Yo. 'Sup. No! Not you! YOU! WITH THE FACE! Ahhh, nevermind.

The Arena:

The arena is a jungle with an abundance of safe fruits. The air is always the perfect temperature, and it's always sunny. Downsides? It has several deadly species of mutts, and the water is terribly polluted with a plague devised by the Capitol. It's safe to swim in but if you drink it without purification it's gonna kill you. There's also a nasty bog with an unknown creature in it, but no poison in the water.

The Tributes:

(Give me three really creepy ones please . . . I have a plan.)

District 1

Zeus Bloodingtonolymbusbatmanmcshabadoo jr. (holy cow . . . thank goodness for copy and paste) 8

Kracken Kills, 9

District 2

James Bond, 1

Lucy-Sky Diamonds, 10

District 3

Digit Twek, 6

Micy Cumput, 7

District 4

Waterlily Wave, 10

Splash Blue, 11

District 5

Echo Storm, 9

Leaf Stone, 10

District 6

Porter Loklin, 4

Stardle Darrow, 4

District 7

Saydee Rider, 9- VICTOR

Freddy Parel, 9

District 8

Andre King, 4

Valentine Valerio, 10

District 9

Flash Sardone, 11

Amethyst Youth, 8

District 10

Lily Penderghast, 8

Jed Porens, 8

District 11

Raeoki Cotwright, 9

Kimmt Cotwright, 6

District 12

Aspen Hattiss, 2

Tanner Niles, 5

Chariot Rides (finally)

This year has a sort of theme. The stylists kind of went for magic or movie-inspired costumes and chariots.

District 1 Zeus and Kraken come out looking surprisingly dull for District 1. They are in a gray chariot wearing dusty green slips. Then Zeus pulls out a torch and lights it. He begins to shriek with joy at the sight of fire and lights the chariot on fire. The fire dies down, and it has burned away the impurities and they look dazzling. Zeus is wearing a green tux studded with emeralds, and Kraken is looking murderous but beautiful in a dress of pale green set with some diamonds. The chariot is made of pure crystal.

District 2 The District 2 chariot is pulled in but the tributes are nowhere to be seen. And then suddenly a black jet soars in overhead and two figures- James and Lucy - parachute out of it into the chariot. James does a shoulder roll and lands, pulling out a gun and pointing it straight up. Lucy just stands menacingly, her immense height making her sinister-looking.

District 3 The District 3 tributes are pulled out by robot horses and are looking like they just walked out of Tron Legacy. They even have electronic discs that they are using to practice an "Approved by the President" stage fight. Their chariot zaps and rebuilds itself into a hovering vehicle and the horses begin to gallop, but Micy and Digit continue their fight.

District 4 Splash and Waterlily's beautiful chariot is a shocking shade of blue green with little golden and white swirls. The whole crowd goes silent because of Waterlily. Her long hair is elegantly curled and pearls are woven into it. She is wearing a white, pearly, trailing mermaid-style dress with sleeves that reach from her wrists to the floor and her face is decorated with an exotic blue-and-gold design. She looks like some creature too beautiful to be human. Even her skin sparkles. Splash is similarly dressed, and he has his arm around Waterlily. They smile and wave at the crowd.

District 5 Leaf and Echo look like nature fairies, with ethereal designs on their faces. They are wearing clothes that seem to be made out of giant leaves and flower petals, and they both have gossamer wings attached to their backs. The wings actually flap. They are emitting a faint golden glow and pixie dust is falling off them as they ride around in their chariot. The chariot begins to fly, spinning in elegant circles around the arena.

District 6 Again, the District 6 tributes look exceedingly creepy. Porter is carrying a vial of poison and is wearing singed scrubs, as if whatever was in the vial spilled on her outfit and dissolved it. She looks like she wants to pour the stuff down her face. Stardle is wearing a doctor's outfit similar to Gavin's in the last game, stained with blood and other gruesome stuff.

District 7 Again the crowd falls silent as these ethereal tributes enter the area. They are both dressed as woodland elves, with pointed ears, pale faces, and serene smiles. Saydee has a sparkling crown on the top of her head, and her hair is wavy like an elvish princess's would be. She is wearing a greenish white dress and has no shoes on, and her face is also painted to mimick the pattern of falling leaves. Freddy is wearing a powdery blue tunic, white leggings, and a blue robe. Their clothes are shimmery and they too are emitting a glow, this time silvery.

District 8 Valentine is sitting, sewing, and Andre has a crown, looking kind of handsome, but evil. Everyone is confused until Valentine pricks her finger and a drop of blood falls on the sewing. She then states, "I am going to have a daughter white as snow, black as ebony, and red as blood." The crowd remembers: Snow White. Nobody knows what this has to do with District 8.

District 9 Amythest and Flash are dressed in Robin Hood clothes, with Amythest as Maid Marion dressed in an elegant Renaissance dress and Flash as Robin Hood, with a fake bow and arrows slung over his shoulder. Flash has convinced Amythest to let him hold her. They are standing close together as a blast of arrows comes soaring over their heads.

District 10 Jed is dressed as a prince wearing a crown, and Lily has on a pink dress. Suddenly, Lily begins to glow and then a sharp wind blows everything around her. The glow fades to reveal that she has a beautiful, white, feathery dress on with billowy sleeves that look like wings, wearing a crown with diamonds and graceful swan feather plumage. Everyone realizes she is the Swan Princess.

District 11 The District 11 chariot comes out, and it is by far the tallest. Then the crowd realizes it's made of matresses, stacked on top of each other, with Raeoki laying on the top one. Kimmt places a tiny green object under the bottom matress and Raeoki gasps uncomfortably, leans up, and stretches as if waking up. It's the Princess and the Pea!

District 12 Aspen looks annoyed as she and Tanner come out. He is dressed as a charming prince and she as a simple scullery maid. Then he pulls out a silvery white, glass shoe and puts it on Aspen, who sarcastically acts like she's excited and then turns away. "Cinder"ella was the only coal related fairy tale their stylist could think of.


Caesar: Hello and welcome to the second annual Hunger Games under your new president, President Pew! To start things off tonight, we'll switch it up a little and start with the boys first. We will interview the District 1 male, Zeus Bloodingtonolymbusbatmanmcshabadoo Jr.! What a mouthful!

(Zeus comes out wearing a glittery tux.)

Caesar: Hello, Zeus! How're you tonight?

Zeus: I am just amazing, Mister Flickerman! Do you have any matches?

Caesar: Well, after that stunt you pulled during the chariots, I'm not sure I want to give them to you -- boy were we all afraid you and Kraken were going to be cinders by the end of the night! What was your view on the stylist's plan?

Zeus: I thought it was AWESOME because I got to burn something.

Caesar: So, Zeus. Enough about last night. What are your feelings on tomorrow?

Zeus: Burn, baby, BURN!!! I am going to burn everything down and win.


Caesar: Well, that's it from the one and only pyromaniac these games have ever seen! Next up Kraken Kills from District 1.

(Kraken comes out in a shimmery blue dress)

Caesar: Hello, Kraken.

Kraken: Hey.

Caesar: So, we can't disagree that your chariot ride last night was spectacular. What did you think of it?

Kraken: I was mad.

Caesar: Why?

Kraken: Because Zeus was allowed -- encouraged even -- to burn something. He killed my whole family. Do you expect me to be happy?

Caesar: No. So, what's your top priority in the arena? Weapons? Sponsors? Food and water?

Kraken: My top priority in this arena will be to kill the burning one.

