aka Princess Malitoiewuasriotnshprotnprtn the 5th

  • I live in Narnia
  • My occupation is Dragon Tamer
  • I am female
  • Rosella6

    The arena is a jungle with an abundance of safe fruits. The air is always the perfect temperature, and it's always sunny. Downsides? It has several deadly species of mutts, and the water is terribly polluted with a plague devised by the Capitol. It's safe to swim in but if you drink it without purification it's gonna kill you. There's also a nasty bog with an unknown creature in it, but no poison in the water.

    (Give me three really creepy ones please . . . I have a plan.)

    District 1

    Zeus Bloodingtonolymbusbatmanmcshabadoo jr. (holy cow . . . thank goodness for copy and paste) 8

    Kracken Kills, 9

    District 2

    James Bond, 1

    Lucy-Sky Diamonds, 10

    District 3

    Digit Twek, 6

    Micy Cumput, 7

    District 4

    Waterlily Wave, 10

    Splash Blue, 11

    District 5

    Echo Storm, 9

    Leaf …

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  • Rosella6

    So here's the tributes! If you want to sponsor them you can, but you can only send 10 gifts, notes or packages to a tribute, although it can be from any district you want. As you can see, here are my training scores for them, so choose who you want to sponsor.

    District 1:Glare Flicker, 11

    District 1: Shimmer Delaroy, 10

    District 2: Rasputen Darklege, 10

    District 2: Autumn Redstone, 9

    And Lily sings, a soft, hopeful, happy tune full of joy and relaxing. But it all of a sudden swells to a forte, and all I can think of is two words. Light and freedom. And as she dies in my arms, as her cannon fires, I feel as if my sister really did die. But she's gone to a better place, I tell myself. And, just has the last echo of the cannon rings out, the sun r…

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