My other games are drawing to a close, so I decided to make a new one. Please submit only 2 tributes, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

District Male Name Female Name User Name
District 0 Cotto Crest Brooke Fallowheart Clove1001
District 1 Austin Gerjanjer Lanila Boress QuinnQuinn
District 2 Slida Tain Hera Min Mopping
District 3 Ian Volt Shana Buzz Nate777
District 4 Len Grellin Nila Frost Skybender101
District 5 Cedar Mellark Kajama Odair Anna-athena
District 6 Shane Hover Carrie Hover Necterine411
District 7 Sam Sammon Kallmi Silvers Rueflower
District 8 Wave Oceanus Keeta Starr TomGurl22
District 9 Ethan Gray Wendy Zirbel Foxface911
District 10 Talon Faust Kedzie Woods Firecatcher3
District 11 October Fest Summer Fest Brony12
District 12 Titanic De Leon Britannic De Leon Anna-athena

District 13

Jeremiah Heddorian Jadynette Olive QuinnQuinn

District Male Name Female Name
District 0 Cotto Crest(5) Brooke Fallowheart(7)
District 1 Austin Gerjanjer(9) Lanila Boress(8)
District 2 Slida Tain(5) Hera Min(11)
District 3 Ian Volt(2) Shana Buzz(7)
District 4 Len Grellin(2) Nila Frost(8)
District 5 Cedar Mellark(4) Kajama Odair(5)
District 6 Shane Hover(4) Carrie Hover(6)
District 7 Sam Sammon(7) Kallmi Silvers(10)
District 8 Wave Oceanus(9) Keeta Starr(2)
District 9 Ethan Gray(7) Wendy Zirbel(3)
District 10 Talon Faust(9) Kedzie Woods(2)
District 11 October Fest(9) Summer Fest(2)
District 12 Titanic De Leon(4) Britannic De Leon(8)
District 13 Jeremiah Heddorian(12) Jadynette Olive(11)


District 0

Cotto Crest's POV: I hope that I will not get reaped this year. I know it's my first reaping, but I want to be able to survive for another year. I walk out with my mom and my sister, who is 20 years old. At least she won't have a chance of going into the hunger games. A cold wind blows around, as if it knows we are going to die. I put my hands in my pockets, and wait for the tributes. "Cotto Crest!" the man calls out. Really? I only had one slip in this year, and they chose me? I walk up to the stage. I can hear my mother crying all the way from over on the reaping stage. I'm so nervous thinking about if I'm going to live or die, I don't catch the girl's name. Then we are supposed to shake hands. She gives me a beautiful smile and says, "Hi, I'm Brooke, and it's nice to meet you, even though we're going to die probably." I smile back. With her, maybe these games won't be so bad after all.

District 1

Lanila Boress's POV: Oh. My. Gosh. Are they looking at my hair? I look back, but no one is looking. They probably looked away at the last second. They always do. Then I hear the male tribute called, "Austin Gerjanjer, come to the stage!" He goes up there and starts screaming in the escort's face. He calls security. They hit him with a tazer, and he goes down. They then take him away. "Lanila Boress, please come to the stage!" What? This can't be happening! I look for one of my followers, hoping that one will volunteer, but for some reason, no one does. The guards then escort me to the train, where the start of the horrible journey begins. The last thought I have before entering the train is, "At least I looked pretty."

District 2

Slida Tain's POV: I scratch my tail uncomfortably. Why did the capitol make me half-wolf? Oh well, this is the day where I volunteer, and take down the careers, even though I am in a career district. "Hera Min!" the escort calls. She walks up to the stage. "Wow, she's pretty!" I think to myself. "Another reason to volunteer!" So when the escort reachs into the reaping ball, I shout out, "I volunteer!" He hasn't even picked out the name yet. I walk up to the stage, basking in the glory of the district's cheers for me and the fact that I get to go into the games with a pretty girl. She turns to me, and shakes my hand with a smile. I smile back, and think to myself, "These games are going to be fun."

