This is an idea that popped into my head, and I wanted to put it to action.

This game is like Survivor(Tommyboy's idea), but with a few twists. For one, there will be three teams of five, and when almost half of the competitors are gone, the teams will merge. I will randomly select the teams/team members, and I will give various tasks on the Hunger Games. The team that does the worst on the challenge goes through elimination.

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

SHINICHI(Kwanito44) Zara(NerdDFTBA) Paul(FHT)
Ashie(AshtonMoioLover) "Olly"(Cato rocks!) Lauren(Rueforever)
Cinellia(Madgeical) Jennifer(TheKatnissEverdeen) Winter(2legit2quit)
Luke(Justafox) Cindy(Ms.finnickodair) Boo(Zannabanna)
Emily(Catnipkatniss) GlimmerandSparkle




15th Cinellia Madgeical TEAM KATNISS
14th ------------- GlimmerandSparkle TEAM SNOW
12th Paul FHT TEAM RUE
11th Winter 2legit2quit TEAM RUE
10th Olly Cato rocks! TEAM SNOW
9th Lauren Rueforever TEAM RUE
8th Ashie AshtonMoioLover


7th Zara NerdDFTBA


6th Emily Catnipkatniss


5th Luke Justafox


4th Jennifer TheKatnissEverdeen


3rd Boo Zannabanna TEAM RUE
2nd Cindy Ms.finnickodair


VICTOR! Andrew Mysims TEAM RUE

Challenge 1:

Just make a team poster showing either Katniss, Snow, or Rue(depending on your team), plain and simple. I want it by the end of Wednesday/Thursday, please.

Loser: Team Katniss

Eliminated: Cinellia

Challenge 2:

The next challenge is to create a character and say how they were involved with the Hunger Games plotline(doesn't have to be real). I would like it by Thursday/Friday, please.

Ex: Hannah Johnson- She allied with Katniss at the beginning of the 74th Hunger Games and helped her kill the powerful Cato in the final four. She was killed by the muttations soon after(I will need more details than this!).

Loser: Team Snow

Eliminated: GlimmerandSparkle

Challenge 3:

This challenge is a lot like the 2nd one. Only this time, you take your team mascot(Katniss, Rue, Snow) and explain their significance in the story. I would like it by Saturday/Sunday, please.

Loser: Team Katniss

Eliminated: SHINICHI

Challenge 4:

Team motto. That's all there is to it. I would like it by Monday/Tuesday, please.

Loser: Team Katniss

Eliminated: None

Challenge 5:

Sorry to Team Katniss, but I will write this challenge. I decided against my regular idea because I thought that it might be a bad one. This time, make a teaser poster of either Catching Fire/Mockingjay. I would like it by Wednesday/Thursday, please.

Loser: Team Rue

Eliminated: Paul

Challenge 6:

For this challenge, I will put up 9 questions, 3 for each team. The teams that get the most questions right will get immunity, and for the loser, elimination. Good luck! Oh yeah, NO LOOKING UP ANSWERS!(I would like these answers by Saturday, please.)


1. List 4 District 11 tributes.

2. What does President Snow's breath smell like?

3. What place did Maysilee Donner get in the 2nd Quarter Quell?


1. List 4 District 1 tributes.

2. What did Snow use on Peeta to make him go crazy?

3. Name the 2 people besides Katniss, Peeta and Gale that survived that were on Katniss' squad during The Capitol Battle.


1. List 5 District 2 tributes.

2. What place did Rue get in the 74th Hunger Games?

3. What is Ms. Everdeen's profession, and who wanted to marry her but didn't get to?

Loser: Nobody

Eliminated: Winter

Challenge 7:

Come up with an imaginary president and give info on them(age, how they got to power, and what they contributed to the games to make them more horrendous, and where they are from). I would like these by Monday/Tuesday, please.

Loser: Team Snow

Eliminated: Olly

Challenge 8:

This challenge is an individual one. Just explain why you should make it past the merge. Weakest reason (or no reason) will get you eliminated. I would like this by Thursday/Friday, please.

Eliminated: Emily (Currently on Redemption Island.)

Challenge 9:

Write a song about the Hunger Games. I would like this by Sunday/Monday, please.

For the final 8(and Emily), I have created Redemption Island because the remaining contestants have worked so hard. If you get eliminated, you will get sent there and participate in a Redemption Challenge. The loser will get eliminated. Redemption Challenges will go on until the final 3, where the remaining person on the island will return to the game. Good luck!

Immunity: Luke/Cindy

Eliminated: Lauren

Redemption Challenge 1:

Make a lunaii of President Snow. I would like it by Thursday, please.

Loser: Lauren

Challenge 10:

Another failed challenge idea.....this one will be to design an arena......would like it by Monday/Tuesday, please.

Immunity: Andrew

Eliminated: Ashie

Redemption Challenge 2:

Make a lunaii of Katniss Everdeen. I would like it by Monday/Tuesday, please.

Loser: Ashie

Challenge 11:

Write a short summary on the events you think occured to allow Finnick to win his games (in short, write a summary on the 65th Hunger Games). I would like it by Friday/Saturday, please.

Immunity: Andrew

Eliminated: Zara

Redemption Challenge 3:

Since Zara isn't able to participate, she is automatically eliminated.

Loser: Zara

Challenge 12:

THIS IS A DOUBLE-ELIMINATION CHALLENGE!!!!!!! Also, I am disbanding Redemption Island, so Catnipkatniss is back in the game. This will be a partner challenge, so you will need to pick partners before I start. If partners aren't chosen before the beginning of Monday (in my time), I will randomly choose partners. Good luck!

The challenge is to create an alternate ending for the Hunger Games book (slight credit to Skybender for her idea). I would like it done by Thursday/Friday. I will be judging on three categories:



Punctuality (getting it done on time)

Good luck!

Eliminated: Emily/Luke

Challenge 13:

Since Mysims has immunity, he doesn't have to do this challenge. This challenge, Boo, Jennifer, and Cindy, is to explain why you should be in the Final 3. Mysims already has one spot. I would like it by Thursday. Good luck!

Immunity: Andrew

Eliminated: Jennifer

Challenge 14:

This is the final challenge. This challenge is to find users to support you as the victor for these games. The users have to post on here that they support you. If the user is one of the contestants, then they count as two users. I will tally up all the users on Thursday. Andrew, Boo, and Cindy, good luck.

BTW: The user with the most votes will be the VICTOR!!!!

These games have ended. Congrats to the top 3 finishers!!!!

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