Welcome to the 175th Annual Hunger Games Page! If you would like to enter please read the rules and fill this out:








Do you want allies:


Then post in the comments box!

Name Age District Weapon Personality Gender Killed Fate
Rosemelrose Divage 12 1 Knife Throwing, Bow and Arrows, Speed Childish, immature Female
Nico Pace 16 1 funny, can play dumb sometimes, but strong and aggresive. A big keen backblader Male
Lily Axelhurst 18 6 Knife Sweet, Serious, Nice Female
Sakura Runner 15 7 Stealth, Throwing axe and Throwing knives Removed, stealthy, easily offended and hotheaded if agrivated. Female
Rue 12 11 Slingshot Shy and Sweet Female
Rosemelrose Divage 12 12 Knife Throwing, Bow and Arrows, Speed Childish, immature Female
Sorry some more!
Token Allies
Nacklace Rosemelrose Yes Carees
a genuie human skull Nico Whatever
Braclet Lily Yes
A peice of wood carved into a beutiful, magestic, dolphin Sakura Yes
Good luck necklace Rue Yes with D12 Female
Necklace Rosemelrose Yes with D11 Female



  • Only two tributes per person.
  • When in a fight, you cannot simply say "And the other tribute died." The other tribute has to agree. But the tribute who is supposed to say cannot say "I will not die." everytime. If the Tribute has received a fatal wound and can find no way to cure it, I will add the Tribute to the death list.
  • Other rules that are applied in the book.
  • Since this is the 7th Quater Quell , the twist is to battle on internet!!

The Taken

D6 Female, D1 Female, D12 Female, D11 Female, D7 Female

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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