Which Hunger Games trilogy female character are you?


This is my own unique quiz =) Are you: Katniss, Rue, Clove, Foxface or Johanna? (Please answer based on what you would do in real life, and don’t try to get a certain character unless you’ve completed this truthfully at least once!)

1. You have been chosen to fight for your life in this year’s Hunger Games. How do you react?

a) You walk sullenly to the stage, keeping a silent, strong exterior while part of you is breaking inside.

b) You grin like there’s no tomorrow (which might be true in your case) – you’re physically strong, fit and most of all, confident.

c) You’re slightly scared, but you know that your superior intelligence and elusiveness will prove invaluable in this year’s Games.

d) You try to smile as everyone in the crowd looks at you in sympathy. You know you don’t have much chance of winning, although you have faith that the arena will be a forest one.

e) You smirk at your district crowd and let them know you mean business. You’ve already got a strategy in place, and you know it’s good.

2. It’s time for your interview, and the interviewer asks you a question about your personal life. What do you do?

a) You only answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No, or simply refuse to answer altogether.

b) You boast about how great your life is, earning both hatred and admiration from the crowd and other tributes.

c) You reply with a cryptic answer, and while the crowd knows you on the surface, they don’t really know you at all.

d) You tremble and stutter as you answer the interviewer’s question, causing the crowd to mutter in distress at your obvious youth in comparison to the other tributes.

e) You answer brashly, and with no respect for the crowd or interviewer whatsoever.

3. You enter the room for your private session with the Gamemakers. What do you show them?

a) You decide on showing them your prowess at using a bow and arrow, maybe even throwing a knife after some decent shooting; you know you’re not too good at much else.

b) You completely show off, doing a little bit of everything to show those Gamemakers how great you are; you’re a classic Career.

c) You decide to withhold your real skills by doing something relatively simple, something you did in the training centre with all the other tributes around – that way, NO-ONE can expose your talents.

d) You demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge of plants and survival skills, or even show them how agile you are. However, because of your size and nervousness you’re not confident you will pull a decent score.

e) You do something completely unexpected, maybe even come close to harming one of the Gamemakers. You love to throw people off guard and show them just what you’re made of.

4. It’s your last dinner before the Games. What do you do?

a) You stuff yourself until you’re bloated, knowing building up your weight is the best thing you can do since you’re at least slightly underweight.

b) Eat with clearly bad table manners while talking loudly at the table about how you’re going to beat everyone else, possibly angering your district partner.

c) You keep quiet while you eat, answering only when asked a question by your mentor; you are too busy formulating your cunning plans for survival to really notice anyone else.

d) You can’t seem to eat; the Careers are in your mind, giving you a gripping fear that’s evident to your district team.

e) You talk rudely and uncaringly to everyone as you eat, which is what you would normally do.

Last Question: You enter the Arena, and it’s the 60 seconds. What are you thinking?

a) I’m a fast runner, but I’ll only go in if there’s a bow and arrows, or a couple of good knives.

b) I’m getting my favourite weapons, even if I have to kill my district partner to do it!

c) I’ll wait till everyone clears out, then stake out the Cornucopia and I’ll kill if I have to – discreetly of course. Framing the other tributes should do it – I know all about their skills and… the little things.

d) I’ll get straight to cover, and find some supplies when I can. I can survive out here, despite my size, if I don’t encounter anyone.

e) I guess I’m gonna stick to my plan and act like a complete weakling – then, when the number gets low, I strike. I’m going to win this.

MOSTLY A’s – Congratulations, you’re Katniss Everdeen! You’re a survivor, and you want to show the Capitol that you’re not just a piece in their Games.

MOSTLY B’S – Awesome, you’re Clove! You’re strong, like to make a show of how good you are, and it’s straight to the Cornucopia for you.

MOSTLY C’s – Nicely done, you’re Foxface! You’re clever and enigmatic, preferring to let the fighting go on where you’re not. Your intelligence will serve you well.

MOSTLY D’s – Great, you’re Rue! Small but resourceful, you have a way with birds and you charm people with your kind, slightly vulnerable demeanour.

MOSTLY E’S – Fab, you’re Johanna Mason! Afraid of nothing, you’re stubborn, and deceptive when need be. You fight for what you believe in, even if you have to hurt people in the process.

Hope you enjoyed this quiz! Don’t worry guys, I’ll be doing a male version with Peeta, Gale, Finnick, Cato and Cinna =)


WooWoo is Katface/Foxniss!
Everdeen is mostly Katniss, but is also known as Katface/Foxniss!
Leslie is Foxrue!
Jessica is Clohanna!
Cloveh is Cloface/Foxlove!
Moon is mostly Clove, but is also known as Katove/Cloniss!
Elise is Katniss!
Star Fighter is Foxhanna/Joface!
KwanKwan is Foxlovue Everson! (rarest result!)
Rose is mostly Katniss, but is also known as Katface/Foxniss!
Necterine is Foxface!
Luke is Foxface!
Gavin is Katface/Foxniss!
Anna is mostly Katniss, but is also known as Katrue/Rueniss!
Quinn is Clove!
iKayla is Rueface/Foxrue!
Anon is Foxlovue Everson! (rarest result!)
Clove1999 is Clove!
Slushpuppy is Foxlovue Everson! (rarest result!)
Donovan is Johanna!
Chaz is Rue!
Wolverine is Foxface!
Tribute13 is mostly Rue, but is also known as Katrue/Rueniss!
Safeandsoundhg is Katface/Foxniss!
Katrina is Katniss!

NOTE: To be a combo, you must have a least 2 letters attributing to that character. So if you have (using Star Fighter's result) A, C, E, C, E, you are NOT part Katniss :P

Another NOTE: If you are lucky enough to be just ONE character - meaning you get to hold the title of that character - I will design a userbox for you :P But if you really REALLY want one, just message me (not in the comments though). Or, if you are a combination of ALL FIVE, you will get a very special userbox!

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