Caesar: Ooookay . . .


Caesar: That's all for District 1. Next is James Bond of District 2.

(James comes out in a sleek suit and sunglasses)

James: The name's Bond, James Bond.

Caesar: Yes. And boy do you live up to that name. Tell me, in what areas are you strong that will help you in the arena?

James: I can sneak around, do pretty wicked awesome ninja moves, and turn almost anything into a weapon against anyone.

Caesar: Well, that would certainly make your chances of winning higher than many of the tributes. What strategies will you use to win?

James: Well, a lot of the sneaking around and the weapons part, and also stunning the ladies with my dashing demeanor. (flashes brilliant smile)


Caesar: Well, thanks for letting us in on that, James. Have fun with that one in training! Next up is the enormous seven-foot-eighter, Lucy-Sky Diamonds.

(Lucy is wearing an XXXXXXL dress)

Lucy: Hi, Caesar. How're you today.

Caesar: So, why did you volunteer for the Hunger Games, Lucy?

Lucy: I wanted to kick some trash and show everyone that just 'cause I'm really tall doesn't mean I'm stupid.

Caesar: And do that you certainly will. At seven-foot-eight you are the tallest 12-year-old . . . probably ever. But definitely to be seen in the Capitol. What're some of your skills?

Lucy: Well, I don't get away with blending in very well. I'm very, very strong though. One time I chopped down a tree with my thumb. It was awesome.


Caesar: And that's Panem's favorite teenage giant! See ya, Lucy! Next up Digit Twek of District 3!

(Digit comes out in a silver suit with glowing blue veins running through it)

Caesar: How're you on this very fine night in the Capitol?

Digit: Very good. I'm actually hoping that maybe I'll be at peace tonight.

Caesar: Better get in that rest while you can, huh? So, Digit, who've you got at home cheering you on? We saw a boy at the reaping who looked a whole lot like you.

Digit: Yeah, that's my brother Jack, and I also have a sister, Smoky. We all kind of looked out for each other until the reaping.

Caesar: Nothing like those family relationships! If you could say anything to them tonight, what would it be?

Digit: (Pauses) Well, I'd tell them . . . I'd tell them I love them, and that if I don't come back, not to be too heartbroken. And I'd tell them I'd try very hard to win for them.

Caesar: And how're you coping with the apparently recent loss of both of your parents?

Digit: Well, it's been . . . it's been really hard. Almost a year ago, the factory they were working in exploded, and, well, Jack and Smoky and I knew we couldn't lose hope. And somehow I feel I never really lost them. That part of them is here with me. And I know they're waiting for me if worse comes to worst.

Caesar: That's wonderful. (Pauses) If you win, what's you're game-winning strategy going to be? Past victors in your games have operated traps, wired machinery, even electricuted many a victim. Any similar strategies you're thinking of?

Digit: No, not really. I'm not nearly as smart as the others from my district. If I win, not to brag or anything, it'll be from my own strength.


Caesar: And that's it for Digit Twek of District 3! Next up Micy Cumput!

(Micy's dress is gold with glowing green veins.)

Caesar: Micy, you look wonderful.

Micy: Thank you.

Caesar: So, Micy. How're you feeling about tomorrow?

Micy: Unexplainably . . . oh, what's the word . . . confident.

Caesar: And why is that?

Micy: I'd prefer not to tell you.

Caesar: Oh, you're killing us! Tell! Tell!

Micy: Oh no. My lips . . . are . . . sealed. (Micy flashes a mysterious smile, and her now famous mischievous glint in the eye glimmers)

Caesar: Well, tell us, at least, your strategy?

Micy: I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. (Winks)

Caesar: And the boy from your district? Do you see him as a threat?

Micy: He won't even know what hit him.


Caesar: And that is all for the District 3 tributes! Next up Splash Blue of District 4!

(Splash comes out in a handsome blue tux and everyone sighs at his attractiveness)

Caesar: Hey, Splash! How're you tonight?

Splash: Better than I deserve. How are you?

Caesar: Can't say I'm doing bad. What are your feelings on tomorrow?

Splash: I'm not arrogant enough to say I'm not afraid. But not for me. (blushes)

Caesar: Who for?

Splash: Erm, well . . . there's this girl. And I love her. I love her more than anything.

Caesar: Ohoho! You've got yourself a girlfriend back home! And you're afraid she might not like you anymore if you come out of this alive? Or perhaps that if you don't return, she'll be so heartbroken she won't have the will to live.

Splash: It's . . . complicated.

Caesar: Oh, come on, tell us. What's her name?

Splash. Her name . . .

Caesar: Yes, her name! What is it?

Splash: Her- her name is- is Waterlily.

Caesar: Oh . . . oh boy.

Splash: It's -- it's sort of a mess. I just . . . I just . . .


Caesar: I'm sorry, I'm very sorry. Next for the girl, Waterlily Wave.

(Everyone goes silent again as Waterlily emerges. She is wearing a deep blue dress that perfectly matches her eyes. It is shimmery and has a long train, with Greek sleeves and a shimmering blue tiara.)

Caesar: Wow. No arguing with him; she's quiet the beauty.

(Waterlily blushes furiously as she sits down)

Caesar: Well, after what just happened, who can't ask this: Do you return this affection that Splash just declared for you?

Waterlily: (LONG pause) Yes. Although I didn't realize it before.

Caesar: And now that you know, how do you feel?

Waterlily: Terrified. Completely terrified. But now there isn't anything I could do to stop it.

Caesar: And if something happens to him . . . ?

Waterlily: I don't . . . I don't know, Caesar.


Caesar: That's it for the District 4 couple! Best wishes! Next, Leaf Stone of District 5!

(Leaf comes out in a regular suit. But he looks attractive nonetheless)

Leaf: Hello, Caesar! How's the night going?

Caesar: Very well. How about you?

Leaf: Can't say any differently.

Caesar: So, your thoughts about going into the arena?

Leaf: I'm gonna try and make it out for my brothers. I've got three. Sky, Birch, and Peak.

Caesar: Oh yes, the ones who nearly tackled you after you volunteered? Would you say you're protective over those you love?

Leaf: Yes, extremely. I couldn't let Birch go into the arena, or Peak. I had to keep him . . . them . . . safe.

Caesar: Oh? And your strategies to make it out for your brothers?

Leaf: I'll try and make it into a pretty good alliance. Then I'll try and find food and water. Then, basically, I'll move in a pack and pick off people.


Caesar: And now we'll hear from Echo Storm.

(Echo comes out on the stage wearing a beautifully tailored green dress, her hair put up in a bun. She looks amazing)

Echo: 'Sup, Caesar!

(The crowd laughs, immediately loving her awesome attitude)

Caesar: Nothing much! Happy tonight, are we?

Echo: Yes, I am! Enjoy it while it lasts, right?

Caesar: So, Echo, do you have a hobby back home?

Echo: Yes. I love to sing. I sing songs about my mother, who I never met.

Caesar: Would you mind singing it for us?

Echo: Um, no problem.

A single moment of peace

a single fragment of a loss,

a single second's release,

before the heavens charged their cost.

And the little girl looked on with her shining eyes,

And the wind echoed through the daughter's cries,

and the stars fell down from the blackened skies

as the wind echoed on through the daughter's cries.

Caesar: Wow. That was beautiful.


Caesar: Moving on to District 6!!! Stardle Darrow, COME ON OUT!!

