Which Hunger Games trilogy male character are you?


This is a quiz based on the questions from my other quiz =) However, the picks are completely different! Are you: Peeta, Gale, Finnick, Cato or Cinna? (Please answer based on what you would do in real life, and don’t try to get a certain character unless you’ve completed this truthfully at least once!)

1. You have been chosen to fight for your life in this year’s Hunger Games. How do you react?

a) You don’t really try and hide your fear, but you’re not shaking in your boots either. You’ll give it your all in this game of survival.

b) You practically strut to the stage, screaming confidence.

c) You’re pretty okay with the situation, and you give the audience a laugh with some of your signature jokes and charisma.

d) You try not to think about death. You just want to get home so you can channel your sadness through art.

e) Your inner fire comes out, and the crowd looks at you in admiration – you will not show weakness.

2. It’s time for your interview, and the interviewer asks you a question about your personal life. What do you do?

a) You naturally charm the crowd, your calmness shining through.

b) You answer the question briefly while reminding the crowd of your brute strength.

c) You make the room shake with the laughter of the crowd, as well as the admiring screams from the Capitol girls.

d) You’re distracted as usual, and you get the feeling the crowd doesn’t connect with you on any level.

e) You were sort of hostile at the beginning of the interview but you soften just a little at the mention of home.

3. You enter the room for your private session with the Gamemakers. What do you show them?

a) You’re decently strong, so throwing things around the room seems to be your best bet.

b) You cut off a dummy’s head with your sword, being very vicious about it.

c) You’re good at using long, elongated weapons, so you throw those into a target. You impress the Gamemakers quite a lot.

d) You aren’t any good with a weapon, so you simply paint something for the Gamemakers. It’s a beautiful scene, but will it impress the Gamemakers? You think not.

e) You have a very logical mind and capable hands, so you rig up some snares or other types of net traps, as well as demonstrate how to make a good fire.

4. It’s your last dinner before the Games. What do you do?

a) You eat a little of everything with good manners – while you’ve never lived a rich boy’s life, you’re still polite.

b) You eat so rudely that people are disgusted by you, but this makes your district partner smile.

c) You grin at all the seafood while making everyone in your team crack up.

d) You sit at the table, but you’re not hungry. Reserved and distracted, you simply paint a picture in your mind, or maybe design something.

e) You’re silent.

Last Question: You enter the Arena, and it’s the 60 seconds. What are you thinking?

a) I’ll go in a little and get a backpack or something, but I’m definitely not going to run flat out to the horn and probably kill myself.

b) Kill kill kill.

c) I’ll take my chances at the Horn; I think I’ve got what it takes to make it out.

d) I’m done for, but at least not here.

e) I’m definitely tempted by the supplies, but the risk? Argh, I’ll seek cover, but later, I’ll go scout the area. Definitely rig some snares along the way.

MOSTLY A’s – Cool, you’re Peeta Mellark! Calm and pure, you hate to see people hurt and you’ve got a heart that radiates compassion and sincerity. Good on you.

MOSTLY B’S – Hey, nice job – you’re Cato! Fierce and determined, you’ll stop at nothing to crush the opposition and get what you want.

MOSTLY C’s – Excellent, you’re Finnick Odair! You’re the life of the party, and a great person to be around. You’re kind, but strong as well.

MOSTLY D’s – Awmsness, you’re Cinna! Reserved and at times distracted from the world, you believe your life revolves around art. You have a connection to what makes everything beautiful.

MOSTLY E’S – Good stuff, you’re Gale Hawthorne! The fire deep inside you is one of your great assets. You’re independent and have delicate hands.

Hope you enjoyed this quiz!


Cloveh is Cinto Ollathorne! (rarest result!)
Everdeen is Finleta Hawlladair! (combo of Finnick, Gale and Peeta!)
Elise is Gaeta Mellthorne! (combo of Peeta and Gale!)
Star Fighter is Peeta!
KwanKwan is Finnick Mellark/Peeta Odair! (combo of Peeta and Finnick!)
Leslie is Peeta!
Dan is Peeta!
Rose is mostly Finnick, also known as Finnick Mellark/Peeta Odair! (combo of Peeta and Finnick!)
Necterine is Peeta!
Luke is Peeta!
Anna is
Gavin is Finnick Mellark/Peeta Odair! (combo of Peeta and Finnick!)
Brony is Finto/Catnick (combo of Finnick and Cato!)
Quinn is mostly Peeta, but also known as Peeto/Caeta (combo of Peeta and Cato!)
Anon is Cinto Ollathorne! (rarest result!)
Katrina is mostly Peeta, but also known as Peeto/Caeta (combo of Peeta and Cato!)

NOTE: To be a combo, you must have a least 2 letters attributing to that character. So for example, if you get, A, A, A, A, B you are simply Peeta! Not that you would get this result though, lol, since I doubt anyone could get Peeta and Cato answers!

Another NOTE: If you are lucky enough to be just ONE character - meaning you get to hold the title of that character - I will design a userbox for you :P But if you really REALLY want one, just message me (not in the comments though). Or, if you are a combination of ALL FIVE, you will get a very special userbox!

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