It's been a while since I've done a hunger games, so I wanted to try again. Hope you like them!


Since it's the 4th Quarter Quell, there will be 4 twists. Here they are:

1. 3 tributes per district(1-12)

2. No alliances with your own tributes(but you can with someone else's).

3. There are different landscapes in the arena(will be explained later).

4. At the final 5, one tribute will be resurrected(voted for by people who still have tributes alive, and you cannot select your own).


There are 3 different landscapes of the arena, each with positives/negatives:

  • Forest-Food and water are plentiful here, but has many muttations
  • Desert-No food/water, but no muttations
  • Mountain-Has scattered supplies, but has muttations and Capitol mines scattered around as well


You may only submit 2 tributes, and here is what I need for them:

Name, district, gender, personality, strategy, preferred landscape, age, strengths/weaknesses, history, and appearance

District Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3
1 Astoria Lovelace Draco Black Narcissa Malfoy
2 Justis Crown Elizabeta Sevine Annie Onori
3 Wire Elec Lane Nashh
4 Pearl Machiaveli Victoria Marino Maverik Camdan
5 Skye Hepher Valerie Olimp
6 Xephos Syy
7 Basil Dewdrop Arsenic Sludge Laurel Aspen
8 Silk Cecily Danny Cecil
9 Ivy Aristo Kala Qwerty Clay Barines
10 Dakota Monroe
11 Leaf Harmony Lily Baxter Molly Karringtom
12 Pepper Glace Sparta Days

May the odds be ever in your favor...

Day 1: The Bloody Confrontation

Silk Cecily's POV: Finally. The games are starting. I just want this to be as quick and painless as possible, as I have nothing to return to, nothing to miss if I should happen to leave this life. One of the other tributes asked me to be in an alliance with him, but I declined the request. After all, why form an alliance when all I planned to do in these games is die? The only thing that gives me pleasure at the moment is the scowls on my 'parents' faces when I decided to volunteer for the games..I wonder how they will live without their precious slave doing everything for them. I hope they don't. Oh..I can hear the countdown booming in my ears..


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