It's finally time to start my own games! I hope you will like them, because I'm not a very good writer. You can only get 2 tributes, and NO RESERVATIONS. I want to start these as quick as possible. Let the Quarter Quell begin.......

District Name Male Tribute Name Female Tribute Name User Name
District 0

Shoot Star

Venus Freeze

District 1 Bone Scart Clarisse Shine Akuhano
District 2 Felix Strong Scarlet Crimson Tommyboy97
District 3 Elliot Helos

Amethyst Bane

District 4 Max Blonde Cherri Blonde Foxface911
District 5 Nick Gradi Ally Free Moviepopcorn123
District 6 Plarain Rode Carda Shipley TotalDramaRox97
District 7 Aydan Monarcha Keyllu Vetra Tiki tooki
District 8 Thread Form Shay Flax Necterine411
District 9 Sam Jones Spring Howards Brony12
District 10 Damian Maroon Maive Henna Skybender101
District 11 Grass Whistle Terra Earth Jabberjay78
District 12 Aaron Winters Lilac Coalburner Rockman117
District 13 Deegan Crowley Tiana Merch Akuhano

Training Scores

District Number Male Tribute Female Tribute
District 0

Shoot Star(11)

Venus Freeze(6)

District 1 Bone Scart(8) Clarisse Shine(11)
District 2 Felix Strong(8) Scarlet Crimson(11)
District 3 Elliot Helos(11)

Amethyst Bane(1)

District 4 Max Blonde(7) Cherri Blonde(3)
District 5 Nick Gradi(2) Ally Free(9)
District 6 Plarain Rode(1) Carda Shipley(12)
District 7 Aydan Monarcha(4) Keyllu Vetra(11)
District 8 Thread Form(11) Shay Flax(7)
District 9 Sam Jones(6) Spring Howards(12)
District 10 Damian Maroon(2) Maive Henna(4)
District 11 Grass Whistle(4) Terra Earth(7)
District 12 Aaron Winters(8) Lilac Coalburner(4)
District 13 Deegan Crowley(2) Tiana Merch(7)

Prologue: The Bloodbath Tournament.....

President Luna's POV

Those worthless tributes are in for it this year. The Capitol expects a show, and I am going to give them one. The workers have almost finished the field for the first part of these games. I can hardly wait to see 14 tributes die at our hands....

Lilac Coalburner's POV

On the last day of training, my trainer told me that the bloodbath will be in the form of a tournament this year."Wonderful," I think to myself. "This will be the perfect time to test my skills against some worthless fool who will inevitably die at my hands....."

Damian Maroon's POV

Today, the day before the games, they introduced the tournament format. It goes like this:

Venus Freeze


Amethyst Bane

Max Blonde VS Lilac Coalburner
Aaron Winters VS Elliot Helos
Deegan Crowley VS Cherri Blonde
Ally Free VS Clarisse Shine
Shoot Star VS Plarain Rode
Keyllu Vetra VS Shay Flax
Bone Scart VS Sam Jones
Nick Gradi VS Terra Earth
Scarlet Crimson VS Aydan Monarcha
Spring Howards VS Damian Maroon
Grass Whistle VS Carda Shipley
Felix Strong VS Maive Henna
Tiana Merch VS Thread Form

(will write names later)

So I will be up against Spring, the small girl from 9. Not to be cocky, but this should be a piece of cake.

Elliot Helo's POV

Dang it! I'm not against a career! For what they did to my brother, they need to pay.... but oh well. At least I get to kill that 12 boy!(evil laughter) And then, kill those horrible careers!

Day 1: The Murders of the Innocent

Round 1: The first round starts as Venus and Amethyst rise up to the tiny arena. It has black walls, no roof, and a small cornucopia in the middle. When the gong rings, Venus doesn't have a chance. By the time she took two steps, Amethyst is already running toward her, a knife in hand. Venus looks to the sky, hoping her death will be quick, and suddenly, she smiles, and starts running for the walls. "What are-" Amethyst's shout is drowned out when the sky suddenly blackens and Gamemaker lightning hits the small arena. Venus is safe by the wall, but Amethyst is in danger. A bolt of lightning hits Amethyst, and her cannon fires. Venus starts cheering, knowing she is safe-at least for now.

