Of course my grandmother was a victor. Almost everyone here is related to a victor. This is why Iam expected to win. My mother and fathers dream was to get picked. But i know why. And for some reason I dont feel the same way. I just want to stay here, where life is simple and fufilling and I get whatever I want. But I cant let this show. I have to act like I really want to be here and Iam going to win. Because this a how a career must act.

I have no other people see me. Because i know what they will say. How I have to win and I must and I will and blah blah blah. People refuse for me to brush their "goodbyes" away, but like I care. Who does? Well, besides that, I have my own issues. Weaponry? I have been trained to use a bow and arrow, but how good am I? Not alot. But come on, what else do I have? I can run fast. dont need that..? I can get a knife into the dummies we have but i cant throw far...Oh, whats the point? I wont need to kill. I can..hope the others destroy each other before Iam dead. No, I'll be dead before that happens. I will worry about that later. Another issue: Marvel. He doesnt even look like he would be a career if I was there. Maybe He'll kill me. In some sad, hopeless way. And I'll die at the hands of my own partner...

No. I will come home. I must. I will accept my position as a career and like it if it kills me! It might though. But like I said before, who cares???

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