Hey guys! This is my first games, so please be patient with me!

I will do reapings and training scores.

Maximum of 3 Tributes!











Tributes Name Strengths Weaknesses Personality Appearance

Glitter Fabulous,16

Is fast and can get a tribute not to kill her Gets sick easily Acts nice, to hide her deadly nature Blond hair, blue eyes, tall, and flawless skin

Superb Golden, 17

Is pretty strong Won't kill girls Charming, kind Tall, muscular, brown hair, green eyes, a start of a beard
D2F Demetria Callito, 15 Climbing, weapons, fast runner, flexible, very likable. spear, knives, bow & arrow Swimming, complete darkness Funny, smart, sweet, caring, alluring, but devious. Very energetic and pert. Confident, risky, stubborn. Large brown curls with red highlights, hazel eyes, tall, confident, fit, thin, fashionable, beautiful
D2M Clay Ferrentino, 15 Sword, Mace,Running, stealth, hiding, strength, swimming, sword, many other weapons Bow, climbing Shy, quiet, funny Blond hair, leaf green eyes, tan, fit, cute, strong

Ruby Hyrglas 16

Intelligent, Honest, Axes, Katanas, Brave Is scared of losing her life, isn't always alert and not overly strong Sweet, Kind, friendly and shy. Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Light Skin
D3M Manuel Beamly, 16 Strategical, good with bow and arrows, physical strength and camoflage. running, climbing, hand-to-hand combat, making friends. Extremely quiet, Observant, Arrogant, Accepts what is given and is not stubborn about anything, secretive, untrustworthy and hard-working. Brown-Red Hair, thin
D4F Mistalia Caliden,17 Misty is a good swimmer and climber, and she has deadly accuracy. She is lightning fast, and very flexible and strong. She is very smart and clever, and can think of solutions quickly. If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them, and would never be able to hurt them. Sweet, charming, friendly, funny,sly, sneaky, smart, clever, but not afraid to kill her allies to Win. Loyal for a while, but will turn fast. Tanned, long silky golden brown curls. Petite. Muscular. Thin. Beautiful ocean blue eyes. Gorgeous.
D4M Thomas Quince, 15 Very good with trident and a Spear, can climb very well and can jump high. Afraid of lightning and doesn’t like insects. Kind and nice boy. Black hair, short. Not a very tall boy. Brown eyes.
D5F Misty Thurman, 14 Agaility, swimming, speed, plant knowledge and stealth (and singing, if it matters) Thunderstorms, blood and freezes if scared Sweet, outgoing, brave, funny, nice and insane. Dirty, long, brown-red hair, dull blue eyes, small, skinny 5.2" (also Foxface's cousin)
D5M Rogue Gupta, 18 long distance running, two-handed-weapons, swimming and is likable Weak Survival Skills, doesn't have good strategy, low self esteem, Friendly, Flirty, Respectful, Sympathetic, Practical and he has willingness to do things. Indian, Tan skin, Black Hair, brown eyes, muscular and bulky.
D6F Milly Clatch, 14 Smart and good-looking, good at hiding and animals like her very much. Bow and arrow. Her brother, swimming, running and all other ways to move. Sweet and elusive. Long brown hair with blue eyes. She is quite muscular for a girl.
D6M Ronwo Pot, 14 Is good at climbing, and is VERY fast his left arm twiches occasanily, and he is a lefty... quiet, shy brown hair, yellow eyes, elflike shaped ears, big head, and small body
D7F McKenna Serint, 15 Axes (prefers throwing), aim, plant knowledge, running, climbing Swimming, making friends, strength Shy, observant, slightly arrogant Dark brown hair, electric blue eyes, tan, fit, 5'6
D7M Zaine Tisch, 15 Speed, Climbing, Swimmin, throwing knives, traps Agility, Making Allies, Sick alot Quiet, Frendly, Flirty 5'5 Green hair
D8F Roxy Clover, 17 Aim, Speed, Agility, Throwing Knives, Slingshot. Strenght Swimming Climbing Outgoing, Brutal 5'3 Medium White Hair
D8M Flicks Marvel, 17 Speed, Agility,Spears, Traps Climbing, Swimming, Making Allies, Seeing in the dark Quiet, Deceving, Michevous 5'8, Short White Hair, Different Colored Eyes
D9F Jane Skye, 15 Like a ninja,can go anywhere without being noticed. She has shown great skill using an sword but HATES using it. Will try not kill anyone and HATES using the sword Clever, Shy, Sneaky, and Smart Long wavy brown hair, violet eyes, soft facial feature and average height
D9M Joonas Demetrius, 15 Strong, Sword, Fast, Brutal Afraid of fire Won't show any mercy to younger tributes, arrogant, loves to fight He has short black hair, silver eyes, Many muscles in the arm, 6,0"
D10F September Rollo, 18 Claw skills, soeed and aim. Bow and Arrows She's not the strongest girl in District Ten and her insecure nature means she'll ally with anyone, even those who'll backstab her. Sweet, Kind, Innocent and Insecure. 5"7, Blonde Hair, Chocolate Eyes, Tanned Skin
D10M Henry House,14
D11F Alana Berlin, 13 Endurance, throwing knives, killing, strength, stealth, climbing Scared of heights, camoflge Won't listen to anyone, rebbelious, ,stubbern, hates waiting, not very nice or social Long dirty blond hair, dark green eyes, barely smiles, pale, 5'1


