This will be a kind of fanfiction of Hunger Games.

There will be Reapings, Chariot Rides, Training scores, Short interviews, Games.

You can enter 2 or 1 tributes and if you enter two they don't need to be from the same district.


If you want to enter a tribute post following ( in a comment):









Token (not mandatory):


I know it's a lot to enter but please...


will be very simple.

You can give your tribute 1 sponsorgift/day and if you kill a tribute you get like more money so you can buy one bonus.

Tribute Number of gifts available
Galaxie Prope[] 4

Sean Dansin 1
Tanya Swan 3
Draco Woods 4
Dolls Mgurf 2
Johnathan Hunted 1
Pearla Damon 4
Wren Hayes 4
Aurora Wilde 1
Tim de Winter 3
Lynnette Handsows 3
Marson McKellen 1
Kat McCoran 3
Christian Lorne 1
Luna Snare 4
Reggie Miller 1
Liberty Friar 1
Collin Oats 2
Karmin Johnson 2
Tristan James 1
Lizza Willow 1
Lewis Rye 4
Elin Lauyner 1
Jacob Pribe 1


The arena is a plain with some groves with different kinds of trees where you can hide. The Cornucopia is on an island in a big dark - but sort of shallow - lake. Between some groves there are springs and cliffs, but also between some: deserts and marshy cold areas. In some groves there are tracker jackers and wolflike muttations that spit acid. In a marshy area there are vampires and in the biggest desert there are poisonous snakes with tracker jacker venom that gives you hallucinations.


Map of Arena and the current positions of the currently alive tributes. Morning Day Two.

The red dots are the tributes/alliances.

The dead tributes aren't on the map, though the dying are.


Female Tribute User: Male Tribute: User:
D1: Galaxie Prope Thena.airice14 D1:Sean Dansin Rainbow Shifter
D2: Tanya Swan Cato rocks! D2: Draco Woods Cato rocks!
D3:Dolls Mgurf Rainbow Shifter D3: Johnathan Hunted Mysims
D4: Pearla Damon Wikia...1 D4: Wren Hayes Catnipkatniss
D5: Aurora Wilde NerdDFTBA D5: Tim de Winter Justafox
D6:Lynnette Handsows The Hunger Games Girl D6:Marson McKellen Cbuscrew334
D7: Kat McCoran Mysims D7:Christian Lorne NerdDFTBA
D8: Luna Snare Justafox D8: Reggie Miller 2legit2quit
D9: Liberty Friar Thena.airice14 D9: Collin Oats desirée_snyh
D10:Karmin Johnson AshtonMoioLover D10: Tristan James FHT
D11: Lizza Willow Wikia...2 Lewis Rye Rue district11
D12: Elin Lauyner desirée_snyh D12: Jacob Pribe Cbuscrew344


YEah, the reapings, can be interesting...

District One

Well, they are in a nice mood and the escort smiles and she says:

"Let the 1st annual Hunger Games begin!" applause from the crowd. "Ladies first!"

In the back you can see some twelve-year-old girls dreading that the volunteers will be to late.

"Carrie Stewart!"

"I volunteer as tribute!" That we can hear many girls scream, but a black-haired girl with white highlights has caught the escort's eye.

"What is your name dear?"

"Galaxie Prope." The tall girl says.


"Now the waiting gentlemen - David Shallo."

"I-VOLUNTEER-AS-TRIBUTE!" The loudest-speaking boy is a tall, muscular boy with red hair and a tattoo almost covered by his fringe. He is called Sean Dansin.

The crowd cheer but a lot of the 18-year-olds envy them.

District Two

"Welcome! Let's get the PARTY started with a wonderful GIRL TRIBUTE!"

"Isabella Swan." A tall girl with dark brown hair gets out of the crowd just when -


"Nice speech - but what is your name dear?"

The tall, arrogant-looking girl with short black hair replies: "Tanya Swan."

"Oh, that MUST have been your SISTER."

Tanya gets some admiring looks from boys - and angry from girls.

