I was thinking about writing this for a while now. Hope you like it.

Part 1

I'm operating on pure adrenaline. Every step is an effort. An effort to survive. My lips part, struggling to find air. The blood running down my arm doesn't help either. Right now, I need to find something that will stop the bleeding. If I can do that, I can live. I struggle to take my mind off the wound. I try to think of who I am and what got me here.

My name is Garret Woods, and I am 15 years old. I live in District 1, and I volunteered for the Hunger Games, just like my brother, who eventually became a victor. My district partner was Sparkle Adams, and she died on the second day when a pack of muttations attacked our group. On Day 4, the Capitol decided that it was the right time to drop small bombs into the arena. A bomb landed near the Career camp, and gave me the injuries I have now and seperated me from the group.

A stab of pain from one of my many shrapnel wounds puts me back to reality.That I need to survive, like my brother did. I continue to hobble through the forest, my eyes peeled for a plant that could help me. I could ask for a sponsor gift, but it might not get here in time. About a minute later, I find what I am looking for. A big, large plant that I could use for bandages. But as I reach for them, the world starts spinning. I start to lose my balance, and then I fall to the ground, landing on my injured arm.

"Not now." I say to the sky as I black out.

Part 2

Once I come to, I am sure that I died from blood loss, and figure that I am heaven.

"Am I in heaven?" I say to no one in particular, hoping for an answer.

"No, you're still in the Hunger Games." A girl is approaching me, and it's time I make my move. I shove her up against the tree I was laying on, and hold a knife to her throat(with my good arm, of course).

"I have two questions for you, why are you here, and one reason why I shouldn't slit your throat right now." I say. The girl, however stays calm. My eyes start to focus on her, and see that she is the district 7 girl. What gives it away is her long black hair that shines in this late afternoon light, and her deep brown eyes. I wonder how she made it this far.

"I want to make an alliance with you, and the reason I should live is I patched up your injuries." she says. She points down, and I look at what she is pointing at. All of my wounds are almost gone, except for the arm one, which is heavily bandaged. But I still have one more question.

"Why would you want to make an alliance with me, a career?" I say. But now I ask out of curiousity, and my knife has returned to its holster.

"Because you're not like the rest of them." she whispers. I have to strain my ears to hear it.

"How so? I joined up with them, didn't I?" I say.

"I was there when my district partner got killed." she says softly. You could see that she was obviously trying not to cry.

That was when the careers were looking for people to kill after the bloodbath. When they found the 7 boy, alone and without a weapon to defend himself, they got him cornered and wanted to kill him. I tried to have him join our alliance, to avoid his death. But the rest of the careers laughed off my suggestion, and the 4 girl impaled him with a spear.

Since her crying would give away our location, I embrace her like I would my little sister back home and say, "It's okay, it's okay. He's in a better place right now." She removes herself from my embrace and starts to wipe away the tears that have started to form on her face. Again, I have one more question for her.

"Allies?" I say. She looks up, and I see her smile for the first time that I've seen her. She extends her hand.

"Allies." she says, and for some reason we shake on it.

Part 3

A small noise woke me up during the night.

It could've been a mutt, a twig crunching underfoot, or a cannon blasting to signify another one gone from these games.

But that doesn't matter. All I know is, my newlyfound ally is in danger.

The person she is facing looks like the girl from District 5, and she seems to be losing.

Even though she is fighting with her best weapon, an axe, the 5 girl is using 2 knifes, which seem to be suprisingly effective. Even though the 7 girl, who is my ally, hasn't recieved a wound yet, she is obviously giving ground against the girl with the ferocious knifes.

"Now or never." I think as the knife that I posess is already sliding from my scabbard.

When that is accomplished, I sneak in behind the 5 girl. Luckily, she still hasn't wounded my ally, who is still fighting back.

And then with one swing that I have practiced for many years, I decapitate the 5 girl without a second thought.

Part 4

As the 5 girl goes down, my ally looks at me with horrified eyes. A cannon sounds.

"Is it over?" she says.

"Yes. It is." I say. I sway on my feet a little bit as I said that, and then I collapse. Apparently I barely had the strength to do that one little task. Right now, the careers would be laughing at my weakness.

"H....How man....many are left?" I try to say.

"Counting you and me, there's only 7 left." she says. That's a relief. The faster I can get home, the better.

"How have stayed alive this whole time? W....was it your axe skills?" I ask. I really want to know how someone as beautiful as this stayed alive this whole time.

"I have pretty good abilities with finding berries and plants. And yes, part of it was the axe." she says with a smile. She sits down next to me and puts her arm around my shoulder. I can practically feel her breath on my face.

"Thanks for saving me. That really shows that you care about me. If you didn't, you would've let the 5 girl kill me." she said quietly. She embraces me, and gives me a kiss on the cheek. For a second, I want to kiss her back, to feel her soft lips in my own, but I shake it off.

"No problem. It wasn't any trouble at all." I say. I look down to she that she already fell asleep in my arms. She looks so beautiful, I want to wake her up and tell her, and maybe kiss her. But I can't. I can't fall in love in this arena. It's what happened to my brother that convinced me......

Flashback: Garret's Brother's Hunger Games

My brother won the 57th Hunger Games to become District 1's 23rd victor. I was 7 at the time. I still remember the shock of him being reaped into the Hunger Games. That's right, I said reaped. He had no intention of volunteering, because he wasn't big or strong like some of the other tributes. That's why he didn't join the careers for most of the games. In the beginning, he avoided death after death with his cunning and his wit. When there was only 15 tributes left, the careers found him and were about to slit his throat. With his ability as a smooth talker, he was able to find his way into the careers. When he was with them, he fell in love with the District 2 girl. She had the same feelings for him, and they wanted to be together forever.

Unfortunately, this was the Hunger Games.

My brother, the 2 girl, and the 6 boy made it to the final 3. The 6 boy was a little insane, and attacked them with a fork. Weird, right? Anyways, the 2 girl easily took him out with a spear, but before dying, the guy takes his fork and throws it into her eye. She loses blood fast, and my brother stays with her until she dies. He is then declared the victor.

Flashback: The Confession

When my brother got home from the games, I expected us to go back to the way we were. When I think about it now, I realized that it would never happen. The mental wounds of the Games run too deep to heal. My brother used to be a real people's person. There was never a day where he wasn't making someone smile or laugh with his wit. Nowadays, he is very quiet and freaks out over small stuff, like one day when I took out a knife to cut a piece of bread for a snack. He nearly had a heart attack. One day, when I told him I had a girlfriend, to hopefully lighten the day for him, he turned psycho on me and said,

"Never let what happened to you happen to me. Remember that."

I wish he said it quietly, but he shouted so loudly, I could swear half of District 1 could hear. On that day, I broke up with my girlfriend, and I have never had one since. But the 7 girl might change that. I think that she could be the exception......

Part 5

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