District 3

Shana Buzz's POV: I shiver as a cold blast of air from the winds of District 3 hits me. I look at my mom. She gives me a smile of encouragement. After all the time I've spent with her, I know what she wants to say without her saying it. As my name gets called, her smile quickly turns to dread. My mom and dad both start to cry. But I don't. I need to show the Capitol that I am strong and capable of winning. The escort moves over as I walk up onto the stage. "Ian Volt!" the escort shouts. A small 14 year old comes up onto the stage. I look at him, and he looks right back. I notice a powerful willing to win in those eyes. Somehow, I know what we must do. By the look of the boy, it looks like he knows it too.

District 4

Nila Frost's POV: The swirling winds blow my light blue hair across my cheek. I push it away. I look over at Collin and smile. He returns the smile. I hope that means that he likes me, because I really hope he does. "Time to get REAPED!" our weird yet funny escort shouts in a weird tone. "Nila Frost!" the escort screams. I would laugh, but I'm about to go into the hunger games. I hope someone will volunteer for me, but no one does. "Collin Rofersuburg!" the escort screams. Another blow to my heart. He starts to walk up, but this time, someone volunteers. "Len Grellin, I'm volunteering." another boy shouts and runs up the stage. He gives me a handshake without a second glance. As we are pushed into the train, I think about Collin, my secret love. I will win these games, and I will return to him.

District 5

Kajama Odair's POV: Wow. It has been a long time since Cedar and I moved to District 5, and this happens. Cedar just got reaped, and I can't volunteer, since I'm a gir. "Rose Fedahger!" the escort shouts. I can't believe this. Now they're sending a sweet, innocent 12-year old girl in the games. But this time, I can stop it. "I volunteer!" I shout. I walk up the winding steps to where the escort and Cedar are waiting. As I walk by, the boys give me sad looks, and the looks the girls give me are smug, because I won't be around anymore. I look at Cedar to see what he thinks of it. His eyes show sadness, and also relief, since I will be with him. "Allies?" he asks, but we both know the answer to that. Holding hands, we walk into the train, willing for our survival in the Hunger Games.

District 6

Carrie Hover's POV: "Get out of my way!" I scream at a 6-year old who is obviously in my way. He starts to cry, but I ignore it as I move to my designated area. When I get near, everyone over there moves as far away as possible from me. "Shane Hover!" the escort shouts. Wow. It's my goody two-shoes little brother. "Carrie Hover!" the escort shouts. I throw a bottle of shampoo at him. It breaks open, covering him with soap suds. Everyone is clapping, either for the bottle of shampoo, or me leaving. As I walk up onto the stage, my brother looks at me with sadness. "Allies?" he asks. I smile. He doesn't know about my cruel personality. Somehow, I can make this work.....

District 7

Sam Sammon's POV: This is my first year of being eligible for going into the games. But I know I won't get picked. Even if I do, someone will volunteer for me because I'm rich! I stand smirking as Kallmi Silvers gets reaped. How sad. No one seems to care. "Too bad you're not rich like me, then someone would actually volunteer for you." I thought. "Sam Sammon!" the escort says. This wasn't supposed to happen! I pray with all my heart that someone will volunteer, but no one does. I look to my mom and dad, but they look away. I guess they can't help me. As I walk into the train, I think, "I guess even money can't save me now from my horrible future."

District 8

Keeta Starr's POV: "Yay! It's the best day of the year! Reaping day!" I hear the escort say. She's one to talk. I bet she does this only for people to see her wacky wardrobe. And every day of the year, it would look horrible. She gets ready to speak, and announces the boy tribute in her strange accent. "Wave Oceanus!" she says. He walks up onto the stage. For some reason, he looks abused. I wish I could help him. "Keeta Starr!" the escort says. Wait! I take it back! I don't want to help like this! I want to run, but there are guards everywhere. So I do the one thing I can do. I walk up onto the stage. We shake hands, and I feel a terrible sadness in them, almost like he was never loved. Now I'm glad I was reaped. It looks like his spirit is broken, and I want to be the one to fix it.

