An official letter of correspondence from the President:

To the Citizens of Panem -

The designated district escorts are currently preparing for the Reapings in their respective districts. Please be prompt on Reaping Day; our peacekeepers will not take kindly to those absent from this prosperous event. This year's Games promises to be a truly stunning one, with innovation from the Gamemakers that has never been seen before. After the Reapings, letters and words of advice from friends and family will be collected and sent to the tributes, who will be in the Justice Buildings of their districts. As you are all well aware, the event will begin with the Opening Ceremonies, where the selected tributes will be showcased at the City Circle in the Capitol. From there, our tributes will be interviewed by the acclaimed Caesar Flickerman in front of a sizeable audience. The tributes will then hone their skills and learn new ones in the Training Centre under the instruction of weapons and combat expert Atala, and undertake private sessions with the Gamemakers. Once these have been completed, the Games will commence! Throughout the Games, sponsorship money will be collected by Capitol officials who will oversee the purchasing of gifts to send into the Arena.

May the odds be EVER in your favor, and Happy Hunger Games!


Reaping Balls

Please submit your full name in the comments below to have a slip entered in the Reaping Balls of your districts. You must be between the ages of 12 and 18 to be eligible for selection into the Games.

May the odds be EVER in your favor!

Please be prompt on Reaping Day, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Failure to attend this event is a criminal offence, and will result in severe punishment.

District 1 Girls

Talllulah Lyasofa

Quinn Sparkles

District 1 Boys

Darren Castly

Carter Doe

Sean Lawthorne

District 2 Girls

Natty Dansing

Anneliese Hodgson

District 2 Boys

Gavin Singer

Mike McCann

Jason Chance

Nick Marble

District 3 Girls

Scarlet Kane

Siobhan Stallard

District 3 Boys

Cal Kein

Clipper Fauston

Daniel Selsvik

District 4 Girls

Meredith Smith

Milly N. Hodgins

Kaitlin Abernathy

District 4 Boys

Carl Tim

Daniel Lu

Axel Razor

Michael Tian

District 5 Girls

Amber Wilson

Janelle Watson

Leslie Glaze

District 5 Boys

Luke Ster

Nathan Hall

District 6 Girls

Chloe Mason

District 6 Boys

Cole Fletcher

Logan Mitchells

District 7 Girls

Keiko L. Mikumi

District 7 Boys

Jack Erdmann

Ben Filio

District 8 Girls

Clara Alsobrooks

District 8 Boys

Christopher Sorrels

Jeremy Sanders

District 9 Girls

Makahla Shelby

District 9 Boys

Cam Green

Max Shelby

District 10 Girls

Emily Tran

District 10 Boys

Galvin Pickring

Josh Pickring

James Pickring

Greg Pickring

District 11 Girls

Jasmine Long

Christine Lyons

District 11 Boys

Benjamin Amper

District 12 Girls

Kayla Ciardiello

Jess Perkins

Ingga Krishnaputri

District 12 Boys

Dan Retro

Tate Fowler

Andrew Ralston

Spencer Griffin

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