Round 2: The next tributes, Max and Lilac, are risen onto the arena. The gong sounds, and they run toward the cornucopia. Lilac picks up a knife, and throws it at Max. He managed to dodge it, and the 2 others Lilac sends his way. Max gets mad and shouts, "I cannot die! I am a tiger wolf!" He then jumps at Lilac, and starts to attack her with his teeth.

She never stood a chance.

When the cannon fired, he was already walking away. In his hand, he held a tooth from Lilac's mouth, ready for the next kill.

Round 3: Aaron and Elliot rise into the arena. As the gong sounds, Aaron and Elliot run to the cornucopia. Elliot gets there first, and starts throwing knifes at Aaron in a crazy fury. Aaron keeps dodging, but its only a matter of time. Aaron's cannon fires, and Elliot starts laughing maniacly, knowing his chance has come easier than he expected.

Round 4: Deegan and Cherri are risen into the small arena. When the gong sounds, Cherri is too scared to move, so she just stands there. By that time, Deegan quickly grabbed a knife and hurled it at her from close range. He turns away, laughing on how easy that was. But it wasn't. The knife only hit Cherri's shoulder, and she is still alive. With shaking determination, she pulls the knife out and throws it. Lucky for her, the knife lodges itself into Deegan's neck. His cannon fires, and Cherri is taken away so they can treat her bleeding shoulder.

Round 5: Ally and Clarisse are risen into the arena.When the gong sounds, they both run to the cornucopia. Clarisse gets there first, and grabs a spear and 2 knifes. She throws the knifes, and they both hit one of Ally's shoulders. "Please have mercy!" Ally shouts, tears in her eyes. But of course, Clarisse doesn't. She throws the spear, and it makes direct contact with Ally's head. Her cannon goes off, and Clarisse stands next to Ally's dead body, ready for the next kill she could make.

Round 6: Shoot and Plarain are risen into the arena. However, before the gong goes off, Shoot realizes this could be his chance, and steps off his plate. The mines blow, and his cannon goes off. Plarain stands on his plate, shocked at what just happened, and happy that he is still alive-for now.

Round 7: Keyllu and Shay rise into the arena for round 7. They both ran to the cornucopia when the gong sounded. Shay got there first, and picked up 2 throwing knifes. She threw one at Keyllu, but she dodged. Then, she seemed to have disappeared. Shay looked wildly around for her until she heard a voice. "What're you going to do now?" Keyllu said, standing behind her wielding a spear. Then they both threw their weapons. The knife hit Keyllu's chest at the same time her spear hit Shay's upper body(her lung). Both of them hit the ground, and one cannon fired. The winner was taken away to be treated. With great skill and determination the winner was able to kill....Shay Flax.

Round 8: After the action of Round 7, the Capitol wants more bloodshed of the remaining tributes. And they will get more of it. Sam and Bone rise up to start Round 8. They sprint to the cornucopia as the gong sounds. Sam managed to get a knife, and attacks Bone before he can get any weapons. As Bone tries to dodge, Sam manages to stab him twice, once on his right leg, and on his left arm. Bone realizes that he might die, and he does not want that. He gives a cry of rage, and swings for Sam's head. Sam is completely thrown off guard, and doesn't see it coming. With an incredible smash, Sam's head goes flying, and his cannon goes off. Bone was already walking away, pleased that he made it past the first part of the Hunger Games.

Round 9: Nick and Terra rise into the arena. When the gong sounds, they run for the cornucopia. They both grab a knife and are ready to throw. But they both hesitate. They are both afraid of killing, and don't want to start. However, Terra realizes that if they don't kill, the Capitol will kill them both. Although she hates the Capitol, she wants to live, so she throws the knife at Nick's head. His cannon fires, and Terra starts crying, horrified at what she just did.

