Rues story

ch 1 part 1

I wake up just when the sun has risen. My heart races and my palms sweat with fear. I cant be late to harvesting! They'll kill me, i think, but then i realize that today is the reaping. I dont have to go to work after all today, but i will have to harvest tommorow. I slide off the edge of the bed that I share with two of my sisters, then walk to the corner of the room, get dressed, and put on my shoes. I walk over to our small, ugly wooden table and look on it. theres no food again. I will have to go get some. i silently walk out the door, fearing i'll wake my parents, and slip out to the back of the house. It is a very hot day here in district eleven. We never see snow and the only rain we get are powerful storms that ensure that our crops will grow. Theres always enough food to send to the capitol, but ther never seems to be any left for our family. I jump over our back gate and land on a patch of sweet, fresh grass. Quickly i collect it and stuff it in my pocket. Then i walk over a few house down to where the crops are. Usually, id be working and so would my neighbor and friend Thresh. Hes so powerful, they make him help drag whatever we can collect in a burlap sackto the trains. Its a hard job, but one he can handle. Once i sneak past the fields and small shack-houses, i walk over to my garden. It was my little sister, Deenas, idea to create it. We'd found this place a couple years ago, and she, seeing the rich soil and great oppourtunity, planted seeds......

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