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  • I live in District 11
  • My occupation is Tribute and HGF hunger games fanatic.
  • I am F
  • Rue3456

    Tribute stories 1

    October 25, 2012 by Rue3456

    Rues story

    ch 1 part 1

    I wake up just when the sun has risen. My heart races and my palms sweat with fear. I cant be late to harvesting! They'll kill me, i think, but then i realize that today is the reaping. I dont have to go to work after all today, but i will have to harvest tommorow. I slide off the edge of the bed that I share with two of my sisters, then walk to the corner of the room, get dressed, and put on my shoes. I walk over to our small, ugly wooden table and look on it. theres no food again. I will have to go get some. i silently walk out the door, fearing i'll wake my parents, and slip out to the back of the house. It is a very hot day here in district eleven. We never see snow and the only rain we get are powerful storms that…

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  • Rue3456


    July 16, 2012 by Rue3456

    Lately ive been looking at HG fan art. WELL i am looking at a future Panem map(the best one i've seen) and well....a lot of us in the U.S. wont make it according to her or him. here is a link to it : ............go figure.......later on ill tell you the fancasts..later 4 now.

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  • Rue3456

    Glimmers story ch3

    June 28, 2012 by Rue3456

    It is a short car ride to the train from the justice building. I travel in cars all the time. For school. Three times a year we are given a tour around a factory that produces one of our luxury items. The trips are dull and boring. We learn about reading and writing and math and all that, but it always goes back to our industrys work. Then theres the weekly lecture on the dark days, which is just about the districts losing and how the hunger games were created, but I can tell its just all that crud about what we owe the capitol. Just because we are one of the most favored districts of the capitol doesnt mean we get a blind eye turned to us.

    Soon, we arrive at the train. Its a large, shining, silver train that can speed up to 250 miles per h…

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  • Rue3456

    Of course my grandmother was a victor. Almost everyone here is related to a victor. This is why Iam expected to win. My mother and fathers dream was to get picked. But i know why. And for some reason I dont feel the same way. I just want to stay here, where life is simple and fufilling and I get whatever I want. But I cant let this show. I have to act like I really want to be here and Iam going to win. Because this a how a career must act.

    I have no other people see me. Because i know what they will say. How I have to win and I must and I will and blah blah blah. People refuse for me to brush their "goodbyes" away, but like I care. Who does? Well, besides that, I have my own issues. Weaponry? I have been trained to use a bow and…

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  • Rue3456

    Glimmers story ch 2

    June 25, 2012 by Rue3456

    Chapter 2 Part 1

    It is time to say goodbye to those i love. My mother is in first, and she wears a devilish grin on her face. Im not shocked. My mother has been waiting for either my twin sister or I to get picked and win since we were eligible.My twin follows behind my mother and her face has no emotion. None whatsoever. "Well," I tell them, "talk." " Oh my little career! I always knew one of my daughters would win the hunger games!!" My mother is overjoyed. " I havent won yet. If I win." My sister still does not speak. My mother now wears a frown. " If??.... No,no,no,no,NO! You are gonna beat the others senseless. Do you hear me?" Finally, Shimmer speaks up. "Glimmer. Heres your ring that you lent me....wear a tribute token…

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