"And our gentleman TRIBUTE is ... Oscar Dudu."

"I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE!" A crowd screams in unison - but the escort points at a tall boy.

"I AM DRACO WOODS." he says and we get a big applause from the audience.

District Three

In District Three the mood isn't nearly as cheerful as in the previous. All the eligible children are twisting and turning in the knowledge that the odds clearly are against someone volunteering for them.

The escort smiles and starts bubbling about the honour of competing in the games and what it means for your district if you win. Some packages at Parcel Day, a lot of honour, a year without battling with starvation - though the escort doesn't say that aloud, they all translate his speech into that.

"Our wonderful female tribute is.................. Dolls Mgurf."

"oh, no", Dolls whispers as she slowly walks up on the stage. Dolls Mgurf is a seventeen-year-old girl with brown blondeish hair in a ponytail. She is one of the cleverest kids in class and has read almost every book that they have in the school library (including books about maths, science and history), as if that would help her now...

She gets a tiny applause from the crowd and her friends and family sob silently.

"Our wonderful boy that will represent District Three in the 1st Hunger Games is...... Johnathan Hunted."

A tall strong-looking boy that must be 17 or 18 almost falls when he's about to reach the stage.

District Four

All the eligible twist and turn - but they are because they're impatient. They want to get the Reaping over with - hopefully with themselves as tributes.

The escort wears a feathered costume and she is hopping around while her speech about the Dark Days - she wants to start.

"So, let's pick a lovely young woman to represent District Four in the 1st Annual Hunger Games!!!" she sneezes and picks up a paper slip and reads cheerfully: "Merilda Watersmith." (strange name, I know).

"I volunteer as tribute!"

The escort catches a beautiful girl with light brown hair's eye. "Your name dear?"

"Pearla Damon", the girl replies.

"Let's see who the lucky young man that will represent District Four in The 1st Annual Hunger Games is: .... Yun Pearlshelle."

"I volunteer as TRIBUTE!"

The hopping escort points at a tall, good-looking boy that is called Wren Hayes imitates the escort while walking to the stage, doing small strange hops and silly sounds. Wren is a very tall, and murderous boy. Nearly nobody knows more about him than that he trains knife-combat and archery daily.

District Five

Well, the mood in District Five is...well, the opposite of cheerful...

Very rainymood in the bright sunlight. It is a sunny day and the square is full of eligible children that fear that the unthinkable will happen.

The escort probably is the only one with the same mood as the sunlight. She speaks the same babble as the D3 Escort about honour and Parcel Day. Then she starts humming on an ancient song about an everlasting piece of art and a beating love within her heart and something about a place where 'love comes first' and sailing to infinityas she draws a name from the girls' ball. The name is...

"Aurora Wilde! - lucky you!"

The crowd starts murmuring unhappily, as most would if a twelve-year-old is called. A slim girl with bluish-green eyes slowly walks to the stage, showing her tears.

"Our wonderful boy tribute is... Tim de Winter!"

Oh no, another young child, barely thirteen and the cute boy of the young teen girls' dreams - though almost nobody knows him personally.

Well, then nobody knows such a good archer I am, Tim thinks as he's walking to the stage. Well, if I'm underestimated, I won't be the priority of the Careers atleast...

District Six

In the background when the anthem has been played we hear thunder, almost all the citizens of District Six wear raincoats or blankets. Well, the escort is an old man with a pink beard and bunny ear-shaped hair in a neon yellow.

"Welcome, welcome! It is time to chose one adventurous young man and woman to compete in the FIRST EVER ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES! YEAH, THAT'S IT!!!"

"Well, we take the little ladies first, don't we? ... Lynnette Handsows!"

A tall, very thin girl with long blonde hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes quickly walks up to the stage very hard trying to hide that she's nervous. In the agility tests in school she aced them all.

"Well, hello there, our boy tribute is.............................................Marson McKellen!"

Marson is a tall, gangly boy that slowly waddles to the stage humming on a lullaby in a strange language.

