Welcome, welcome! It is time for the annual Reaping Day Ceremonies to begin! Before the names are drawn and volunteers come forward, please read the brief outline below for the structure of this year's Ceremonies.

Note: If a heading has a line crossed through it, it means that that stage of the Ceremonies has been completed!

The Reapings

These are being held in the twelve districts of Panem. You may not talk during the Reapings, and you are required to stand where you can be seen.


You may only volunteer once ALL the Reapings have been held and televised. There will be a 20 minute time frame for you to volunteer. Here are the regulations regarding the traditional process of volunteering:

1. You must be 14 and over to be eligible for volunteering.

2. To volunteer, you must put your full name and district under a heading on my talk page and write: I volunteer as tribute.

3. You will receive a notification telling you of your accepted request to be your district's tribute.

Letters to the Tributes

After the Reapings and volunteering take place, friends and family of the selected tributes will have the opportunity to send in letters of farewell or words of advice to the Justice Buildings. You must do this by submitting your letters to my talk page under a heading, where they will be collected and put here for the tributes to see.

You will be given one day to send in your letters.

Note: If you have been selected as one of the 24 tributes, you are not allowed to send any letters to other tributes. You are only allowed to view and respond to the letters.

**The Reapings - Televised Broadcast**

District 1

Everyone holds their breath as the district escort, Zafrina Effman, comes to the stage and announces the start of the Reaping.

"As we've done every year, ladies to be Reaped first!" she trills in her cultured Capitol accent. Her hand approaches the Reaping Ball closest to her, and the whole district tenses up with anticipation. There is no fear among the crowd - most, if not all of the candidates for this year's Reaping want to go in. Zafrina has picked up a name, and without so much of a pause, she's calling the name.

"Quinn Sparkles!"

The girl walks to the stage without hesitation. She has a small but muscular build, and a few people around the Square are nodding and whispering.

"She's very capable when it comes to combat."

"She'll bring herself home easy."

"Silence now!" Zafrina says loudly, and the whispers die down as she hops to the second Reaping Ball. She sticks a gloved hand inside...

"Darren Castly!"

As the boy walks confidently up to join Quinn, he smiles, his stance and nature projecting brutality. The district is in an uproar, and Zafrina can't even be heard as she congratulates the selected tributes.

District 2

"Natty Dansing!"

The girl comes forward, not scared, but somewhat subdued. Looking up at the Capitol woman, the one that announced her name, her face is neutral, certainly not reflecting the cheers around her.

"Excellent! We have our female tribute!" The escort booms, and in a graceful movement she's at the boy's Reaping Ball. "It is time to select our male representative!"

Most of the district leans unconsciously forward in their excitement.

"Nick Mar-"

The name has barely left the announcer's lips when there are screams of "Yes!" and "They're all going down!" However, Natty's expression never changes as Nick Marble's stocky frame comes into view and is quickly beside her.

District 3

"Welcome... the District 3 Reaping - for the 3rd Annual Hunger Games!"

No-one bothers to cheer at this point. They're fed up with the announcer's long pauses and just want to hear the names of the selected tributes.

"Hurry up!" Someone actually shouts as the woman takes time to adjust her ridiculously large brooch. She huffs in frustration, and actually snatches up a name from the first Reaping Ball.

"Scarlet Kane!"

As the girl makes her way towards the stage, there are murmurs. Nothing can really be made out in the buzz of conversation. Are they speculating about her slightness? Or are they worried about something else entirely? The crowd groes quiet as the announcer goes over to the second Reaping Ball and pulls out the name of the male tribute.

"Clippers Fauston!"

The tributes stand together for the final round of applause, and no-one notices the annoyance on the district escort's face.

District 4

The soft lap of the ocean can be heard throughout the Square, as no-one is talking. The sounds of waves crashing against jagged rocks does nothing to calm the silent but eager people.

"Citizens of District 4! Today, we select the tributes which I'm sure, will honour us all. First, the female tribute!"

The district escort and announcer, Phillipe Medre, smoothes down his frivolous suit and walks casually over to the Reaping Balls. He gets a name, peruses over it and finally gets to announcing it.

"Meredith Smith!"

It's obvious she's happy about the selection as she practically runs up to the stage, and as soon as she gets to the platform, the second name's being called.

"Daniel Lu!"

He gives out a loud cheer, but the crowd's divided. Some are positively howling in delight that he's been chosen, but some are muttering darkly amongst themselves. Most of these people seem to be complaining about arrogance, but Daniel doesn't care. There are enough screams in the Square to please him.

"Give it up for our tributes, Meredith Smith and Daniel Lu!" Phillipe stares around at everyone, extremely happy with himself.

District 5

"Janelle Watson!"

Janelle, a pretty girl with brown hair is called up as the female tribute of 5. The crowd doesn't applaud - it's not their way of doing things - and within minutes, the Reaping is nearly over.

"Luke Ster!"

No-one is very enthusiastic, despite Luke being well-known in the district. In fact, most people don't even want the Games to go on.

Janelle's hand extends out to Luke's, and the customary handshake seals the tributes.

District 6

Looking around the Square, everyone's either covering their ears from the malfunctioning microphone or flicking their eyes everywhere, bored.

"Sorry, sorry!" the annoucer warbles, but there's a sharp crack and she's forced to stop. The microphone's out, so she's forced to holler. And it's a truly hilarious sight.

"ANNOUNCING THIS YEAR'S TRIBUTES!" Now either everyone's laughing or turning away from the laughing stock the woman from the Capitol has become. She walks briskly to the female Reaping Ball, somehow keeping up a relatively calm image.