Round 10: Aydan and Scarlet rise into the arena. They run for the small cornucopia as the gong sounds. Lucky for Aydan, there is an axe in the cornucopia. He grabs it. Scarlet grabs 2 throwing knifes and a spear. They circle each other, waiting for their chance. And suddenly, Aydan is behind Scarlet. Before she can do anything, his axe is in her head. Her cannon fires, and Aydan goes to celebrate with his district partner, Keyllu.

Round 11: Spring and Damian rise into the arena for Round 11. When the gong sounds, they run for the cornucopia. Damian gets there first, and grabs a bow and arrow. Spring stops and starts to run away. Damian launches arrow after arrow at her. Eventually, an arrow reaches her head and her cannon fires. "Knew that would be easy," Damian thinks to himself.

Round 12: Grass and Carda rise into the arena. Carda runs for the cornucopia when the gong sounds. But Grass doesn't. Instead, he runs toward Carda and starts attacking her. She tries to protect herself, but its no use. Soon, her cannon fires, and Grass walks away, muttering, "Got to survive. Got to survive."

Round 13: Felix and Maive rise into the arena for one of the final rounds. Felix is impatient, so he decides to get it over quick. When the gong sounds, he grabs a knife from the cornucopia, and slashes Maive's throat. She hadn't even moved 10 steps. As Maive was dying, she thought, "Damian, I love you. I hope you win and get to go back home." Then, her cannon fired. Felix stood there next to her, eagerly watching the blood pour from Maive's neck.

Round 14: Thread and Tiana rise into the arena for the final round. The audience is getting bored, so the Capitol decides to end it quick. When the gong sounds, they send a bolt of lightning at each of the tributes. Tiana's cannon sounds, but Thread is still barely alive. Since he is still alive, the medics rush to save him. And they do.

Now it is time for Part 2, The Games.

Day 2: The Hunger Games

Narrator's POV: The remaining 14 tributes are dropped off with a knife at different spots in the arena. They are pretty far from each other, and fighting probably won't happen soon. But little do they know, the Capitol has a surprise waiting for them.....

Plarain Rode's POV: The moment the helicopter leaves, I collase to the ground. I can't believe they did this! My own mom and dad, sending me to be killed! What were they thinking! I should start moving, since this is the games, but I don't. After a while, I decide to get up. What's the use of laying here and dying? As I walk forward, I know that I am not going down without a fight.

Aydan Monarcha's POV: So far the games are ok. I've killed a rabbit with a knife, and I am looking for a water source. I search for a little while, then I find it. A crystal pond, with clear water practically oozing off the top. I then take a drink of the pond water. Then I see it. A rabbit, dead near the water. "Could it have been poisoned by the water?" I think as the world turns to black.

Narrator's POV: At noon, the Capitol surprise is about to be unveiled. 4 hovercrafts land in different parts of the arena, and Lilac Coalburner, Ally Free, Spring Howards, and Deegan Crowley walk out. The Capitol was able to bring them back to life with their rare technology, and they decided to bring them back to add to the fun. The Hunger Games are about to get more interesting....

Elliot Helo's POV: I have been searching for tributes, especially the careers, for hours, but no luck. Then, I trip. I jump back up, expecting a tribute, but it isn't. It is a weird contraption that looks like a bow an arrow. It looks cool, so I try it out. The arrow went toward a tree and hit it, which wasn't very exciting. Then, the tree started wavering, and then it started to sizzle. Apparently those arrows are electric. I smile as I continue to walk. This will be the perfect weapon for destroying the careers.

Spring Howard's POV:How? How am I still alive? I remember when Damian hit me with that arrow, but somehow I survived. But it doesn't matter now. I'm in the Hunger Games, and I must win if I want to get back to my home in District 9. I then continue to walk until I spot something. It looks like water, so I run to it. It's a small pond with light blue water. I take a drink, and it doesn't seem to be poisonous. I start to smile. Maybe I can win the Hunger Games, and get back to my family.