District Seven

The square is surrounded by pine trees, and in the back you can see a river. The kids are twitching nervously and the escort jumps up on the stage with her neon green wig.

She speaks the usual babble and then says: "Ladies First!"

She slowly walks to the reaping ball and then she reads... "Kat McCoran!"

A thin girl with an evil grin on her face tries hard to hide her shock - or...or...even... happiness...?

No, can't be, I mean, she lives on the streets, barely enough to eat, and if rumours are true, she started working as a lumberman at the age of 6, with the lowest wage in the district.

"Well! Welcome lovely you! Let's continue with a gentleman tribute that is... Christian Lorne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A sixteen-year-old boy with beautiful blonde hair and some muscles walks to the stage. He is known to be very strong - one of the best lumberjacks - and very good at finding edible plants. And on top of that he is a snare genius.

District Eight

All the kids have hollow looks in their faces. Almost everyone seems to have had a sleepless night, or perhaps been haunted by nightmares, even the old ones, and the mayor fears the worst for his seven children.

The escort is a young woman with flowing blue hair and cat ears. "Well, the time has come to chose two adventurous younglings to compete in the 1st annual HUNGER GAMES! That is a BIG HONOUR and WHEN YOU WIN YOU ALL WILL GET PARCELS WITH FOOD ONCE A MONTH! - NICE HUH? And won't it be ENORMOUSLY MAGNIFICENT TO HAVE THE FIRST EVER VICTOR?!"

The crowd stares at the erratic lady who definetly doesn't think of the games, only the other nicer things...

"So let's get this party started with chosing a wonderful young woman!"

She slowly picks up a paper slip, trying hard to make it look like she is concentrated and not nervous...

"Our female tribute is...Luna Snare!"

A tall girl with fiery red hair and blue eyes tries hard to show...something we can't read... Desperation? Sadness? Shock? Euphoria? Happiness? Nervousity? -we can't know...

"Well! Then to also go to the Capitol we must chose a young man too... Our male tribute is...Reggie Miller!"

Reggie runs up to the stage, his friends call him hyperactive, and he can't sit down straight on his chair in school for more than five minutes. And he does something strange with his arm.

Seal. Anthem.

District Nine

"Welcome, Citizens of Panem! WELCOME, TO THE ANNUAL REAPING OF DISTRICT NINE!" The escort is a tall, bald man with yellow tatoos on his forehead and arms. "We all welcome you to the Reaping of the District Nine tributes to compete in the First Annual Hunger Games!"

A very short, very silent applause from the crowd.

"Let's all get started with choosing a female tribute from this pretty glass ball - full of paper slips with young women's names! Our female tribute is... Liberty Friar!"

A small girl with glasses and long bright brown hair in little braids slowly walks to the stage, surrounded by peacekeepers as if she were a criminal.

And as usually, NO VOLUNTEERS.

"Well, welcome then, Liberty Friar! Fate has chosen you! What a big honour! Let's see who our male tribute is... He... Is... Ryan Oats!"


A tall gangly boy that looks so much like tiny Ryan that it's almost scary screams:


"What is your name, courageous young man?"

The boy gulps and says, barely audible: "Collin Oats."

"That must've been your brother! Well, we shan't let him get all the pride!"

District Ten

After the anthem you hear thunder, not far away. The weather reflects the mood of the district population excactly. Though the escort is like a sun.

The escort is a tall man with spiky golden hair and green tatoos on his cheeks. He speaks in a silent tone about the Dark Days and why they should never, ever, happen again. Then he says: "And that is why we are here today! in front of us we have a sunny and exciting future with hunger games!!" And the lightning hits a nearby shop.

"Oh, my, oh, my, let's cheer this up with choosing a female tribute!"

As if that'd cheer up the mood in the district...

"OUR FEMALE TRIBUTE IS...Karmin Johnson."

A girl with brown blonde hair starts walking towards the stage, doing her best to hide her sadness...

"WEll, that¨'s goood! Let's chose a male tribute then!"

