Rose Hathaway

aka Roza

  • I live in America, protecting Lissa
  • I was born on March 27
  • My occupation is Guardian
  • I am a Dhampir
  • Rose Hathaway

    Hi guys - I know, I left the wiki a couple months back, but since I'm briefly here to participate in a couple Mentor Games - couldn't resist - I thought I should share a good idea I've got :) Not original, but I reckon this wiki needs it.

    Okay, so I'm proposing that since a lot of the pages here like Katniss Everdeen and other major characters don't really need editing anymore and are comprehensive enough, they should be locked by Admins so vandalism doesn't need to be reverted every goddamn time :P

    I've seen this on several other wikis - please comment, share your thoughts. Maybe we can get this actually implemented :)

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Rose Hathaway

    Hi everyone! This will be short and sharp for both your benefit and mine.

    I simply don't have time to waste on this Wiki any longer. It's been fun, but I've got to beat the challenges and embrace the joys of my real life to the full. And I feel if I'm no longer commited to the Wiki, why stay?

    I won't be on this Wiki as of tomorrow.

    So thanks guys :)


    P.S: Don't do anything too out there when I'm gone!

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  • Rose Hathaway

    She is fifteen, and lives in a society where annual slaughter defines the place as taking on another whole different type of cruelty. Twistedness. This has been a running tradition in the nation of Panem.

    Hated by design, the girl from what is known as the lapdog district has no name. No nickname can frame her, for she is indescribable. For once, the Reapings take a frightful turn when a single slip of paper changes the game. When this slip is drawn and the unforgivable is read out, after the blood of someone deserving of death and yet innocent is spilled, a pressing question remains.

    How did that slip get there?

    Explore the lies and implications of a double personality that threaten to tear this girl's life apart. But, more importantly, what e…

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  • Rose Hathaway

    A Game for Rebels

    April 16, 2012 by Rose Hathaway

    Imagine that the Second Rebellion against the Capitol is still taking place, and you have the opportunity to submit yourself as a member of an Official Rebel Squad. Selection into these squads are limited, and candidates must participate in simulations targeted at specific weaknesses.

    To pass the first stage, you must submit the following information:


    District of Origin:

    Squad Preference:

    Weaponry Experience.

    Other Skills:


    Reason for Application:

    Only 20 people will be selected to go through to the next stage, where they will be required to complete 'missions' designed to test both their physical and mental caliber. From here, 12 people will be initated into an Official Rebel Squad and badges will be awarded. Missions and how they…

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  • Rose Hathaway

    The Justice Buildings of each district are impressive structures. Selected tributes are readied for their journey to the Capitol here, and are permitted to collect letters or words of advice from their friends and family.

    Hey! Congratulations on getting Reaped. You are soooo lucky! I hope you will and just know that I will be rooting for you to win! Don't give up! Try and get a trident (is that what your best with? I don't really know). Well try and get a weapon that you ARE good with and then get out there and KILL KILL KILL...ok? XD

    Your Friend, Carter a.k.a. Raven

    I know that we just met each other and all but we have talked A LOT. And I figure since you could die it would be good if I sent you a letter so here we go! I promised your distr…

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