District 9

Ethan Gray's POV: I hate the hunger games. Not because they are evil, but because they interfere with my math. My parents make sure I don't eat or sleep until I achieve 110%. I think that's awesome because it makes you do the work correctly, or you might die. I think of the math I could be doing as Wendy Zirbel gets reaped. "Sam Onery!" the escort says. "I volunteer!" a bully says and pushes me closer to the stage. I am shocked to see that security is coming for me. They can't actually think that I volunteered, right? But they do. I am really sad right now. How will I survive without math? It will probably be really hard. As I walk onto the train, my parents scream, "What about SCHOOL!"

District 10

Talon Faust's POV: This is one of those days. Sometimes I forget about my sister, Tinder, and sometimes I cry thinking about her. Why did our father do this to us? I still love him, but what he did was horrible. "Kedzie Woods!" the escort says. A 15 year old blondie walks up onto the stage. I know that she and her family are poor. How are they able to survive? "Talon Faust!" the escort says. All of the sudden, my dad starts cheering like we just won the lottery. I would give anything to go over there and punch him in the face. Even my other eye, the one that my father didn't kill. I notice that he is still cheering for me as me and Kedzie walk into the Capitol train, awaiting our time in the hunger games.

District 11

Summer Fest's POV: I feel it. This is the day that I will get put in the Hunger Games. Not that I want to. If I do, I want to be with my brother, October. That would be great. My first prediction comes true as my name is called. I know that if I cry or look weak, it will be over for me. I walk up to the stage with confident strides and a smile on my face. I wait for the male tribute. "October Fest!" the escort says. So my second prediction has come true. He walks to the stage in a fashion similar to mine. I guess he also knows what's at stake. We walk to the train and smile for the cameras. If we can get sponsors, then we will be able to win these games.

District 12

Titanic De Leon's POV: Maybe we will have another winner in this district. Ever since Katniss Everdeen, we have not had a victor. I hope my girlfriend won't get reaped. I look over to her, and she smiles. "Eleni Heartmist!" the escort says. Her smile turns to horror. But not for long. "I volunteer!" my sister shouts. I can't believe it. My sister volunteered! But I will protect her. "I volunteer!" I shout. The escort's hand didn't even reach the reaping ball. I run up to the stage, trying to keep my composure. Inside, I worry about me and my sister's safety. Will we survive? A million other thoughts run through my head as we walk towards the train, and our inevitable stay in the hunger games arena.

District 13

Jadynette Olive's POV: Why isn't anyone waving to me? I'm pretty, and they should know it. So why aren't they waving? Suddenly, I know of a way to make them wave. I think it over as some poor fool named Jeremiah Heddorian gets reaped. Too bad for him. But that's how I will get the attention that I deserve. As soon as the escort's hand goes into the reaping ball, I shout at the top of my lungs, "I volunteer!" I walk up to the stage, expecting applause for the heroic act I commited. No one claps. "Why aren't you clapping!" I shout. No one answers. As I walk to the train, I think, "I'll show them. I will win these games, and then I'll finally get the respect that I deserve."

Day 1: The Bloodbath

Ethan Gray's POV: I have calculated the odds, and they seem to be in my favor. As soon as the gong rings, I run to the tough guy from 2 and ask for an alliance. He nods, and tells me to go get a knife from the cornucopia. I run in and grab a sharp knife. As I run back, I almost get hit with a spear thrown by the girl of District 5. I bring the knife to him. He takes it and stabs it into my neck. "Like I'd ally with you, math nerd." he says. I wonder what I did wrong. "Oh, I forgot to carry the 2." I think as I drift into death.

Talon Faust's POV: I need to get in with the careers. Grabbing Kedzie, who appeared out of nowhere, I run toward the career base. "We're going to ally with you." I say. The 2 girl gets up and looks me in the face. "What qualifies you and your girlfriend to be careers!" he shouts. I know what I need to do. "This." I say. I grab 2 knifes and throw them. One hits the 13 boy, and the other hits the 7 girl. Their cannons go off immediately. The careers are stunned. "Okay, you're in!" says the 2 girl. "Welcome!" But I don't plan on staying. In the night, me and Kedzie will run away, and kill one of these stinking careers.