The escort keeps pretending to pick up slips of paper for at least three minutes until he finally picks..."Tristan James!"

Tristan is a shy boy that according to his few friends is good with spears, and very, very, very sneaky. He is one of those who have to kill the cattle.

District Eleven

Well, here the weather's sunny, but the huge population all have had sleepless nights, it seems like.

The escort is an old man with a bloodred beard and yellow hair. He gives the population a huge smile. "...And in remainder of that the Dark Days should never happen again the Capitol decided that every year, each district of Panem should give one girl and one boy between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight to the death."

The district swallows scared and the escort says: "So dark thoughts for such a nice day, better not ruin it! Let's get the party started with choosing a fantastic young lady to compete in the Hunger Games! Our female tribute is... Lizza Willow!"

A small girl with short black hair and green eyes sadly walks to the stage, her family waves. Lizza is seen like a hero, she gives starving kids her tesserae and always sneaks out food for the starving.

"And...Our:::MALE::::Tribute is... Lewis Rye!"

Lewis is a tall, fourteen-year-old boy that looks very calm and takes deep breaths as he slowly walks to the stage. He knows many edible plants and is not often seen, he likes to practice camouflage in the orchards.

District Twelve

The weather is sunny, and the escort too, as a matter-of-fact the escort has a big yellow suit that sparkles and a gianormous wig in a scary yellow colur.

"Hellooo Panem! You are all very, VERY welcome to the first ever annual HUNGER GAMES! We are here, as you may know, to chose one young man and woman to compete for GLORY in the HUNGER GAMES!"

All the kids and their parents fear the worst, at least two houses will pull down the shutters tonight and mourn.

"And now... Let's chose a courageous girl to compete in the hunger games!"

The escort pretends to pick up slips until she finally picks up one and reads: "Elin Lauyner!"

A girl with long black hair and big blue frightened eyes walks up to the stage, she is known for being very scared of spiders, but she always won hide-and-seek (no spiders involved) when she was younger.

"Well, that was something, let's draw a boy that will have the luck to go to the Capitol... Jacob Pribe!"

Jacob is a small boy that just turned fourteen. He's known to be quite good with most weapons and finding edible plants.


{C}I'm sorry, but I'll write really short about what the chariots looked like since I want this games to get going...

District One

Both tributes were dressed in golden, sparkly jumpsuits and they had a lot of makeup and golden highlights in their hair. They both looked very charmy and the crowd went insane. The chariot was very nicely designed.

District Two

Tanya was dressed in a dress of a fabric that looked like marble and had her hair put up in a braided mess. She was holding bow and arrows and pointing them up to the sky. Draco was wearing a tunic in the same fabric and a golden crown. He had a belt of knives and they both looked very murderous.

District Three

They both were in a big glass box with black edges that made it look like a TV and they both wore shining jumpsuits and Dolls's hat looked like a lamp and Johnathan's like a socket.

District Four

The tributes were dressed as mermaids with green highlights in their hair that looks like seaweed. They both wore sea green makeup and their tails were shining and the fins were coated in pearls.

District Five

Tim is wearing robes in something that looks like solar cells and it is connected to Aurora who wears a silvery dress which starts glowing. This is not good for the stylists, they used the new, secret way of extracting power out of moon...

District Six

The Chariot is not very conspicious, the crowd are still bedazzled by the other chariots... The tributes are dressed as airplanes and they seem to hover an inch above the chariot's floor. They are very cool, but any source of light would be nice, not the camouflage colour of the planes.

District Seven

Kat is wearing something yellow, it looks quite old... It's PARCHMENT! The tributes are dressed as rolls of Parchment that is sealed with the seal of Panem. Christian unwraps his and it contains a message: Look out!

Kat also has a message, it says: I luv Panem!

District Eight

They are dressed as patchwork quilts that very well describes the different kinds of fabric from District Eight, the stylists chose shining conspicious fabrics that will make the audience take notice. Very nicely composed though a little garish.

