Justice Building

The Justice Buildings of each district are impressive structures. Selected tributes are readied for their journey to the Capitol here, and are permitted to collect letters or words of advice from their friends and family.

Letters to the Tributes

Daniel Lu

Hey! Congratulations on getting Reaped. You are soooo lucky! I hope you will and just know that I will be rooting for you to win! Don't give up! Try and get a trident (is that what your best with? I don't really know). Well try and get a weapon that you ARE good with and then get out there and KILL KILL KILL...ok? XD

Your Friend, Carter a.k.a. Raven

Luke Ster

I know that we just met each other and all but we have talked A LOT. And I figure since you could die it would be good if I sent you a letter so here we go! I promised your district partner, Leslie, that I would go to her funeral and I will go to yours too! XD...

Your Friend, Carter a.k.a. Raven

Logan Mitchells

So you got Reaped huh? AWESOME!!!! You NEED to win this thing. I don't care if you have to kill people very gruesomely you NEED to win! Ok? Just get a weapon and start attacking people like a mad man. Ok? Oh and your mom, dad, sisters, other cousins, and my mom and dad, say hi.

Your Cousin, Carter

Ben Filio

Oh...Kwan...I'm so sorry...I know that you will not be happy that you have been Reaped. :'( But it's okay. Just try and kill as many people as you can so that you will get LOTS AND LOTS of sponsors and then you will get LOTS AND LOTS of gifts and you may win!

Your Friend, Carter a.k.a. Raven

Leslie Glaze

OH MY GOD!!!!!! YOU VOLUNTEERED!!!!!! Good for you!!!! I honestly didn't think that you would volunteer but you showed me XD I'm going to tell you something that I told the others...i promise i WILL go to your funeral... If you do die that is. But try your best to win and whatever you do...don't trust the Careers. Happy Hunger Games!

Your Friend, Carter a.k.a. Raven

Dear Leslie,

Why you volunteer for me!? I was gonna kick some ass in there! Well... if you come back, I will get you!!!

With love, Janelle Watson, the person who was supposed to be the Victor of the 3rd Hunger Games

Benjamin Amper

Wow Congratulations you got reaped! I hope you will never forgot your friends and family GOOOOOODLUCK!

Your friend KEWLBEN!

**Stylists Needed**

The 24 tributes of this year's Hunger Games need to shine in the City Circle of the Capitol. Do you have what it takes to be one of twelve Official Stylists? As per tradition, stylists will be catering to every fashion need in the Capitol, from designing the chariot ride outfits to coming up with a smashing interview look. Either way, we're in need of those with a fab sense of style and what's hot in season!

If you're interested, please apply by putting a heading on my talk page regarding your name and district preference. The first twelve to apply will be selected as Official Stylists!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now!


District 1

Kyle Jang

District 2

Jenna Anderson

District 3

Ivy Lewis

District 4

Janelle Watson

District 5

Luke Ster

District 6

Sionis Exior

District 7

Jack Erdmann

District 8

Isabelle Lightwood

District 9

Michael Tian

District 10

Carlos Los Davis

District 11

Luna Pepperwick

District 12

Rose Hathaway

Stylists will be required to create designs for two key events of the Games: the Opening Ceremonies and tribute interviews.

ATTENTION STYLISTS: Your designs for the Opening Ceremonies must be submitted to me in 3 days.

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