Shane Hover's POV: Finally. I spot my sister near the cornucopia, and I run to her. Before I get there, she stabs the 12 girl in the throat, and she goes down. She turns to me. "Ready?" she says. I nod, and we run from the cornucopia. A few hours later, we are looking for a water source. "I said, are you ready?" she says. I don't get it. "Ready for what" I ask her. "This." she says. Suddenly, I find myself pinned down. "What is this? What's happening?" I ask. "Your death." she replies. She pulls out a knife, and stabs me in the head. "How could she do this!" I think as I am pulled to my death.

Cedar Mellark's POV: Crud. The 11 boy is running for Kajama, and I'm out by the cornucopia. Then I think of an idea. I grab a knife, and throw it at the 11 boy. It's a long distance from here, but the knife manages to hit him in the leg, and he trips. This gives Kajama time to stab him in the throat. Then, I am grabbed from behind. "This is for killing my brother." she says as she swipes a knife across my throat. The last thing I see is Kajama running after the 11 girl, anger burning in her eyes.

Cotto Crest's POV: I dodge a spear as me and Brooke run to the forest, where there will be no attackers. I look to see if anyone is following us, and there is. The 4 boy follows us, carrying 2 knifes. She throws both of them. I push Brooke out of the way and take one in the arm, and one in the leg. I know that if I stop, I die, so I keep running. Eventually, me and Brooke make it into the forest, out of the range of the boy and his knifes.

Ian Volt: Today was a good day, at least for the hunger games. Me and Shana made it out of the cornucopia with no injuries, and lots of wire for our traps. Right now, we are working on them. We have 2 traps complete, and are working on the third. Then, a bolt of lightning comes down and hits our trap. I am unharmed, since I wasn't touching it, but Shana was. She slumps to the ground, and a cannon fires. I know that it can only be hers. I know that I must avenge her. I will use these traps on the careers, and I will win. For her.



Ethan Gray-Slida Tain

Jeremiah Heddorian-Talon Faust

Kallmi Silvers-Talon Faust

Britannic De Leon-Carrie Hover

Shane Hover-Carrie Hover

October Fest-Cedar Mellark

Cedar Mellark-Summer Fest

Shana Buzz-Gamemaker Lightning

Day 1 Night: The Betrayal

Talon Faust's POV: It is time for our plan to go into action. We get a knife, and I put a hand over the District 4 girl's mouth. By the time she wakes up, Kedzie has already shoved the knife into her throat. We run away with bags of food and 3 knifes, leaving the careers to realize what happen. By the time the 1st career wakes up, we are long gone, and moving fast.

Nothing else of importance occurs during the night.


DEATHS: Nila Frost-Kedzie Woods

Day 2: The Breach

Kajama Odair's POV: "You will pay!" I shout as I finally catch up to Summer. It took half a day and all night, but I finally found her little campsite. She smiles. "No, you will die." I run toward her with a spear and dodge a knife that she threw. We fight for a long time. "She's good." I think to myself. Then I stumble over a little pebble, and fall to the ground. "I told you you would die." she says with an evil smirk. "Time to avenge my brother." She takes the knife she was fighting me with and jabs it into my throat. I try to breathe for a few seconds, then a cannon fires. My cannon.

Ian Volt's POV: I smile as my trap is finally complete. The careers won't know what hit them. I start to get up, and I hear a pounding. I turn around and my heart stops. There is a breach in the forcefield, and mutt wolves are swarming through it. I would use my traps on them, but it's no use. I close my eyes as the wolves near me and start to tear apart my flesh. I smile as the pain stops, and I finally fade into nothingness.

Cotto Crest's POV: Something is wrong. The announcer just said that wolves just broke through the arena, and they are making another force field to stop them. They will also send a hovercraft to rescue the alive tributes. Right now, we are running for the force field. A wolf jumps at us, and I stab it with a knife. We continue to move on. When we get into range of the force field, it looks grim. It is already 3 corners of the way down, and moving fast. We have no hope. Just then, I feel a hard push on my back. It gives me enough momentum to go under the shield, and then it closes completely. I look up to see who saved me. I realize it was Brooke, who is now on the dangerous side. The one person I've made a connection with in these games is about to be killed. This is just great.

