Welcome to the 58th Annual Hunger Games! This is my first Games, and I'm really excited. But there are some ground rules.


  • You can have a maximum of 3 tributes, no more than 3.
  • Lunaii must be provided, but I will be willing to make one for you.
  • We have sponsors, but you are not allowed to send them to your own tribute. It has to be from someone else.
  • Fill out the template provided completely. Of course, you do not have to do the optional ones.
  • No links to anything, just fill out the information for your tribute.
  • I accept tributes from past Games, as long as they aren't a victor.
  • No gary-stus/mary-sues.
  • The victor is not preselected or used on or anything. I pick them based on my (secret) opinion of them, so no bribing. (Well, maybe c:)
  • Don't get mad if your tribute doesn't. (Well, you can be mad just don't flame me or anyone xD)
  • Reservations never run out.
  • Enjoy!






Description (Looks):


Approx. Weight:






Possible Alliance:




* indicates optional choice.


58th HG Map


Name District Gender Age Height/Weight Strength(s) Weaknesse(s) Weapon(s) Other User
Colton Throne 1 Male 18 6'5, 180 lbs Strong, Running, Climbing Hunting, Swimming, Attitude Sword, Traps, Spear Necklace with his brother's ring Bacon
Nakomis Romanos 1 Female 16 5'2, 100 lbs Aura reading, spiritual healing strength, hunting, climbing, swimming Slingshot She's considered a hero Emma
Ark Cindre 2 Male 12 5 ft, 100 lbs Likes blood, strong, fast, charming Not very well at swimming Knive, Needles, Hands, Swords Token:white surgical mask TehOnlyUmbreon
Sharpe Cindre 2 Female 12 5 ft, 98 lbs Fast, Strong, can kill Climbing and living without Ark Knives, crossbow, sword Token: white surgical mask Tehblakdeath
Damian Byte 3 Male 12 4'11, 103 pounds Hotwiring, fast, smart, strategizing, saving food,hiding, traps Public speaking, socializing, stress, kind of weak Electricity, Chain & Hook, Blowgun and Darts Token: Toy handcuffs Connor
Bruttle Clay 3 Female 16 5'6, 112 lbs eleftricity, climbing, swimming hunting, killing, strength Knives and Bow & Arrow Token: Angel Pin Dustin
Tyler Clifton 4 Male 17 6'2, 160 lbs Swimming, Running, Hiding Climbing, heights Trident, Awl Token: Golden Coin Bacon
Liv Seasal 4 Female 15 5'8, 8.5 stone  Bringing out the 'beast' in people. Killing Being Kind. Evil Trident Token: A ring Nightlock Kryptonite
Jake Powerhouse 5 Male 15 6'3, 130 lbs Charming, plant knowledge, Running Swimming , Strength, Hand-to-hand Sickle, Wire Token: A small ball of wire. Bacon
Rosa Solarie 5 Female 14.5 5'3, 121 pounds Not gullible, smart, swimming, looks, resourceful, healing, fire making. Frigophobia (fear of cold), not very good physically, she has so much red it's easy to see her  Club, whip, and wire Token: Photovoltaic cell Connor
Blade Spectrus 6 Male 14 5'1, 105 lbs speed, strength and agility  Climbing, light sleeper Spear, knives and swords Token: Locket Tehblakdeath 
Greata Maverick 6 Female 13 5'3, 103 lbs Fast running, climbing, intelligence Allys, bad swimmer Golok, meathook Token: Mockingjay pin Emma
Fleck Dinaty 7 Male 17 6'1, 190 lbs strong, defensive, hand to hand combat, climbing Slow runner, swimming Axe, ropes, spears/knives Woodchip on a chain Kaeghan <3
Beria Selian 7 Female 16 5'1, 125 pounds Sweet, smart, her weapon, good swimmer Shyness Throwing axe Token: Bracelet weaved from reeds Connor
Dome Citidel 8 Male 15 5'11, 140 lbs Clever, cocky, well-liked, agile, strong, loyal Stubborn, trust, swimming, curiousity Hatchet, Ice Pick, Knives Token:Baseball Cap Hybrid Shadow
Reserved 8 Female Am I Dreaming?
Silver 'Clocky' Clockson 9 Male 16 5'11, 120 lbs bloodthirsty, speed, agile, strong, fast reflexes pocket watch constantly ticks. double knives Token:Pocketwatch TehOnlyUmbreon
Reserved 9 Female Am I Dreaming?
Talon Wren 10 Male 18 6'1, 212 lbs High endurance, high weaponry skills Acrophobia, leaving family forever Axe, whip A cross necklace Hybrid Shadow
Icelia Wintersmith 10 Female 16 5'7, 110 lbs Running, Hiding, Climbing Swimming, Strength Traps, Knives Token: Necklace Bacon
Panthern Agrios 11 Male 14 5'8, 120 lbs Strong, hunting, swimming, intelligence Injuries, climbing, running the distance Knife, chained bear trap Thistels tooth Emma
Helena Krisp 11 Female 18 6'2. 8 stone Heartless, killing, headstrong Arrogant, soft side, water Katana Token:Vile of her own blood Nightlock Kryptonite
Wolfgang 'Wolf' Fang 12 Male 15 5'9, 150 lbs Strong, smart, swimming, sight, stamina Climbing, socializing Chained sickle, throwing knives has Anthropophobia  Hybrid Shadow
Deliliah Brooklyn 12 Female 14 5'6, 7 stone Skilled with knives, nursing Passes out a lot, unwilling to kill throwing knives Token: Knife handle w/ green fox Nightlock Kryptonite

Tributes at a Glance

Training Scores

I'm on chat, so private message me your tributes's private training. If not, leave it on my talk page or in the comments. Remember, nobody's perfect.

District Male Tribute Male Score Female Tribute Female Score


Coming soon.

Tribute Placing

Tribute Name District Cause of Death Killed by... Day Killed Placing Number of Kills

Let the 58th Annual Hunger Games Begin!

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