District Nine

The tributes are dressed in long golden robes with golden capes. They have grain patterns and the tributes' hats are shaped as crowns and look like wheat. Suddenly Collin starts throwing golden grain into the audience and Liberty too, right now, they're the crowd favourites.

District Ten

The tributes are dressed as cows and on their back they have doll cowboys. Then suddenly, they both throw the cow cover of and are dressed in cowboy clothes.

District Eleven

They are both dressed as fruits that seem to shimmer and sparkle very strange. Lizza is dressed as a mango and Lewis looks like a pomegranate. They shine and sparkle and are very nice-looking.

District Twelve

The both tributes are dressed in shiny black jumpsuits with head lights and they have rough edges like coals. They seem to be a mix of coal miners and coal (!)

What the Capitol thought (top 5)

  1. District One
  2. District Eleven
  3. District Four
  4. District Eight
  5. District Five

Training Scores

sorry if your tribute got a bad score, I carefully read your notes about tribute: weapons, weaknesses, personality and blah, blah: You know.

Anyway, here are the scores:

Name District


Galaxie Prope 1 10
Sean Dansin 1 8
Tanya Swan 2 9
Draco Woods 2 10
Dolls Mgurf 3 6
Johnathan Hunted 3 7
Pearla Damon 4 9
Wren Hayes 4 10
Aurora Wilde 5 5
Tim de Winter 5 6
Lynnette Handsows 6 7
Marson McKellen 6 6
Kat McCoran 7 8
Christian Lorne 7 8
Luna Snare 8 7
Reggie Miller 8 6
Liberty Friar 9 5
Collin Oats 9 5
Karmin Johnson 10 7
Tristan James 10 5
Lizza Willow 11 6
Lewis Rye 11 7
Elin Lauyner 12 4
Jacob Pribe 12


Oh, yeah, and:

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Average score (just for fun!)



Since I REALLY want to get the games going I'll ONLY write the interviews of those who reached Top Ten, when we are at the Top Ten!

LOL (it's the Top Ten)

Galaxie Prope, District 1

"So, welcome Galaxie, how do you feel towards the games?"

"Oh, I feel excited about the games! It's gonna be amazing, I've trained hard in training - I'm really ready!"

"So, well, you have confidence, and you are looking wonderful, Galaxie. Midnight blue suits you!" Caesar says and Galaxie stands up, wearing a tight, midnight blue, glimmering dress. "Galaxie, what were your thoughts when you volunteered?"

"Oh, I was quite nervous. But, I knew I could do it! When the escort pointed at me I became very euphoric and elated, although I already knew it would be me."

(As you see, I will not write the entire interviews).

Draco Woods, District 2

"So, Draco, how do you feel towards the games?"

"I'm quite calm. I know I can do this. I've trained for a long time, not that I needed it..." Draco smiles at the audience.

"So, Draco, I bet the audience is dying to know: Do you have anyone special at home?"

"Do I? Let's see..." Draco starts counting on his fingers murmuring girls' names and then he says arrogantly: "No, not for the moment."

Caesar and the audience all laugh, thinking that Draco is very funny and flirty.

Caesar says: "What do you find most interesting in the Capitol?"

"That's a hard one... Perhaps, the wonderful... SHOWER! LOL! Not... Maybe it's... yah, it'd be the training center with all the weapons..."

The audience thinks he's a sure bet.

Dolls Mgurf, District 3

"Welcome, Dolls, feel free to sit down here", Caesar smiles at Dolls. She gives him a nervous smile and sits down. "What do you think is the best with the Capitol so far?"

"Hmm... I think it'd be the library in our apartment in the training center... The books are so good, nothing like the ones at home. I found one very good about war tactics and stuff..."

"So, you love books then?"

"Oh, yeah. They're my entire life! I read every day. I thought you knew that! With a page from my favourite book as a token and all..."

"Oh, ofcourse... Excuse me... I must say: You look bedazzling in that outfit!"

"Oh, thank you! My stylist is amazing. He's a bit like Cinna in the Hunger Games, you know, that novel that was written more than thousand years ago by somebody who must've been a fortune-teller or something!"