Brooke Fallowheart's POV: This is horrible. At least Cotto's ok. I cringe as I hear 2 cannons. I believe that they are Silda and Austin's, because me and Cotto were plotting of ways to kill them before this happened. Suddenly, I come up with an idea of how to survive. If the wolves can break through forcefields, then why not have them open a hole for me so I can escape? I look behind me, and the wolves are already charging. That was fast. I do a crazy dance so they will attack me. It works. I dodge them at the last second. The result is a hole in the forcefield that I could easily fit through. I duck through the hole, take Cotto's hand, and run like mad.

3rd Person: The rest of the tributes are next to the cornucopia, afraid to try and kill each other. Cotto and Brooke break through, running toward them. "They're coming! We need a distraction to get to the hovercraft!" Brooke says. At that moment, a hovercraft lands far from their current location. "I'll distract them!" says the 13 girl. "Then I'll be famous!" "I guess I'll help too." says the 7 boy. "I know that I'll die anyway, so I might as well go out with a bang."

Len Grellin's POV: "I'll help too!" I shout. They can't be that bad, can they? "Good luck!" the other tributes say. They run toward the hovercraft. I'll join them after the wolves are dead. The wolves burst through into the clearing, and kill the other 2 tributes. As expected. I keep things going by using my spear and knifes to kill the wolves. Then, much more come. I hold them off for a while, but one of them gets a lucky shot and puts a poisonous claw through my head. As I fade away, I stab a wolf with my remaining strength. "At least I went out with a bang." I think.

Hera Min's POV: We are nearing the hovercraft, but we have to cross a bridge to get to it. I guess they could only land there. Suddenly, I feel a pain in my back. I turn around, thinking that the wolves are upon us, but there isn't any. Instead, the crazy girl from 6 stands there, an insane smile on her face. She holds the head of the 11 girl in her hands. Before I die, I hear someone say, "I'll take care of her."

Titanic De Leon's POV: Time for my revenge. That crazy girl killed my sister, and now she will pay. I take out a knife, and start to fight her. To my surprise, she takes out the head of the girl she killed and fights with that. She's pretty good at head-fighting, but I will win. I feel a sharp pain in my back, but I don't have time to see who is was. Before I die, I stab her in the chest. "Finally, I will be united with my sister," I think.

Talon Faust's POV: This is chaos. As everyone is running for the hovercraft, the wolves bust out. I hear a scream of terror from the 0 boy, and know that his district partner has died. Kedzie is next to me, squeezing my hand so hard I think it might break. We are ahead of everyone else, so we make it to the hovercraft. We start throwing knifes at the wolves to help the other tributes make it. I hope they do, because it would be horrible to make it this far and die by the hands of those idiotic wolves.

Wave Oceanus's POV: I can't believe it. All the tributes are almost to the hovercraft, and the wolves are trying to break out of a forcefield that the Capitol put around them. Then I hear a cannon. How? The wolves are trapped! I look back to see who killed who. To my shock, Keeta lays on the ground, a knife sticking out of her chest. Wendy, the girl from 9, stands over her. "Wow! I never knew killing could be so much fun! It was even better when I killed the 2 girl!" she says. She's obviously a physco. I stab her in the chest with a spear and jump on the hovercraft. "Keeta, I won for you," I think.

Cotto Crest's POV: I jump on the hovercraft just as the wolves start to break out. The hovercraft turns on, and we start to rise into the air. On the ground, I hear someone shout, "Don't leave me here! I don't want to die!" That was the girl from one. I think about ignoring it, but Brooke died by the wolves, and I don't want anyone else to die like that. I take out a rope that I found on Day 1 (how convenient) and throw it to her. I feel a tug, and shout, "Help me, guys!" to the other tributes. They all help, which I also find convenient. In a few minutes, she is in the hovercraft. She smiles at me, and gives me a kiss. My first one. "Thanks for saving me," she says. "So this is what being a hero feels like," I think as we fly back home.

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