 12. I walk over to her and tap her on the shoulder. She whirls around, and relaxes when she notices that I don't have any weapons. "Alliance?" I ask. She nods, and lets me eat some of her food. I feel really happy. I have finally made an ally, and just maybe, we can win these games. Together.

Shay Flax's POV: What just happened? I was sitting up in my tree, and I heard like 6 cannons go off. "Is it the gamemakers?" I wonder, but shake my head. No. It must of been that other mega tribute. Then, the 5 girl suddenly appears next to me. She throws a knife, and I can hear my own cannon fire.

Just kidding.

I dodge the knife, and jump for the ground. I land on a bush, and run from the girl. She throws another knife, but I dodge it and conceal myself in the forest. I start toward the cornucopia, or at least in the general direction. For some strange reason, I feel that tomorrow will be the final day of these games.

Narrator's POV: The announcer has called all the tributes to the cornucopia, because tomorrow will be the final day of these games. 9 tributes are left, and only 5 will be able to survive the final day.



Miley Gold-Harry Potter

Cod Netts-Harry Potter

Sunny Blares-Harry Potter

Gavin Octavian-Uniform Strut

Giselle Sunburst-Tierry Chercheur

Willow Redwater-Harry Potter

Cotto Crest-Harry Potter

Harry Potter-Cotto Crest

Other Alliances: Cameron Jaque/Lily Sage, Taylor Heartstock/Summer Mine

Day 4: The Final Day

All told from Lily Sage's POV: Wow. I think that I'm falling in love with Cameron. I think that he's sweet and funny, even if his family thinks that he is a snob. I wish that we could be together forever, but there will only be 5 victors, and me and Cameron might not be part of those five. Then, the announcer shouts, "It is time for the final battle between the remaining tributes! Ready.....Go!" I start by throwing a knife at Shay, but she dodges it and runs over to the 5 girl for some reason. "You tried to kill me, and I will kill you." she says, and a knife is in her throat. The first cannon fires. Only 3 more if me and Cameron want to win. I run over to Swell and start fighting her. She's pretty good, but I'm holding my own. I look over at Cameron to see him fighting the 8 girl. For some reason, the announcer speaks again. "Attention tributes! You must kill 3 more tributes in 30 seconds or we will drop a bomb on you! Good luck!" With that, I try even harder to kill Swell, but she's not backing down. Then, I see it happen. The bomb is falling, right in between all the remaining tributes. Swell starts to run, and I run with her. Then, I trip over a small tree root. I brace myself for impact, but it never comes. I open my eyes. In front of me, Cameron is blocking the force of the explosion. "Lily, if I die, I have to say this. I love youuuuu!" he shouts. Then he screams. I yell, "Cameron!" but my voice is blocked out by the explosion. My vision starts to go black. Before I black out, I see men in black coats loading me into the hovercraft. I am a victor, and I hope with all my heart that Cameron is also a victor, so we can live happily. Together.


Known Deaths:

Tierry Chercheur-Shay Flax

Congratulations to Lily Sage, our first victor!

Epilogue: The Capitol Hospital

Lily Sage's POV: From what I've heard around the Capitol, me and someone else were the only ones uninjured. The other 3 victors are still in the operating room, fighting for their lifes. Because of this, I decide to go find the other uninjured victor. I bump into her in the food court. She's by herself, stuffing herself with all the Capitol has to offer. I walk over to her and say, "Hey Swell, what's up?"

Swell Current's POV: I'm suprised that she was able to survive the explosion, even with her boyfriend shielding her. I'm glad she survived though. "How did you survive the bomb?" she asks. "When you tripped, I got behind a tree. It protected me from the explosion." I say. We talk for a little more, about the games and mostly about what our lifes will be like as victors. Then, she asks about Cameron, her boyfriend. I don't know what happened to him, and I don't know if he survived. I tell her that. Depressed, she leaves, probably to think about him. I feel bad for her, but there is nothing I can do. But I will try. Leaving the food in the Capitol lunchroom, I walk toward my mentor's room, to ask about Cameron, the District 3 boy, and to see if he is still alive.

Shay Flax's POV: Ugh. It was horrible in the hospital that they sent me to. They told me that I survived because the shrapnel that hit me missed all my vital areas. I know if that girl from District 3's boyfriend lived or died, but I'm not going to tell her. It would make her too emotional. Who cares about anything. I'm a victor now, and I can get anything I want. I sit down on my luxurious bed, and order dinner. I'm very hungry since they let me leave the Capitol hospital, and I'm sure those Capitol idiots can't wait to serve me.

Taylor Heartstock's POV: Why was I chosen to live and for Summer to die? When the explosion happened, Summer shielded me from the blast. A piece of shrapnel hit her in the head, and her cannon fired instantly. Right now, I'm praying that she will do well in heaven. But it's time to let go. I'm sure that Summer would not want me mourning over her death in sadness, rather than living my life in happiness. When I get to District 12 on the victory tour, I will make sure to give them some of my newly earned money. Their tribute helped me win these games, so it is only fair that I help them.

Lily Sage's POV: Why! Why! When I asked a Capitol offical about Cameron, she said only 1 girl was left. Which means Cameron died protecting me. How will I be able to live without him? I shut the door to my room, and start crying. How will I explain it to his family? That he died protecting an arrogant girl who likes lilies way too much. The door to my room opens, and I look up, expecting my mentor, but I get an even bigger suprise.

Cameron Jaque's POV: I open the door to Lily's room and she looked at me like I was a ghost. "How did you survive?" she asks. "The Capitol official said that SHE was the-" "Well, that official thought that I looked like a girl for some reason. I wanted to smack her in the face, but I was locked in that Capitol room all day and night." She nods, tears coming out of her eyes. I get onto her bed, and we start kissing. It's my first time kissing someone, but it feels so impossibly awesome, I know I will not be the first to let go. I'm so happy that we're both alive, and that we will get to live in the victor's village in District 3. Together.



Lily Sage

Swell Current

Shay Flax

Taylor Heartstock

And finally....

Cameron Jaque



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