This blog is for anyone who has signed up for a district of Panem at The Capitol PN. In the comments below, simply tell me which district you live in as well as your assigned occupation. With this compilation of citizens, I'm planning to write about Panem, using your districts and occupations as a bit of a guide.

Note: Please do not submit your citizen information if you did not sign up for a district on the website.

District 1 - LUXURY

District 2 - MASONRY

Rose Hathaway - Concrete Finisher.

Haybernathy - Bricklayer

District 3 - ELECTRONICS

Luke1998 - Technician

District 4 - FISHING

District 5 - POWER


District 7 - LUMBER

District 8 - TEXTILES

District 9 - GRAIN

District 10 - LIVESTOCK

District 11 - AGRICULTURE

District 12 - MINING

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