These interviews have been edited out because of what the tributes said. It was so sadistic and creepy that it is not fit for human ears. (This is part of my plan for the creepy tributes, people.)

The district 7 interviews have also been removed, for reasons we cannot tell you. (AKA REBELLION!!!)

The district 8 male's inteview has also been cut for being so abominable.

(By the time Valentine comes out, three people have vomited and almost twenty have fainted. The rest are in emotional shock.)

Caesar: (breaths deeply and calms himself.) Next, Valentine Valerio. Hopefully not as obscene as the rest of these.

(Valentine comes out in a pretty blue dress)

Valentine: Wow. That was insane.

Caesar: Yes, literally. What are your feelings on going up against some of the most vicious, savage, insane creatures to walk the face of the earth?

Valentine: I want to kill them all, because really, the world needs cleansing from these kinds of people. Do you, citizens of Panem, want your children to be exposed to maniacs?


(BUZZER!) (this interview was short because the audience was on its last legs)

Caesar: And now, District 9! Welcome, Flash Sardone!

Flash: Hello, Caesar! Thanks for having me here.

Caesar: Pleasure! Now, Flash, we've learned some things about you during training, and it was discovered that you are on speaking terms with your District partner's sister! Is there anything special between you and Amythest's sister?

Flash: Um, no. But I do have my cap set for someone.

Caesar: Oh, really? So there is someone special. Tell us about her.

Flash: Well, she's . . . amazing. She has this smile, this million dollar smile, and a face that lights up whenever she sees a friend, and her nose wrinkles when she laughs in the cutest way, and she has these eyes . . . they're wide and innocent, and they're bluer than the bluest ocean. She's just beautiful.

Caesar: And the name?

Flash: Um . . . well . . . I don't know if I should say, because then she'll be shocked and feel bad.

Caesar: Why? She already have someone?

Flash: I don't know. But she's popular, and she probably didn't know I existed until I came here.

Caesar: Son, I'll give you the same advice I gave Peeta. You win, you go home. She can't deny you then!

Flash: Winning won't help in my case either. Because if I win . . . Amythest dies.

Caesar: (Shocked) So it's the same as Peeta, then. She came here with you.

Flash: Yes.

Caesar: Oh . . .


Caesar: Time to pull that girl out here and get a response! Amythest, come on out.

(Amythest is wearing a dress that looks like it was made of a cloud. It is long, flowing and white, and has just the tiniest tint of blue in it)

Caesar: Given that heartfelt declaration of love, what are your thoughts?

Amythest: Only that . . . I - I never knew. I barely know him!

Caesar: So it is true that you didn't know that he existed until the reaping?

Amythest: Oh no, I knew he existed. He . . . he was friends with my sister . . .

Caesar: But he didn't make a lasting impression.

Amythest: He did, but it sort of got stuck in the back of my mind. He was just another schoolmate, I guess.

Caesar: So you don't return the affection?

Amythest: I'm still trying to sort things out.


Caesar: Does that break your heart or what? Next up we'll hear from District 10. Come on out, Jed Poren!

(Jed comes out in a black muscle shirt and skinny jeans. You can see the muscles ripple in his arms as he swings them.)

Caesar: How are you, Jed?

Jed says nothing.

Caesar: Not in the mood?

Jed still says nothing. He looks brooding and moody.

Caesar: Do you have family back home, Jed?

Jed: No.

Caesar: Do you care to expound on that?

Jed: No.


Caesar: Wow. Next, Lily Penderghast!

(Lily comes out in a pretty white sundress.)

Lily: Hello.

Caesar: Hi! What about you, Lily? You have family?

Lily: Yes. My mother and father. I have no siblings, but I wish I did.

Caesar: What are your feelings on tomorrow?

Lily: Well, I am calm. I feel safe when I think of home. Hopefully I can take that with me into the arena.

Caesar: That would help.


Caesar: And now the siblings from 11~ first we'll hear from Kimmt!

(Kimmt comes out in a blue suit.)

Kimmt: Hi!

Caesar: How're you?

Kimmt: Good~ a little scared, but good.

Caesar: Well, there's no need to be nervous.

Kimmt: Oh, yeah, I know. Just the thought of tomorrow. I don't know how I did so good in training, but I was expecting around a four. I really have no skill with weapons, which is why I am going to get killed.

Caesar: So what you're saying is, you're not a very good survivor?

Kimmt: Oh, I can survive. I just can't fight. Raeoki has all the skill there.

Caesar: You did survive an attack on your home, didn't you?

Kimmt: Yes, but I only made the strategy. Raeoki did all the work.


Caesar: Raeoki! Come out!

(Raeoki's dress is sleeveless with a pattern of yellow and white daisies on it and a daffodil in her hair.)

Raeoki: Hello, Caesar!

Caesar: Hi! So, is what your brother said true?

Raeoki: He underestimates himself. I think he'll do fine.

Caesar: No, I meant about you. Do you really have some weapon skill?

Raeoki: Um, a little.

Caesar: Such as . . . ?

Raeoki: Well, I can use a knife pretty well. I mean, that's how we escaped our house when it was under attack.


Caesar: And now for Tanner Niles of District 12~ come on out, Tanner.

(Tanner is wearing a t-shirt and jeans.)

Caesar: Tanner, how are you?

Tanner: Scared out of my mind!

Caesar: That's not good!

Tanner: No it isn't!

Caesar: Well, what are you going to do, tomorrow I mean?

Tanner: I have no idea!


Caesar: Time's up for Tanner, next up, last but not least, Aspen Hattiss!

Again, this interview has been labeled explicit for the general public.

Day 1: Bloodbath

1. Micy Cumput

2. Freddy Parel

3. Stardle Darrow

4. Valentine Valerio

5. Lily Penderghast

From Saydee Rider's POV

I can feel my heart pounding as I'm risen up into sun. I take in my surroundings. It's so beautiful here. There are exotic trees, a scent of coconut, and the air is fresh and the perfect temperature. I look to the sides and see that the person to the right of me is that boy with the red eyes and black hair from 8. I made plans to avoid that one. On the other side of me, that beautiful girl from 4. She has her eyes on the Cornucopia, and as soon as the gong rings out, I decide not to engage but to head into the jungle. I turn around and begin to run.

* * *

No longer Saydee's POV

The traditions have been somewhat abandoned in this the second Hunger Games. The "Career Pack", due to a secret arrangement, consists of Andre, Stardle, Porter, Aspen, Kraken and Lucy. As the gong rings out, the first thing that happens is, Micy Cumput runs into the forest, but Lucy follows, catching her and snapping her neck. She falls to the ground and the cannon fires. Freddy Parel reaches the Cornucopia, but Andre has also. He has a pair of Wolverine-type blades that are attached to his hands, and he rips through Freddy with them. He grins evilly as James comes forward, and for a second James looks stunned. Then he runs to the left just as Andre takes a slash, elbows him in the nose, and runs off with a switchblade, a crossbow, and a bucketful of food. Andre stands up, wondering, How did that kid get a one? But then a shout from Stardle draws his attention. Stardle crumples as the blade of Valentine Valerio goes through his heart. Andre looks her in the eye and grins as she comes running. All he has to do is stick out his hand and Valentine is skewered.

Kraken takes out the girl from 10, Lily, and then looks to see if Zeus is around. "I've gotta kill him," she mutters, but he is nowhere in sight.

