Chapter 2 Part 1

It is time to say goodbye to those i love. My mother is in first, and she wears a devilish grin on her face. Im not shocked. My mother has been waiting for either my twin sister or I to get picked and win since we were eligible.My twin follows behind my mother and her face has no emotion. None whatsoever. "Well," I tell them, "talk." " Oh my little career! I always knew one of my daughters would win the hunger games!!" My mother is overjoyed. " I havent won yet. If I win." My sister still does not speak. My mother now wears a frown. " If??.... No,no,no,no,NO! You are gonna beat the others senseless. Do you hear me?" Finally, Shimmer speaks up. "Glimmer. Heres your ring that you lent me....wear a tribute token... people will remember that the emerald matched your eyes....l-look..i-i-if you dont...w-make it back...know that...we love you...and..i..will..miss you!" She hugs me, but then a peacekeeper comes to send them away.

Huh. Forgot about the emerald ring my grandmother once gave to me. She said there was something special about it, but what? Emerald isnt rare here. our industry is luxury, so we have diamonds all the time. The silver band around it isnt that great either. My grandmother..was a victor.

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