I gotta stop making blogs......anyway, I came up with this to see who would survive certain obstacles in the hunger games. It will be a little bit like KEAP's game(sorry) and you will have choices to pick from. One will get you eliminated. There will be 15 spots. Good luck!

Prezziesnow9704:)! Super.cute.kitten Jabberjay25 .Spottedclaw78 ~ilovepeeta~
LilyRoseEverdeen Milly N. Hodgins QuinnQuinn Peetasucks Kwankwan44
Iluvgale Firecatcher3 Necterine411 Moviepopcorn123 Primrose33

There is a certain weapon you want in the cornucopia, but you are not very strong, so you might get killed if you go for it. What will you do?

a) Run away, taking nothing with you

b) Risk it and get your weapon

c) Grab a few things near you and then run

Jabberjay25 Prezziesnow9704:)! LilyRoseEverdeen
Super.cute.kitten Milly N. Hodgins Iluvgale
Firecatcher3 QuinnQuinn

C cont.





Finally, I have gotten 15 people to join. Now.....for the answer. As you are running away without any items, the District 11 girl comes and attacks you with a knife. You don't have any weapons to defend yourself, so you die, which means everyone who picked A is eliminated. =(

Next question: You are sitting in a tree and are watching the competiton when you see someone walking below you. If you got the bow and arrow, you kill the person, and automatically move on to the next round. If you didn't, you get down from the tree and land in front of them. He/She is very attractive, and you really want to ally with them. He/She gives you an amazing smile and asks if you want to ally. What will you do?(To make this clear, the people who picked B last time automatically move on. People who picked A are eliminated, so only the people who picked C have to answer)

a) Ally with him/her

b) Kill him/her

~ilovepeeta~ QuinnQuinn
Kwankwan44 Necterine411
Iluvgale LilyRoseEverdeen
Peetasucks Moviepopcorn123

Because .Spottedclaw78 didn't answer on time, he is out. When you ally with the person, later that night, as they are taking their watch and you are sleeping, they stab you in the head, killing you instantly. So all the people that picked A are out.

Next Question: After you killed the boy/girl, you go to get some water because you haven't had any yesterday. Then you hear shouts behind you. They are the careers, hungry for bloodlust since they have not killed anyone in the games left. You have 3 choices: Swim through the lake you are standing by to get away, run toward the mountain and hope they can't see you through the thick trees, or stay there and fight them because there are only 3 careers, so you might have a fighting chance if you want to fight. What will you do?(To make it clear, I messed up, there are TWO answers right, not one)

a) Swim through the lake

b) Run toward the mountain

c) Fight the 3 careers that are coming after you

Primrose33 Necterine411 Prezziesnow9704:)!


Milly N. Hodgins Firecatcher3

When you jump in the lake, at first the careers seem angry. Then they see something in the lake, and start laughing. Too late, as you are being ripped to shreds, you realize there were alligators in the lake. So again, everyone who picked A is eliminated. Lily is eliminated for not picking an answer in time. Since there are only 4 people left, I will make them the winners.

Congrats to Necterine411, Moviepopcorn123, Firecatcher3, and to Prezziesnow9704:)!

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