President: President Lollipop

Game Makers: Funkyfun830, Susila, SoksRok, and ILuvCats


District 1:

Female: Noella Raen

Male:Kerreth Smith

District 2:

Female: Kya Canin

Male: Bob Stereo

District 3:

Female: Kimmy Geraldine

Male: Ezekiel Tarren

District 4:

Female: Bow Jennings

Male: Love McTrevor

District 5:

Female: Terrice Rice

Male: Kellen Mover

District 6:

Female: Elly Deather

Male: Koy Martin

District 7:

Female: Allegra Musa

Male: Mad Lotter

District 8:

Female: Bella Trice

Male: Him Hatter

District 9:

Female: Ezabelle Kimmer

Male: Young Kiett

District 10:

Female: Maaryah Beatrose

Male: Zigger Monee

District 11:

Female: Rosie Caario

Male: Hayfire Buurhn

District 12:

Female: Darcie Zany

Male: Zeet Crossroads

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