Ok using my brillant mind *points to head* I will create mutts that you can use freely.I don't care if you use them,just gotta get them down before they leave my mind and are gone forever:

NIBIS: A giant white bird with a jet black curved bill.They are about human sized and are quite harmless.Unless they are stung by tracker jackers,they are immune to the poison but it effects their state forever:they turn a dusty gray,they grow much larger and they become vicous,very vicous.

RANTS: A rhino-sized bloodred ant.They can be tamed and ridden,but it requires skill,patience,and really thick armor becuase these giant ant are very vicous.Beware a herd of them,you're be the next snack.

LAVENDER-SCENTED TURTLES: Turtles that are a light lavender color with matching scent.These turtles are so small they fit into our hand and they can repeat messages so they can be a messanger.they love the water.

O-WADS: Gaint land octupus that cause much damage and is capable of eating 10 people at once whole.They have to be in water to diegest their food.Their bright onagre skin an quickly change colors to blend in.Very high treat to tributes.Large head and 100 thin,slimy tentcales.

That's all for now!Don't worry,I'll make more soon!

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