* * *

Splash's POV

I find Waterlily just before the fighting begins. I try to get her attention, but then she's at the Cornucopia with a trident, water, and a whole bunch of food. She hops off the bounty, but then I see that girl from 6, Porter, raise a bow with an arrow, dripping with a green liquid that I'm sure is poison. And aim it straight at the girl I love. I run for the 6 girl, tackling her onto the ground. A sharp pain rips through me, and I look down to see a gash in my chest. Porter laughs, but I punch her and grab a water bottle and some food, plus a coat with a whole bunch of knives. I run after Waterlily.

Kimmt's POV

I look at my sister to see if she's fazed yet. But she's still plowing through the forest with that determined look on her face. She ended up with a machete and a walking stick, and I have a bowstaff, not that it'll do me much good. I just hope we can both make it through the day.

Amythest's POV

I hear something behind me again, and now I'm sure it's Flash. "Come out here and face me," I yell at him. He comes out of the trees and looks at me sheepishly.

"Hi," is all he says.

"Well, I can't kill you," I say. "You're my sister's friend. She'd hate me if I did it. But you made me look like a complete and total idiot at the interviews! Now I'm the most heartless person in Panem!"

"I -- I'm sorry," he says, with a sincerity in his voice I didn't know he had. "But -- but it is all a show, isn't it?"

"And that is another question of mine. Did you actually mean the things you said about me?" I am blushing for no apparent reason.

And then he says, "Yes. And I always will." He leans down and kisses me lightly.

And then I do something very stupid.

I run away from him, climb a tree, and hide until he stops looking for me.

Tanner's POV

I know from the start that I have little, if that, chance of coming out alive in the Cornucopia. I mean, I scored a FIVE. A FIVE. So when the gong sounds, I am out of there, using one of the only skills I have, which is running.

When I am in the jungle, I meet this cool kid who's name is James Bond. He offers me an alliance, and I warn him that I'm not very good. But he insists, "You're smart. And entertaining. And I like you. So I'll do the fighting and you think up and revise the strategy."

Echo's POV

Leaf and I have allied. We have become good friends over the last few days, although if I want to get out of here, that may not be a very good idea. Now I watch him as he hunts, and he's so strong and quiet, I don't know how he manages. I can't help but think how handsome he looks when he's focused.

Digit's POV

I walk through the forest trying to make no noise when all of a sudden the 11 people come through the trees, a boy and a girl who look like each other. The boy has brown hair and green eyes, and the girl has blond hair and these gorgeous blue eyes. "Hi," I say quickly, "Allies?"

The girl nudges the boy and shakes her head, but the boy says, just as quickly, "Allies."

Zeus's POV

I have found trees that I can burn. I am very happy.

Day 2

1. Kraken Kills

2. Tanner Niles

The Careers awake to find a huge fire roaring towards them. It's man-made, and intentional. All of them freak out except for Aspen, who loves fire, but walks away calmly, and Kraken, whos eyes narrow. "Zeus," she mutters. She walks straight into the trees burning with fire, and Zeus sees her walking toward him. She looks very sinister, the fire casting a strange, flickering light on her features, which are deformed with rage. "You murdered all my friends, the closest thing I ever had to a family. If you don't pay now, someday soon you will." And she grabs her sword and brings it whistling down on him. Zeus closes his eyes and waits for the blow to come . . . but it never does. The next thing he knows, a CRACK rings out, and he opens his eyes to see a burning, corrupted tree where Kraken used to be standing. A cannon fires, and Zeus runs off.

* * *

Digit wakes to the sound of a cannon and the smell of smoke. His eyes water, and he shakes Kimmt and Raeoki awake. They begin to cough, and stand up and begin to run away . . . straight into Tanner and James. James knocks out Raeoki with the butt of his crossbow, and she begins to bleed. Digit lunges forward, picks her up, and carries her away. Kimmt kills Tanner, in the meantime. "Let's get her somewhere safe," Kimmt says.

Digit looks down at the girl and sees how pale she's getting. "The smoke's thinning out. Let's go over there."

* * *

Andre has started out on his own. Saydee hears him, though he moves silently toward her, not knowing she is there. Saydee climbs a tree and watches with bated breath as he passes right beneath her, and then pauses, looks from side to side, and then up. He smiles knowingly, and begins to unpack right beneath the tree. Saydee chokes a sob down and glares at him.

* * *

Echo and Leaf are farther north than any of the other tributes and have found a beach. Leaf watches on the white-sanded shore with a grin as Echo laughs and wades into the beautiful, crystal-clear water, but then she steps on a jagged rock and begins to bleed. "Ow."
  • Dude this thing is creepy
  • AHHH!

Suddenly she screams. "Leaf! Leaf! Help me!" He bolts toward her and sees a very scary fish with huge, bulging eyes and razor sharp teeth leap out of the water and begin gnawing on her finger. He carries her out of the water and almost faints at the sight of her feet, a bloody, mangled mess. He feels them begin to bite him and runs out of the water.

"Are you okay?" He sets her gently down and pushes her sopping hair out of her face.

"I just almost got shredded to ribbons by a bunch of man-eating fish mutts, and you ask me if I'm okay?" Echo chuckles. "But yes, I am alright." She catches his hand on her cheek and holds it there.

"How can you be okay, after that? They could've been poisonous, or . . . or . . .," Leaf looks distressed.

Echo laughs a little. "Would it be too weird if I told you it was because of you?" She smiles shyly at Leaf.

Leaf gives in and grins. "Well, now I'd better think about getting you somewhere where you can't hurt yourself."

She smiles wider. "Where would that be?"

"Oh, I don't know," Leaf says as he lays down with his arm around her. "You always seem to be getting yourself into trouble." And then he kisses her. Suddenly there's a clunk, and a silver parachute falls onto the sand, carrying a huge basket full of luxury food from the Capitol.

They look at each other and grin. Echo says, "Wow, Leaf, the crowds already love us."

(the rest will come later. I must go fight the armies of terror with chocolate frosting)


(And I have returned victorious. Chocolate has prevailed!)

(AHHHHHHHH! They are trying to come back and win . . . now they have barbeque sauce!)

(And turkey, but that's another story. Time to break out the chocolate cake.)

(Ah hah! Take that! And THIS! No, not literally . . . )

(Hey hey hey . . . where'd the onion dip come from)

(No one said you could use that! Not fair!)


(In case you can't tell I'm in the middle of a food fight)

(Austin what the crap? You went to Wallie World and got a PIG?)

Day 3

1. Zeus Bloodingtonolymbusbatmanmcshabadoo Jr.

2. Leaf Stone

From Digit's POV

It's not looking good for Raeoki. She got hit on the head pretty hard by that stupid kid from 2. She bleeds through the night, but woke today after we bandaged her head. She's not the same though -- not as quick, and she also forgets where she is -- a lot. She wakes up screaming this morning and that is when I realize how much I hate seeing her in pain.

From Flash's POV

This whole thing has been one big nightmare. A cannon fires early in the morning, and I could only hope and pray that it wasn't for Amythest. Getting to know her before the games did not help to sever my attachment to her. She really is beautiful, and talented, and funny. And I can't believe she could even question that I meant those words at interviews.

But I continue to search for her, not even for the show but out of worry. She can climb trees, I know this, but wouldn't it be more practical to be on the ground? I mean, there you can move around.

I think these thoughts as I search, when suddenly I trip over something -- the insane boy from 8. His red eyes glare at me, on the ground. I have no weapons. So I begin to punch him with all my strength. He pulls out a knife -- I guess they used to call him Bloody King at home -- and shoves it into my leg. It hurts, but Mr. Wacko doesn't realize something; this means no more knife. I grab it, grit my teeth, yank it out of my leg. And then I stab him twice, in the side. "Amythest?" I yell, running off. I thought I heard something in the trees . . .