Reseved for GrimReaper8080 Good in making friends, good with bow and arrow Afraid of heights Nice to others, calm, kindly He has tanned skin and light blue eyes. He also has light maroon colored hair, shoulder length, with a silver circlet around his head and a big scar on his forehead
D12F Katrina Edenor, 17 Can throw knives really far, and can go weeks without food Will faint at the sight of blood Brave, Courageous, Outgoing Blonde Hair and Brown Eyes ( A mix of the Merchants area and Seam look) . Katrina's hair is put back in a pony tail.5'2


DISTRICT 1 Glitter Fabulous's POV

I wake up, put on my best dress- a long, flowing purple one- and head down to the square with my mom and little sister. We are some of the last to arrive so I go to my area and stand for about a minute before our escourt plays us the video. "Ladies first!" He hollers, and walks over to the bowl with the girls slips. "Anabelle Het..." "I volunteer!" I yell. I look to my mother and she has a proud smile on her face. I walk up to the stage and stand firmly, grinning, while the escort walks the boys reaping ball. "Jos..." "I volunteer!" a tall, muscular boy with brown hair shouts. He walks up to the stage and and stands next to me. "Shake hands!" our escort says happily. We do, and are then escourted into the Justice Building.

DISTRICT 2 Clay Ferrentino's POV

I walk down to the breakfast table, dreading today, the day of the reaping. I'm not like the rest of my district, I don't want to volunteer or be reaped. My father gives me a hard time about this, he wants me to volunteer and win this thing. He's constantly nagging me about it and gets real nasty sometimes. As we head down to the square, I think to myself, 'Why don't I just volunteer? It'll shut my dad up for good. Maybe then he'll be proud of me.' I've decided. I'm going into the arena. After the video, our escort picks our girl. "Ga..." I volunteer!" someone screams. A tall, beautiful girl walks up to the stage and stands proudly next to the escort. Wow, atleast i'm going into the arena with someone like that. "Time for our boy!' "Haro..." "I volunteer!" I yell. I walk confidently up to the stage with a triumphant smile set on my lips. I shake hands with Demetria and we walk into the Justice Building. I can do this, I think to myself.

DISTRICT 3 Ruby Hyrglas's POV

It's the day of the reaping. I'm very nervous, I don't want to get picked. I don't want to go to my death in the arena. I walk to square and my best friend, Renny comes up and he walks the rest of the way with me. When we get there, he says, "Good luck." I return the statement and I give him a hug. I walk over to my section and watch as out escort walks over to the girls reaping ball.'Please don't let it be me' I whipser to myself. "Ruby Hyrglas!" Our escort booms. "oh, no..." I walk up to the stage,my face is pale, but I musn't appear weak. I must be strong. " Manuel Beamly!" our escort shouts. A tall, thin boy with perfect dark red hair walks up to the stage. I know him, he's in my year at school. He's quiet and a little arrogant at times. I shake his hand and we are taken into the justice building, our fates sealed.

DISTRICT 4 Thomas Quince's POV

Once I've woken up, we start for the square. My Older brother is coming along as well as my 11 year old sister. I want to win this thing. I know I can. I've been training a long time for it, but what if my brother volunteers first? I know he's been itching to, and he's been talking about it since the last games. Our escort calls out the girls name."Cari..." I volunteer!" Another girl screams. She walks up to the stage, an innocent but sly smile set across her face. "And now for our boys!" "Ke..." I VOLUNTEER!" I scream, a little louder than necessary. My brother shoots me an ugly look as I cross through the crowds. he's not happy with this, I can tell. I walk up and shake Mistalia's hand. It's firm and she flashes me a pearly white smile. I smile back, knowing we will probably team up as careers together with the tributes from 1 and 2. If they're not weaklings, of course.

DISTRICT 5 Misty Thurmans's POV

I wake up to a cold, damp, foggy day. Perfect weather to match the occasion, I think to myself. The day of the Reaping. My family and I walk down to the square together, all hoping that I or my older sister will not be picked. I walk over to stand with all the other 14 year old girls. Once our secourt, Vera, has shown us the video, she walks merrily over to the girls's bowl. I'm crossing my fingers. "Misty Thurman!" our escourt booms. I freeze. eventually a peacekeeper starts pulling me towards the stage. Once i'm there, however, I'm quickly snapped back to reality as the boy's name is called. "Rogue Gupta" A muscular, bulky boy with tanned skin walks up to the stage and stands next to me. He's looking at his feet and doesn't appear to be very confident in himself. Well, atleast Rogue looks like a nice enough guy. Maybe we can ally? I don't know, but his handshake is firm and strong and makes me feel a little better.

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