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    Mutt Adoption

    March 3, 2012 by RoseMockigjay

    Ok using my brillant mind *points to head* I will create mutts that you can use freely.I don't care if you use them,just gotta get them down before they leave my mind and are gone forever:

    NIBIS: A giant white bird with a jet black curved bill.They are about human sized and are quite harmless.Unless they are stung by tracker jackers,they are immune to the poison but it effects their state forever:they turn a dusty gray,they grow much larger and they become vicous,very vicous.

    RANTS: A rhino-sized bloodred ant.They can be tamed and ridden,but it requires skill,patience,and really thick armor becuase these giant ant are very vicous.Beware a herd of them,you're be the next snack.

    LAVENDER-SCENTED TURTLES: Turtles that are a light lavender color with…

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