Hey guys - Rose here :) I came up with this idea of getting all of you - all those who are interested, anyway - to submit POVs depending on which character you want to be in a story in the Hunger Games universe that I will be creating. Sound confusing? I'll break it down.

Step 1: Nominate yourself for a character.

Who is your favourite character, or who do you think you can portray to perfection? That's what this blog is all about! Nominate yourself using the following form:

Name: (your real one)


Reasons for choosing that character:

A sample POV - this must be in first person:

I will be selecting my characters next week. So get your nominations in! If you get selected at that time, please continue on.

Step 2: Submit a drawing or photo that relates to your character.

You can submit anything, from a sketch of your character to a token that you think is perfect for your character. I will be using these in a collage or slideshow which will be presented along with the story!

Step 3: Cough up some ideas.

This story will be written by me of course, but I absolutely need your input! If you'd like, I'll even put in paragraphs you write yourself, as long as they're creative and well-crafted!

Step 4: UNKNOWN ;)

Once the story is fully complete and the collage has been presented, it is up to you guys to decide what we do from here. Again, be creative, and I'll be adding some of my own ideas to the poll that will be created.

Excited? Get nominating!

Nominations Box

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