From Saydee's POV

As soon as the nine boy runs off, I leap out of my tree, the sponsor-sent syringe full of sedation medicine in my hands. The crazy eight boy was attacked by him, and I don't know why I even care about him, since he's been out to kill me since the beginning. But I felt like I was the one being cut by a blade as I watched him.

I approach him, writhing on the ground in intense pain. He sees me, he catches my eye, and then he notices the syringe in my hand. "No," he screams. "Just because it hurts doesn't mean I want to die!"

"I know," I say. I plunge the syringe into his leg and say, "Sweet dreams," as he falls right to sleep.

Porter's POV

It's been a day and none of us have seen Andre. Oh well. He was a bit nutso from the beginning, I guess. Last night, we Careers were sent all the supplies we could ever want. Food, tents, weapons . . . and poisons. I also have found these scorpions that I can sedate with smoke and leach poison out of.

I slip some into the 5's pot of soup. The boy eats it and immediately begins to convulse, while the girl -- she is quite a mess -- does nothing but scream the boy's name. As his cannon fires, I begin to laugh. I love it when someone happens to eat the only thing I even put poison into.

James's POV

Oh, boy. They've killed my partner.

Waterlily's POV

I don't know what it is, but something is making me feel uneasy, like . . . like I'm being watched. I also hear something behind me every few minutes as I travel through this beautiful tropical jungle, like the ones at home. I found all the fruit to be edible. And extremely delicious. But there must be a catch. I'm sure there will be a mutt attack or something sometime soon, and I want to be safe when that happens. I mean, they wouldn't just let us walk around in a beautiful jungle, would they?

Another crack, loud this time, makes me turn around. Splash steps out of the trees. I glare at him, turn around and quicken my pace. But Splash isn't looking for forgiveness. I hear him running toward me, with . . . with a knife?

I scream, "You're crazy!" and begin to run.

Splash yells, "NO! Waterlily, run! Run! Hurry, they're coming!"

And I turn around as these massive, panther-like creatures, only with three heads and snakes coming out of their bodies come crashing through the trees. There are at least a dozen of them, with glistening fangs at least an inch long and really scary, electrifying green eyes. I run as fast as I can but they are catching up to me. One is on my heels and pounces. This is it, I think. I'm doomed.

Suddenly I'm flying through the air. Someone's arms are around my waist. I look up to see . . . Splash. He has just jumped us off a waterfall! But we're falling way to slowly. I realize he had a backpack with a parachute in it, and the parachute has just been deployed. I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face in his chest.

"Thank you," I say, sobbing. "That was so scary." I realize that the panthers must have been what killed the tribute early this morning. I look up in the sky tonight, and I see that it was Zeus and Leaf, the boy from five, who died. Poor 5 girl . . . she seemed quite attached to him . . .

Day 4- Attack of the Onryo

1. Raeoki Cotwright

2. Jed Poren

3. Lucy-Sky Diamonds

Splash and Waterlily wake up to see that dawn is breaking. "Good thing we jumped off that waterfall, eh?" Splash says, leading Waterlily by the hand toward a tree almost tipping with succulent fruits.

Waterlily grins and lets out a little snort. "Yeah, and I thought you were gonna kill us both."

Splash thinks, she snorts when she laughs. It's cute. Just like everything about her. Man, I wish I could tell her . . . But instead he says, "I knew what I was doing."

Waterlily really laughs this time, a tinkling, bell-like sound, with another perfect snort in the middle. "You jumped off a waterfall and you say you knew what you were doing!"

Splash gives a little laugh too, and then says, "Waterlily, I love your laugh."

Waterlily blushes. She whispers in Splash's ear: "Was that for the show, or for real life? Because everyone else thinks my laugh is weird."

"No," Splash says. "That was real life."

"It was?" Waterlily says, hopeful.

"Yeah, and you know what else?" Splash raises his eyebrows and stares at Waterlily intently, taking her hand.

"What else?" Waterlily can feel her heart pounding.

"Your eyes hold secrets that I can only hope to unlock. Your smile solves all my problems. Your touch sends a shiver of joy up my spine, and holding you in my arms . . . well . . . let me say that was the most heavenly thing I have ever done." Splash says each word slowly, deliberately. "And Waterlily, I can tell you, I swear by the heavens I will do anything I can to get you out of here. Alive."

Waterlily is crying by the end of this. She is silent for a few minutes and then says, "Splash, if there was ever a mountain in between us . . . I'd climb it to get to where you are."

"And I would chip it away, bit by bit, to see you again." Waterlily gasps as Splash pulls her close, and looks her in the eye.

"So do you really love me? Will you? Until the day I die?" Waterlily touches his face.

"Much longer than that, Waterlily. I will love you far longer than forever." And he leans down and kisses her.

* * *

Raeoki is doing much better, and the group decides to move. They are just walking along when Digit finds an oasis, complete with a beautiful view of a canyon, a glittering stream, and an abundance of fresh, juicy fruit. Raeoki is scouting for food about fifty yards away, and Digit looks over and sees her. She looks so pretty, Digit decides to make a mental note of her appearance.

Curly blond hair that curls down onto her shoulders. Her lithe figure clothed in plain clothes, but she looks beautiful just the same. And those eyes . . . those bright blue eyes. Innocent yet having seen things that people her age should not have seen. That smile that is dazzling, that cute little giggle . . .

He shouts her name and she turns. He waves her over and she smiles and begins to walk toward him. Suddenly a crack, and a tree begins to tip and fall right onto Raeoki. Digit starts to warn her, but it is too late, it breaks her body like a twig. He runs toward the flailing girl and takes her in with his eyes. It's is all so wrong . . . the blood, the gasping breaths, the angle of her spine, everything. Digit shouts for Kimmt, who comes through sobbing, knowing something has happened. He kneels down and gives a cry of utmost agony. But that's not the worst part.

The worst part is seeing her, living and dying, gasping for breath, in a state of utmost pain that he will never understand.

* * *

Jed Poren is nearby, as his area is deeper into the forest, and he looks around as he hears the crack. But he sees a terrible sight. A woman, with stringy black hair, and bright, murderous blue eyes, her neck sickeningly limp. It's Micy Cumput's corpse, come back as an onryo, a spirit from the stuff of old Japanese legend. Story says that when a murdered woman is distressed, scared or angry at the time of her death, she comes back from the dead as a zombie-like creature to get vengeance on her killer -- and anyone else who crosses into her territory. He realizes he is standing in the exact spot where Micy was killed, and faster than an Australian can say kangaroo, her zombie incarnation is upon him. She brutally rips out his jaw and he dies.

* * *

Echo Storm is too far away to be affected by the onryo attack. But she is slowly going insane. Her feet have swelled up to the size of a balloon, and when James Bond comes upon her, she looks so pitiful that even he can't help but try to solve her problems.

* * *

Flash has been hiking for more than a day now, searching for the girl he loves. He hasn't seen her face in the sky yet and therefore cannot give up hope.


He gasps and runs toward it, and suddenly Amythest falls down from a tree and runs toward him, hitting him full on and planting a kiss right on his lips. "I'm -- I'm sorry. I was so stupid."

"No," he whispers, burying his face in her hair. "You're perfect."

* * *

Saydee is watching over Andre. He's been out for a couple days now. That must have been strong anesthesia, she thinks.