Deaths: Aydan Monarcha-by poisoned water.

Day 3: The Ferocious Mutts

Announcer's POV: Today, I will tell the tributes of the second twist of these games. "Hello, remaining tributes!" I said. "Today will be very special. In honor of the Quarter Quell, we will send mutts after 3 tributes today! Anyone who survives will get a gift! May the odds be ever in your favor!" I say to those tribute fools. Like any of them will survive those mutts.It's too bad for them, but for me, I really don't care.

Venus Freeze's POV: I am suddenly scared now. What if a mutt is going to attack me? I shudder at the thought. Suddenly, I hear rustling. I scream and throw my knife at the noise. It misses, and hits a tree next to the bush that was moving. Something comes out of the bush. It is not a mutt, as it seems, but that girl from 7. I don't remember her name. "Alliance?" I ask, since she seems nice enough. She nods, and I feel instant relief. I will not die here....At least for now.

Felix Strong's POV:This is fun. I have killed many animals with my knife and this spear I found, and I loved hearing their dying shrieks. Suddenly, I hear something. Smirking, I turn around, thinking it is a tribute, but there are three wolf mutts staring me down. We then start to fight, and I manage to take two of the mutts down without a problem. I then destroy the third wolf mutt, but it sinks its claws into me before it dies. I then fall to the ground, blood flowing from my chest. I see a parachute floating toward me, but my world fades to darkness before I can find out what it is.

Terra Earth's POV:"I hate the capitol! Why are they making us do this!" I shout to make sure everyone can hear. I then continue walking, and I hear a noise. Suddenly, a wolf mutt hops out at me. I scream, knowing that I am about to die. Then, the boy from my district comes and kills the wolf with a sharp stick."Allies?" he asks me. I nod my head. How could I refuse? Without him, I could have died. Then, we walk back to the spring that he said he was able to find earlier.

Max Blonde's POV: Wow. This is intense. Right now, I'm staring down 2 wolf mutts as we prepare to battle. I run for them with my knife, and kill the first one. But then, the 2nd one pounces at me. We fight, each of us getting good blows in. Then, I stab the wolf in the head, and it dies. I know my time is short, so I take a tooth from the wolf and hold it in the air. "Cherri! Win for me!" I shout just before I collapse from blood loss.

Cherri Blonde's POV: Why? Why did he die? A few seconds ago, I heard someone shout my name, then I heard a cannon. I hope it isn't Max, but in my heart I know it is. And since it was, I know I have to win for him. After I stop crying, I get back to my dinner of a rabbit I killed. But, I have lost my appetite. All I can think of is Max, and how he will never talk to me again. And then, I start crying once again, knowing that my only brother is now dead.

Thread Form's POV: Dang it. I am still a little weak from the bolt of lightning that hit me in the first part of these games. I haven't even eaten anything since I got here. I need an ally, I think. Someone who can get me back to where I once was before. Wincing in pain as I stand up from the tree I was sitting against, I walk further into the forest, searching for someone who would be willing to help me survive.


Deaths:Felix Strong-Wolf Mutt

Max Blonde-Wolf Mutt

Day 4: The Deaths of Many

Keyllu Vetra's POV: I snap awake during the middle of the night. I try to shrug it off and go to sleep, but I can't. I know someone is behind those bushs. Then, I hear a cannon. "Venus-" I start to say and then I am cut off. Venus has a knife in her head, and a look of terror on her face. I know she is dead. Knowing that I might die too, I throw my knife into the bushes. A cannon sounds. I go to look in the bushes, and it turns out that the tribute was the boy from 6. I then take the spear that he also had with him, and then I walk away, watching Venus get taken up by the hovercraft. I will win these games. For myself, and for Venus Freeze, the girl from District 0.

