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  • RueButtercup

    The Demigod Games

    August 4, 2012 by RueButtercup

    Well, I'm finishing up another Games right now but I think I just got a GENIUS idea!

    I'm going to have a games with kids from the Olympians + Hades (!) -Hera (so yeah, there will be kids from the Big Three) in the ages between 12 and 18

    So I'm a big fan of Percy Jackson too!!!

    I'm not going to have any minor gods like Iris and Nemesis and so on and so on. There will be one daughter and one son of each the gods participating... (And I don't feel like writing a backstory :/) Two of Artemis' huntresses (suggested by Mysims) are in too

    There will be 24 tributes (create your own)

    Two of Artemis' huntresses (suggested by Mysims) are in too.

    Reservations end in 2 days

    Think a little of what special powers they have when you fill in their skills and tact…

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  • RueButtercup

    This will be a kind of fanfiction of Hunger Games.

    There will be Reapings, Chariot Rides, Training scores, Short interviews, Games.

    You can enter 2 or 1 tributes and if you enter two they don't need to be from the same district.

    If you want to enter a tribute post following ( in a comment):









    Token (not mandatory):


    I know it's a lot to enter but please...

    will be very simple.

    You can give your tribute 1 sponsorgift/day and if you kill a tribute you get like more money so you can buy one bonus.

    Tribute Number of gifts available
    Galaxie Prope[] 4
    Sean Dansin 1
    Tanya Swan 3
    Draco Woods 4
    Dolls Mgurf 2
    Johnathan Hunted 1
    Pearla Damon 4
    Wren Hayes 4
    Aurora Wilde 1
    Tim de Winter 3
    Lynnette Handsow…

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  • RueButtercup


    May 2, 2012 by RueButtercup

    Hello! I'm a new user and I am a human! I love the hunger games - and yeah...

    I live in Sweden and my favourite characters are:

    Well yeah, so sweet and tiny and clever... R. I. P. RUE!

    He's funny and nice and understanding.

    Yeeah! I love her! She's so funny smart and witty!

    He's so SUPER smart and I admire him!

    A nerd - like me

    She's a genius - but a bit strange - yeah

    Nice and nice and super BEST!

    (yes, my grammar isn't perfect)

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