A first there's nothing. Not a sound runs through the Square as the citizens peer around, trying to isolate the girl. In a minute, we see she's on the ground, wailing in her obvious despair at being chosen.

Morphling addict.

When there's finally a noise, it's the distressed sounds of the people cringing away from Chloe as they speculate about whether she's actually one or not. Everyone's worried, especially the announcer, who's practically having a fit herself. But just as soon as the horrible shrieking starts, it stops, and a very shaky Chloe picks herself up and heads to the stage.

"RIGHT THEN! OUR MALE TRIBUTE!" The announcer's hands are already in the next Ball, having recovered from her immese shock.


Really, no-one's paying any attention to him and the fear he takes with him to the stage; everyone is transfixed on a now seemingly normal Chloe. Breathless, but normal.

District 7

The district seems more alive this year as the announcer, Mariah Fowlerston gets right to business. Maybe it's the fact that the announcer's actually not prattling on, like a typical Capitol citizen would. More likely it's the feeling of hope that is actually present in 7 this year; lumber has been going well for some time now.

"No-one knows how long this good luck will last," an man in the crowd says gruffly to the boy next to him. "Maybe you'll even be spared for another year." The boy nods, and the stiffness in his shoulders increases.

"Keiko Mikumi!"

The boy is afraid. As he grows even more tense, it is obvious he knows the girl. The man beside him grips his shoulder and closes his eyes, waiting to here some other name.

"Ben Filio!"

He doesn't. The boy walks to base of the steps leading up onto the stage, but before he goes on, he turns to his father. The district is silent, listening intently to every word. And his father? A mere stature with eyes staring past anything, everything.

"This is why I didn't dare to hope."

District 8

"Clara Alsobrooks!"

The weeping in the district is a wave of sorrow drowning the crowd. Clara, the well-known daughter of the best weaver in town. The girl who is just as beautiful and serene as her mother. The girl who helped 8 get through so much.

"You don't have to go, Clara!" Someone is yelling, but Clara doesn't say a word as she climbs the stage steps. To reply to that person would break her face, and she knows this. The brave one she never lets go of. More cries fill the Square as the male tribute is called.

"Christopher Sorrels!"

The two tributes stand on the stage, looking out at a district, that, for at least one of them, will disappear along with everything else.

District 9

"Settle down, settle down!" The announcer and district escort, Libby Crevesch waves everyone into positions that have already been taken.

"Imaginary seats," one girl mutters mockingly to herself. It is clear she hates the Capitol.

"Well well, it is time for the tribute selection!" Libby's very long nails scrape the glass inside of the Ball as she draws out the name.

"Makahla Shelby!"

Sympathy is the dominant emotion in the crowd, but one boy's face is leeched of colour, and it is clear from the resemblance that the two are siblings.

He's trying to fight the nausea blocking out coherent thought as the male tribute is called up.

"Cam Green!"

Cam walks to the stage and gives Makahla a feeble pat on the back. It is the limited emotion he can express for the dread swirling around inside him. He tries to turn towards Max in the crowd, but Libby makes him look at her as she shakes his hand. The nervousness is almost too much.

District 10

"Emily Tran!"

The girl shuffles to the stage, and the announcer impatiently and very rudely says, "Come on now! Don't keep us waiting!" She finally gets up there, and then the male tribute is called.

"James Pickring!"

Everyone turns to see a burly young man making his way from a circle of four boys. The district murmurs in appreciation at the confidence he exudes as he takes his place beside Emily. Perhaps 10 will finally have a victor.

District 11

The Square reflects the season that has so horribly decreased the population if 11. All around, there are eyes speaking volumes about near-starvation, anger at the Capitol. Not one person is in the mood to be at the Reaping this year.

"Christine Lyons!"

The moods changes rapidly. The sad look does not leave most people's eyes, but people recognise Christine as District 11's only hope. Unlike about 90% of the population, she is stronger and has a bigger build, although she is still small for her age. But still, this is better than 11 could have hoped for.

The girl is given looks, asking her to promise them she will try her best. And she knows they don't mean verbally. She will convey this in the Capitol, where she will be tracked on many screens in the districts.

"Benjamin Ampers!"

The boy tribute is called, and the district escort concludes the Ceremony.

District 12

"Jess Perkins!"

Most of the district just stands there, resolute that there will be no victor for yet another year. It is clear that Jess herself has given up already, and she walks in tiny, fearful steps. It takes some time, but eventually she's on the platform and the district announcer has a slip of paper in his hand.

"Tate Fowler!"

Again, there is silence. A silence which has become a trademark of District 12.


District 1 male - Sean Lawthorne - 17 years.

District 5 female - Leslie Glaze - 14 years.

District 8 - Jeremy Sanders - 16 years.


Congratulations to our 24 tributes of the 3rd Annual Hunger Games!

District 1 Tributes:

Quinn Sparkles and Sean Lawthorne.

District 2 Tributes:

Natty Dansing and Nick Marble.

District 3 Tributes:

Scarlet Kane and Clipper Fauston.

District 4 Tributes:

Meredith Smith and Daniel Lu.

District 5 Tributes:

Leslie Glaze and Luke Ster.

District 6 Tributes:

Chloe Mason and Logan Mitchells.

District 7 Tributes:

Keiko Mikumi and Ben Filio.

District 8 Tributes:

Clara Alsobrooks and Jeremy Sanders.

District 9 Tributes:

Makahla Shelby and Cam Green.

District 10 Tributes:

Emily Tran and James Pickring.

District 11 Tributes:

Christine Lyons and Benjamin Ampers.

District 12 Tributes:

Jess Perkins and Tate Fowler.

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