Suddenly he stirs. She starts and whips out a knife, a little uncertainly. He opens his red eyes and sees her, then glares. He struggles to get up, but can't.

"It's a good thing for you I can't move any of my limbs yet, or else YOUR limbs wouldn't be attached to your body right now," he threatens.

Saydee gives him her best I-just-saved-your-life-and-this-is-all-the-thanks-I-get-you-insulting-evil-maniac look. Suddenly an unearthly cry issues from the trees and a terrible, gruesome thing flies out of them. A figure with bright teal eyes and pink, disheveled hair, and also a man, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes; Freddy Parel and Valentine Valerio. They are deformed, mutated things now, their voices calling in a sing-song voice: "Andre, Andre . . ."

But their faces are most disturbing of all. Their faces are twisted, permanently shaped into a horrible death mask. Valentines is full of anger and hatred, and Freddy's is fearful and furious. They come hurtling toward Andre with the speed of demons. Saydee slashes them with her knives, but they overpower her. They are about to kill her when . . .

Suddenly a smoke rises in the east, and the two things go scurrying toward it.

"Why do I keep saving your life?" Saydee asks Andre contemptuously.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Andre says with the air of someone extremely bored. Then his eyes . . . a flicker of blue dashes across his eyes. For a moment, they appeared the brightest, most brilliant blue. Then they are back to their normal red. "Thank you," he says quietly. "For saving me, I mean."

Saydee's jaw drops. "You've probably NEVER said that to anyone in your life, have you?"

Andre actually laughs. "Can't say I have."

* * *

The fire was started by Aspen, and Lucy and she are rejoicing with Porter. Suddenly the creepy things come and kill Lucy by climbing up her and biting out her tongue. Aspen throws a firey stick at them and the two of them run off.

Day 5


Andre has regained the power to move his arms. I can't say this doesn't frighten me, but something tells me now that while he was way to creepy to ally with a few days ago, something has changed about him. It's not just the random flashes of blue in his eyes. Something within.

A few days ago, it wouldn't have been safe for me to go near him. But now he doesn't seem insane at all. In fact, he hardly seems dangerous. But I still can't trust him.

Suddenly, something hits me right on the head. Ouch! I look over to see a silver parachute carrying a beautiful gold bow, a note, a wicked sword with a jagged, serated blade, and some dried fruit. I open the note to see the handwriting of my mentor, Leshawna, who has never won the Hunger Games but is probably the best singer in all of Panem.

"TAKE NO ALLIES." it says. "Too late," I say. I crumple it up and toss it aside.

"Saydee, allies?" Andre sounds uncertain. It's emotions like these that make me think he's changed. He sounds more sincere than I ever could have thought.

"Andre, we were unofficial allies since the sedative," I say wearily. I turn to see he's got a note also, and a sword almost identical to mine, except with a red stone set on the hilt. It's beautiful, in a creepy and sadistic way, just like . . . no. Bad thought.

* * *

James Bond's POV

I receive a silencer for my crossbow. Echo was unconscious when I found her, one because her feet have been infected by the toxic water and two because of what happened to Leaf. She shouts at me when she wakes. I think she's hallucinating.

"Birds, fish, trees," she shrieks every two seconds. "And the blood, the blood! No Leaf, NO!"

She'll be gone by morning.

* * *


We're really getting noticed now, but I don't even care. I didn't care when some fish, some bread, and two tridents fell down from the sky. I didn't care that the public loved us. I only care that Splash loves me. For real.

Wow. After what happened last night . . . well. It's nice to know that someone cares about me, and not just because of how I look, but for who I am. I had no idea Splash noticed all that, and it's making me oddly self-conscious and stiff around him. But once he has his arms around me, I'm not stiff at all. I practically melt into him, and he's the only real thing in the world right now.

He waltzes with me tonight, the silver moonlight catching his blue eyes and reflecting off his blond hair. Each turn, each step in that we take, is like it's calculated, sent from heaven. Even when I slip from the wet mud that covers the ground in our special glade, he catches me. And as he leans down to kiss me again, I know he'll always catch me when I fall.

The first kiss between Splash and I awakened a melody in the back of my mind. And every kiss since then builds it up until there is an entire symphony playing, a beautiful, heartbreaking, longing melody that would make everyone stop to listen.

Tonight, as he leans his forhead down on mine, I take in the sound of his slow, steady breathing, the whisper of the wind through the trees, the pounding of the waterfall, the reckless beating of my heart, and then I feel the mild pressure of his warm, soft lips on mine, and I can't help but slowly slide my arms around his neck, and lean closer to him, until I am completely enveloped in him.

He is so gentle, even now, as our kiss grows more passionate. He does not hold me to tight. He does not force me to do anything I don't want to do. He is just him. He strokes my face and steps in closer. He loves me so perfectly.

How much better can things be?

As he pulls away, I hum the melody my mind has written. He smiles.

* * *


Well, Kimmt and I have split up. After what happened to Raeoki . . .

Thinking of her, and what she would've wanted, brings me back from the brink of total emotional collapse. I hike through the woods, thinking only of her eyes, her smile.

The ones I'll never see again.

* * *


"Flash?" A quiet voice says behind me.

I'm sitting by the fire, warming up. I turn to see Amythest, her brilliant blue eyes speaking words she'll never say. "Yes?"

"I'm sorry." She's said this over a thousand times now.

"For what?" I ask her again.

"For running off." She's also said this a lot.

And I say, yet again, "It's fine."

"But it isn't!" She exclaims. "I can see it in your face! You're hurt. And I can't erase that look from your eyes."

I look her straight in the eye and say: "You already did."

"What?" She's confused.

"Do you remember that song from over a thousand years ago?" I ask her.

"Which one?" She asks.

"Your favorite one." I nod encouragingly.

"Oh, that one." She looks slightly puzzled and amused, which is very cryptic.

"I'll sing it for you," I say. "To jog your memory." And then, knowing full well she's never heard this song I've written, I begin,

"There was a girl named Amy

she had a very pretty face,

but not the way you would think so,

let me see if I can try to explain it,

she had a smile that could light up a room

and if she moved,

it'd be moving you,

but it wasn't like a magazine

she was just plain gene

her name was Amythest

She never looked in the mirror,

she never liked what she would see,

and even if I tried to tell her,

she wouldn't listen to a word I'd say,

she always wanted what she never had,

but never had what she needed so badly,

someone telling her she was fine

and that's not right

and it's why I'm singing

'Amy ''dont be shy here

Amy don't just lie there

your heart will make my world go round

Amy don't be shy here

Amy please don't cry, yeah,

I always have stop myself,

'cause you're beautiful Amy.

I didn't know if I could tell her,

I didn't know if I could make her see,

she didn't need to find her beauty,

she didn't need to find a way to show me,

they took her moments of being alive

and made them moments of dying inside,

She needed someone to scream her name

and take her pain

and that's why I'm screaming

Amy don't be shy here

Amy don't just lie there

your voice will make my world go round,

and Amy don't be shy here,

Amy please don't cry, yeah,

I always have to stop myself,

'cause you're beautiful

And Amy

You are the one sight my eyes never tire of

it's like I cannot get enough of you


You are the one song left in my symphony,

Like you were made for me,

And Amy don't be shy here,

Amy don't just lie there,

Your soul could make the world go round,

Amy don't be shy here

Amy please don't cry yeah,

I always have to stop myself,

have to stop myself,

have to stop myself,

There was a girl named Amy,

she had a very pretty face."