Spring Howard's POV: Interesting. I was wander around my little pond to try and find some food, and I came across the boy from 10. The one who killed me before in the tribute tournament. I think that it's time that I got some revenge for that, so I walk toward him.

Damian Maroon's POV:How could this be? I killed that girl from 9 days ago, and she is still here! I say to her, "How are you still alive? I killed you!" She says, "I don't know how I am still alive. But it's time that I take some revenge." she says as she throws her knife. I was caught off guard, so I couldn't react in time. The knife hits my head, and my world fades to black.

Announcer's POV:Today the gamemakers wanted to make things more intreresting. "Hello tributes! Today the gamemakers will bomb one section of the arena! Have fun with it!" I say to those remaining tributes. I walk away from the announcing room, smirking as I hear 3 screams-and 3 cannons.

Nothing else of interest happens today.


Deaths: Venus Blizzard-Plarian Rode

Plarain Rode-Keyllu Vetra

Damian Maroon-Spring Howards

Cherri Blonde-Explosion

Ally Free-Explosion

Thread Form-Explosion

Day 5: The Loss of Someone Special

Narrator's POV: Today it is coming. The big fight. Although they don't know it, Keyllu and Spring are both moving toward Terra and Grass's hideout. The confrontation will inevitably happen, and many will die here. At noon, the fight comes....

Grass Whistle's POV: How did this happen? A minute ago Terra and me were eating lunch then the girls from 7 and 9 come attack us. Terra is fighting both of them on her own, because I am wounded from another battle with a mutt I had. It managed to bite me in the hand, and it still hurts. Then it seems a turning point is coming. All three girls pull out their knife, and throw them at each other. The knifes hit all 3 girls in the head, and I can only watch in horror as they all collapse, and 3 cannons fire.

Announcer's POV: Tomorrow will be the final day of the games, or so the gamemakers told me. And they want me to tell something to the tributes. "Hello tributes! Tomorrow will be the final day of the games, and the cornucopia will be the place of the final battle!" I say. A light shines down to where the cornucopia is. "The last one there will die by mutts. Good luck!" I then watch as Deegan, Grass, Bone, Clarisse, Lilac, and Elliot wander to the cornucopia. Lilac is the last one there, so she is eaten alive by ant mutts. Too bad. I always kind of liked her. But oh well. These are the Hunger Games, and I am just an announcer.

Narrator's POV:The tributes will be able to rest the night and prepare for the fight. If they attack another tribute before tomorrow, they will be killed. Tomorrow will be the final battle of these games, and only 3 will survive.


Deaths: Keyllu Vetra-Terra Earth

Terra Earth-Spring Howards

Spring Howards-Keyllu Vetra

Lilac Coalburner-Ant mutts

Day 6: The Final Battle

Narrator's POV: The final battle has begun. The tributes have gotten up and are starting to circle each other. Elliot, driven by rage, stabs Bone in the head with his knife, and shoots an arrow at Deegan. He dodges and puts a knife into Clarisse's arm, but she is far from finished. Elliot and Clarisse both grab a knife from the cornucopia, and stab each other in the stomach. The wounds are not fatal, and they are forced to lay by the cornucopia and not do anything. Deegan grabs a spear and goes over to stab Clarisse. Grass, who has just been watching up to this point, thinks this is like how Terra had died. And he won't let that happen. He dives at Deegan and starts tearing at his stomach with his strong teeth. Deegan, knowing he might die soon, sends the spear into Grass's stomach. Grass is dying, and the blackness is coming. But he knows he can't die. He wants to win for Terra, who was the first one to ever accept him. Because of his thoughts, he starts fighting death. A cannon shot wakes him up fully.

"Congratulations to our three winners, Elliot Helo, Clarisse Shine, and Grass Whistle!" the announcer shouts. As Grass goes unconscious, he smiles. He did win after all.


Deaths: Bone Scart-Elliot Helo

Deegan Crowley-Grass Whistle

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