Hey guys. I really wanted to make a shout-blog for all my friends on the wiki. Please read this; everyone will have their own individual comments and I feel you guys should all see what I really think about you guys. By the way, I will be adding to this in time, since I don't have a lot of time on my hands right now.

Charlie - You are so gently, compassionate and kind. Being one of my first friends, you've stuck with me through it all. I love all you've done to the wiki, and I really hope we can stay friends for a LONG time. Thanks so much!! And by the way, you're one of my best friends :)

Everdeen - Your sheer confidence and inner beauty has sparked our friendship, and for that I'm so grateful. You're funny, smart, intuitive (the list goes on...). Thank you so much for being an absolutely wonderful friend and confidante.

Moon - You know, I've always looked up to your dedication to the wiki and the needs of us users. When things seem bleak, your perseverence has always shined through. Thanks for all you have brought to me, for I've certainly learned some things from you.

Michael - When we first met, I just thought you were some cool guy with the same music taste as me. But, getting to know you and sharing ups and downs, I've realised you're much more than that. Our friendship is truly valuable, and getting to experience the awesomeness and spirit you bring to everything (yes, even when you're ranting) is amazing.

Annie - You girl, have true spunk and charisma. You've provided constant laughs, and we've shared some really great moments. Your energy is contagious, and your compassion for everything beautiful makes you wonderful. Keep being who you are, because you're FABULOUS.

Tris - Your love for the beach and fun-loving character is what caused me to become friends with you. I love how we can relate to each other more than anyone else on the wiki, and this just shows what great friends we've become. Love you!! :)

Dan - Your creativity is inspiring, and I love your caring nature. You're smart (XD), dedicated and overall, such a great person. Your Games and the depth to each challenge has gotten me thinking about my own creative pieces, and for that, thanks so much!

LilyRose - From the moment you first introduced yourself, I felt that we could be good friends. You're really sweet and even though I don't know you too well, beautiful things come to mind when I think of you. Thanks for being a great friend, and I really hope we can get to know each other as time goes on.

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