"Wha -- did you --," Amythest says after, gasping through her tears.

"Yeah, I did," I admit.

"Flash," she says, wiping away a stray tear and coming over to me, placing a warm hand on my face. "My mentor, Primrose, she said I could do a lot better, what with you being a lawbreaking hunter and stuff, but now . . . it's impossible for me to love anyone but you." She sits next to me and I lean down into her, sharing our first non-apology kiss.

Day 6- The Feast

1. Echo Storm

2. Splash Blue (I know . . . sob)

3. Aspen Hattiss

4. Kimmt Cotwright

James' POV

I was right, she was gone by morning.

Late in the afternoon, after they'd come to pick up her body, I heard Claudius Templesmith say, "Remaining tributes, you have done well. We invite you to attend a feast tonight at sundown. Hope to see you there!"

Oh, what've I got to lose?

Andre's POV

Somehow, I don't feel that need to kill anymore. I feel angry, and resentful, and above all regretful, for killing my family. But the bloodlust is gone. Saydee seems to bring out the best in me, and I think it's safe to call us friends. She's very funny, and smart. Every once and a while a twig will snap, and I will whirl around and make sure nothing is following us. For her sake.


I'm not going to let her go to the feast. But I'm going to get us things there.

"Oh, come on," she teases. "Think I'm not up to it?"

"No," I say, "I think I don't want you killed."

"Oh," she says, and is quiet. "You know, a few days ago that was all you cared about."

"What?" I ask.

"Killing me. But you're different now, and . . ." she pauses, and her eyes go wide. "Andre . . . Andre, your eyes . . ."

"Yeah, blood red. Took you that long to notice?" I joke.

"No, they-- they're sky blue." She looks hard into them now, searching my eyes.

"You've changed," she says. "I can trust you."

I brush a strand of hair out of her face and say, "You're safe with me now." And then I realize how happy I am that this statement is true.

She smiles and touches my face, the turns, grabs my hand, and we continue onward.

* * *

Waterlily's POV

I can't believe it. He's gone.

We were so thirsty . . . we'd been running for a very long time. He filled the water bottle up with water, but didn't purify it. Less than half an hour later, he had a burning fever. Less than half an hour after that, his eyes closed forever, leaving me alone.

I scream for him to come back. I need him. But I don't have him. What is up? Where is he? Why hasn't he come for me?

I'm seriously considering eating the deadly nightlock berries. But then I remember what he told me. It echos through my head like it's him whispering it in my ear again.

"So do you really love me? Will you? Until the day I die?"

"Much longer than that, Waterlily. I will love you far longer than forever."

I remember what he would want. What he has told me, and what I can always hold in my heart. I remember that song my mother used to sing to me when I was little.

"Good night my angel, time to close your eyes,

and save these questions for another day,

I think I know what you've been asking me,

I think you know what I've been trying to say,

I promised I would never leave you,

and you should always know,

wherever you may go, no matter where you are

I never will be far away."

I head off, intending to go to the feast, and think to myself, "For Splash."

* * *

Flash and I are in the bushes surrounding the cornucopia at sundown. I scoot closer to Flash as Saydee and Andre arrive in the clearing, running briskly toward the bounty before them. Aspen Hattiss also emerges from the trees, just behind Saydee. As Andre and Saydee pick up some supplies, including a lot of food and some other stuff, Aspen picks up a knife and sends it into Saydee's back. It misses her heart and all of the vital organs in that area, but still she gasps in pain and falls to the ground.

Andre turns and sees blood leaking out of Saydee's back. He also sees Aspen laughing. His eyes flash red again, and he begins to stab, strangle, and otherwise mutilate Aspen. She is an unrecognizable pool of blood by the time Andre is done with her. I bury my face in Flash's shirt and his arm goes around me.

"Saydee," Andre cries, rushing over to her side.

Another figure enters the clearing, and Andre's eyes go red again, this time staying red. He goes over to the figure and mutilates it, like he did with Aspen. What used to be Kimmt Cotwright is now a pile of gore.

Meanwhile, Saydee is screaming, "Andre, stop it! Stop it!"

Andre's eyes go blue again and fill with tears. He makes his way over to Saydee, who, with a great deal of effort, is trying to get away from him. She rolls on the ground in pain. "Did you even change?" she asks quietly.

Andre is startled. "Saydee, I--" he begins, but then he sees the betrayed look in her eyes, and he collapses, sobbing. "No, I didn't. And now, the one person I've ever loved can't trust me."

"What?" Saydee gasps, partly out of pain and partly out of surprise.

"I love you, Saydee," Andre says. "Probably always will."

"And I suppose I love you too," Saydee whispers. "But I'm scared."


James Bond- James's family is dead, but his girlfriend shows up in a revealing gold dress. She is beautiful, with a lovely figure, cascading dark red hair that falls around her in glossy curls, and forest green eyes. Caesar compliments her for her looks, and then says, "So, if you could talk to James, what would you say?" She goes nuts. "OMG I LOVE YOU JAMES! YOU'RE DOING SO GREAT, I'M SO PROUD OF YOU BABY!" Digit Twek- Digit's sister Smokey and brother Jack come and are loved by all. They have that same quiet charm that Digit had on his interview night. But when Caesar asks the final question, "If you could say anything to Digit what would you say?", Smoke says shortly, "I don't know, you killed his girl. What do I say to that?"

Waterlily Wave- Her parents show up, but her little sisters do not. When asked why, the parents burst into tears. "We don't know! They went to the ocean the other day and never came back!" Her father responds to this in a low and deadly voice -- "And we're afraid the same thing will happen to our Waterlily." Then he reverts to his normal voice. "I would tell Waterlily that I'm sorry about Splash, and --" his voice catches, and everyone nearly sobs to see this strong-looking man nearly in tears -- "and we're proud of you and your will to live, for him and for us."

Porter Loklin- Her parents show up furious at the Capitol, for they didn't know that the girl had already sadistically murdered someone, and they think the Capitol has changed her. Caesar asks the questions, but halfway through Mrs. Loklin bursts into tears. She runs offstage, and Mr. Loklin glares at the cameras and says, "Well, thanks, Capitol. First my daughter . . . now my wife."

Saydee Rider- Saydee's family answers the questions quietly. Then, as they walk off, her older brother says, "That crazy boy'll kill my sister! Mark my words."

Andre King- He has no family, so no one shows up.

Flash Sardone- Flash's brother Wade shows up. He looks just like Flash, and is very attractive. When asked, "If you could give a shout out to Flash, what would you say?" he responds enthusiastically, "I'd tell him I was proud of him -- finally getting something to live for. And I'd tell him to take good care of the girl."

Amythest Youth- Her mother and sister, Jade, show up, and say, "Amythest we love you! Come home to us!" Jade just can't hold it back, and says, squealing with joy, "I knew you and Flash were MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!"

Day 7- The Finale

The day begins with President Pew watching the tribute's process. The Capitol is getting bored. Everything is going too smoothly, and nothing unexpected has happened for hours. Just then, in walks the Gamemakers: Elvia Alova, Raph Vargas, Rae Oki, Leshawna Threethreethree, Klax Man, Aus Tin, Team Peeta Forever, Prim Rose, Purple X. Muffin, Earth Twelve, Movie Popcorn, Total Drama Rox, and Brony Twelve (creative, aren't I). They look mutinous.

Team Peeta Forever states, "The Capitol says these games are boring."

Prim Rose says, "They want a twist."

