Hey everyone,this is a collaboration featuring AxedFox.

So this is just an ordinary games except their will be 48 tributes,24 female and 24 male.There will be double the bloodbaths,a female bloodbath,and a male bloodbath.You are allowed to submit up to four tributes.Thanks,and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Tribute Template











District Name Age Weapons Creator
1F Sparkle Rose 17 Sword,Bow and Arrow Iluvgale
1F Victory Gracelynn 17 Good with all weapons,but isn't that great with aiming weapons SlappingSquirrels
1M Adam McKinley 16 Clubs,Knives,Catapults Thresh The Killer
1M Cadence Rivet 15 Bow and Arrow HeavyRotation
2F Amanda Hawks 16 Sword,Spear,Throwing knives Bluefire16
2F Echo Marx 17 Knives,Sword,Axe,Bow,Dagger,Spear KatnissEverdeenFan
2M Michael Vermas 18 Everything apart from a slingshot because it's a "sissy weapon" Iluvgale
2M Josh Eagleye 17 Sword,Spear,Throwing knives Bluefire16
3F Ember Tantum 15 Small Knife,Poison,Blowgun,Traps KatnissEverdeenFan
3F Tani Mana 14 Machines IHGWIKI
3M Shock Elator 18 Sword,Whip,Throwing Knives,Blowgun,Traps KatnissEverdeenFan
3M Cedrick Volt 14 Land mines HeavyRotation
4F Imogene Odana 16 Bow and Arrow,Knives Wesolini
4F Koral Kanyon 18 Trident,Knives Lightstone123
4M Antero Lisin 17 Trident,Sword Wesolini
4M James Will 16 Spear,Slingshot JWW
5F Rose Jones 16 Spear,Scythe,Sword,anything pointy Iluvgale
5F Illuminate Sensorium 15 Bull whip,Qilinbian (Metal whip) The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
5M Veto Magnate 13 Nunchucks The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
5M Johan Staunton 16 Knives,Swords RossInSA
6F Lillian Gardes 15 Camoflauge,Hiding Iluvgale
6F Tammy Daisy 15 Blowgun JWW
6M Allen Kee 18 Sword,Axe,Knife RossInSA
6M Blake Monroe 18 Spear Xx Kaitlyn xX
7F Aleyen Woods 13 Bow and Arrow,Throwing knives RossInSA
7F Annelinde Greyser 16 Axe,Knives Wesolini
7M Jaren Moss 17 Axe,Baridiche Lightstone123
7M Lirin Cross 17 Axe,Machete Wesolini
8F Sutton Yates 16 Knife,Bow and arrow Wolverine1717
8F Avalonia Coventry 15 Knives,Spear,Axe,Sword BloodHunter99
8M River Rhodes 17 Trident,Knife Wolverine1717
8M Kana Vayle 17 Sword,Dagger 66mc
9F Eve Grace 12 Sickle Flynn77
9F Katherine Rothman 17 Mace,Scythe,Sickle RossInSA
9M Canvas Firefall 16 Axe,Spear,Sword,Spear. Hammers
9M Cinna Axe 18 Axe, Bow and Arrow AxedFox
10F Hailey Ricktor 16 Sword,Spear,Traps Bluefire16
10F Trina Realle 18 Axe,Throwing knives Aquastar4infinity
10M Blaine East 18 Bow and Arrow AxedFox
10M Apricot West 15 Maul AxedFox
11F Bayleaf Mangolia 15 Slingshot and Blowgun The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
11F Sierra Croft 13 Slingshot,Knife,Blowgun KatnissEverdeenFan
11M Cresent Mintleaf 16 Hammers Hammers
11M Grain Marlow 18 Spear Hammers
12F Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star,Shurikens The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
12F Tara Almonder 14 Spear,Rope,Knife Wolverine1717
12M Royce Deneath 13 Axe,Slingshot JWW
12M Max Eclipse 18 Axe AxedFox

Bloodbath Number 1: Guys

Cadence Rivet's POV:

As I rise up from the ground into the bloodbath, my body is twitching all over. Must be the nerves. All of the sudden, my pulse starts racing. One: I see a beautiful bow right in the middle of the cornucopia. It must be mine, even if I die. Two: Antero Lisin, the D4 male, seems to be giving me the evil eye. Probably not, I must just be nervous. This nervousness gets me ready for the countdown.



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