President Pew grumbles, "Twists are for quarter quells," and then says, loud enough for them to hear, "Well, if any of you want to keep your lives or your jobs, I suggest you wipe out as many tributes as possible. With a . . . hmmm . . . shocking twist. Understood?"

"Understood," they all reply. Movie Popcorn rubs his neck anxiously.

President Pew grins evilly. "Good. Klax, remove them from my sight."

An extremely attractive Gamemaker with sea blue eyes and blond hair toward the end of the procession nods. He gives Brony Twelve a nudge, and they all file out. "Klax, you can remain in here."

President Pew goes back to watching the tributes. The young blond president of Panem has secrets to keep.

* * *


I can't believe it. I fell in love with the crazy boy.

But he's better now. SO much better. And to think, a few days ago, he would've killed me.

When I am in his arms, a thrill runs through me, and I smile now as this thing happens again. Andre rests his head against my own, and I can't help but think this is how it always should be. But then a tear slides down my cheek, partly from exhaustion, partly from the fact that soon, soon either I will be without him or he will be without me.

Andre catches the tear. He never misses anything that happens with me, and he can always tell when I'm upset. Now he tilts my face toward his. Then he brushes the tear away and asks, "What's wrong?"

"I'm scared. But that isn't anything new, is it. I'm scared all the time nowadays." I gently touch his face and turn away, afraid of seeing those light blue eyes, for some reason.

"Why?" He ignores the last part I say and spins me around to face him again. Those blue eyes look deep into my own, searching, searching for something.

"I -- I --," I stammer. Why can't I answer?

"It's me, isn't it?" He sounds bored again.

"Well . . .," I gasp.

"Well what? You're afraid. I can see it in your eyes. And for good reason!" He kicks over a bottle of iodine that we received from a sponsor, and I can almost feel him reverting into his mentally insane state. "I'm not safe! I can't get like that around you, or else . . .," Instinctively I wrap my arms around him and stand up on tip-toe -- he's very tall -- to kiss him, ever so gently. He pulls away a little, and collapses, leaning his forehead on my shoulder, sobbing his eyes out. "Saydee, you have no idea how . . . how much the idea . . . how scared I am . . ."

"I do. Because I am afraid. Not of you but of losing you." I kneel down, raise his chin, look him in the eye, and say, "Andre, don't ever change again."

"I won't." He sounds determined. "For you."

"Good," I say brightly. I stand up, then gasp and sit down. Curse this injury.

But something else has been brought to my attention. All around us, the leaves are vibrating. The ground begins to shake violently, and I scream Andre's name as all of a sudden, the level ground beneath us tilts upward without grace, and I go tumbling down what is now a mountain.

* * *

(still Saydee's POV)

As I slide to a halt, side burning with agony, I hear a rush, a hiss, and a howl. I look up to see a towering wave. The beautiful girl from 4 dives expertly into it. I am not so lucky, and I feel like I've been tackled as all around me, seaweed and pebbles fly about. My eyes begin to burn with agony, and my world goes black.

I cannot see. I cannot see. I am blind.

I sense someone beside me and realize I have a knife in my boot. I take out the knife and swipe to the side, catching on a human body. A female voice cries out, and I kneel down and feel her hair. Short. It must've been Porter.

I gasp. Something has pricked my leg, and I collapse, weak.

(no one's POV)

James runs over to Saydee's asleep body and raises a knife, then dies. Andre stands behind him, fire in his eyes, a bloody knife in his hand. They are still blue, but intense.

Waterlily is in a fight with Digit. Digit stabs Waterlily at the same time as she stabs him, and they both look at each other gratefully before dying, returning to their true loves. Flash and Amythest are both fighting Andre at the same time, and Amythest is the first to be taken out.

Flash shrieks, "NO! AMYTHEST!" and begins fighting with even more zeal. But then Saydee wakes up and deals him a blow that should kill him, while being blind. Andre turns to Saydee and hugs her. Saydee's eyes are unfocused. "What happened, Saydee?"

"The water's infected. I think --," but she is cut off by Andre's gasp of pain. What she doesn't know is that Andre has been stabbed by a dying Flash. What she does know is that he's dying. "No. No, Andre, NO!"

He smiles though he knows she can't see him. "No, it's better this way," he gasps. "This way, I can be your eyes. I love you, Saydee."

She screams his name as the final cannon fires, and then the Capitol comes to pick her up.

Victory Tour

All from Saydee's POV

The Victory Tour. The cruel, evil thing. I wish I was still blind, but the Capitol repaired my eyes so that I can see the whole, miserable thing.

District 12-

I can hardly bear to look down at the people. I was shoved just a minute ago, roughly, from the nice little room into the bright sunlight, and I am reminded of the first day of the Games, the smooth sliding from darkness to sunshine. How will I face these people, whos children I have murdered? How, without Andre by my side?

I stare down at the empty plate that should hold Aspen's family. Empty. They're dead. I look to the side and see a tiny boy standing on Tanner's plate. Adorable, with light, soft brown hair that sticks up at all angles and deep, dark brown eyes. The name Seth comes to my mind, and I recall Tanner, in training. He told me about his little brother Seth . . .

A blond girl steps shyly forward to stand on the plate with Seth. And then another, taller and with darker blond hair. She picks him up and cradles him in her arms. I deliver the speech while my heart gives a pang.

District 11-

There is only one plate. Raeoki and Kimmt's grandparents are standing on it, tears sliding down their cheeks. I look at them, feeling their sorrow. I give the speech and will them to know that I know what they feel. Something must be in my voice, because the elderly couple looks up at me and smiles through their tears.

District 10-

Lily's plate holds only a beautiful little girl, with sea green eyes and yellow hair. Jed's holds a young man, about 12, and a stooped, but young, woman who could only be his mother. My heart sinks even lower as I deliver this speech. I think of Lily who was killed in the bloodbath and of Jed who's end was more horrible than any I'd ever seen.

District 9-

I see a handsome young man with Flash's looks. He is hateful. He is hurt. I give my speech without meeting his eyes, or the eyes of Amethyst's family, all with striking red hair.

District 8-

This is the worst district, by far. I can't even keep my tears to myself. As one slides down my cheek, I stare at the empty plate that would've held mourning parents, a little sister. I stare and stare. It's not fair, that some people have a family and some don't. Valentine Valerio's plate is empty as well.

District 6-

Porter and Stardle's plates have people on them. A sobbing mother and a murderous father stand on Porter's, and some happy family is on Stardle's. They sicken me. Their son is gone and they don't even care . . .

District 5-

Echo's brother and father stand on her plate. One of them holds a picture of the beautiful girl. They look up at me gratefully as I thank Echo for her song at the interviews. Leaf's plate is crowded with little boys, all looking up intelligently and sadly. My heart suffers more cracks in it.

District 4-

I was completely unprepared for the kind people of 4. They present me with a huge bouquet of sea lillies and I can't keep the tears down again as I look at the families of the two tributes who shared a bond like Andre's and I. Here is where I crack. "I'm sorry. The Capitol is despicable. Taking your children, who had a love so perfect, and murdering them. I'm sickened with myself and the government --" I have time to say before I'm cut off my something hitting the back of my head. Little white stars pop in my eyes and I black out.

Districts 1, 2 and 3

I watch Districts 1, 2, and three on TV. I'm not allowed in public right now. Strapped to a pure white table, writhing and screaming, I watch as a Capitol person says, "Saydee is unwell. She asks me to tell you how grateful she is . . ."

I hate my life.

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