Wren Hayes, District 4

"So, how are you today?"

"I'm ready! I'm always ready for stuff like this! It's a once-in-your-lifetime-opportunity! I mean - to bring all this pride to my district!"

"So, Wren... do you have anyone special at home at the moment (OM NOM!)?"

"You mean, like a sweetheart?"

"Yah, if that's what you say..."

"Well, then I have to say that I share Pearla's feelings..."

Wren winks at Pearla and she giggles.

Tim de Winter, District 5

"Welcome, Tim! How do you feel towards the games?"

"I don't know really... It's hard to say. I'm unsure."

"Are you nervous?" Caesar asks and looks at Tim.

"If I'm nervous?" He does some kind of funny gesture with his hand. "No, I'm sort of uptight... You know what the ice bear told the penguin?"

"No idea..."

"Ice bears can't tell penguins stuff, because they are on entirely different continents..."

"That was a good one!!!"

"LOL, thanks.."

Kat McCoran, District 7

"So, how do you feel towards the upcoming events?"

"That they're gonna change a lot. But I'll do my best and don't tell people Christian told me he wet his pants of nervosity."


"Ooops... sorry... LOL. I'm gonna win. I'm sure, I know what people will be like and what to do."

"So, you think this will be easy...?"

"Easy... no... it won't. But I know it's gonna be quite like normal life?"

"Do you kill people every day???"

"No, I mean like finding pine needles and stuff in the forest..." {C}"Oh, ofcourse. Lovely you, a massmurder, that's impossible to even imagine..."

Kat starts laughing: "Soon I will kill..."

Christian Lorne, District 7

"Hi there Caesar!"

"Hi, Christian! Nice to have you here. You are very welcome. Is it ok if I ask you some questions?"


"Is it true that you wet your pants before the interview????" Caesar whispers.

"I'm gonna kill you, Kat", Christian whispers, barely audible.

"Well, there'll be time for that...tomorrow..."


Luna Snare, District 8

"Welcome, Luna!"

"Hello, Caesar..."

"How are you today?!"

"Dunno. Ask someone else..." Luna laughs silently.

"You see that buzzer there...? It's set on three minutes, those minutes are set for me to ask you questions."

"Ok, Emperor. I knew that, but I don't know how I feel anyway."

"Is it true that Reggie Miller is your cousin?"

"Yep. Poor grandpa Miller... But, you said these mins were supposed to be about me..."

"Oi. LOL... I must've forgotten that..."

"Emperor, emperor..."

"What did you think, when you were reaped?"

"It was a big shock. I never expected that, well, but I'm prepared now. And I know what to do. And, if the first person I encounter isn't a big threat, I will let her or him live."

"That's nice of you!"

Karmin Johnson, District 10

"Hello, Karmin! Do you feel well?"

"That's hard to say", Karmin shrugs and sneezes.

"Why did you sneeze?" Caesar asks and looks at Karmin.

"Oh, it's my escort's perfume. It smells like the rose oil we use on the leather stuff we make," awful, Karmin silently thinks.

"Oh!" Caesar laughs. "That one! I use it DAY and NIGHT!" {C}"So...?" Karmin says.

"Oh, nothing... So: What do you think of the Capitol so far?"

"I like the balcony in the training center, with the glass walls, it has a wonderful view..."

"Oh, I have one in my house too, with roses."

"The training center balcony has roses too. Roses are everywhere here. Even in the shower!"

"LOL, that's strange", Caesar says.

Lewis Rye, District 11

"So, welcome, Lewis Rye, district 11. How do you feel today?"

"Oh. That's a hard one. I'm quite calm, since I know stress won't help, but I miss home badly."

"Then we all want to know: Do you have anyone special at home?"

"What do you mean by special? Special - makes delicious food? That'd be my mother. Special - makes you do your homework every night? That'd be my big sister Caroline. Special - makes me happy? That'd be my little sister Sandra. Special - romantic? Then no one."

"Ahh... I see. Perhaps you will - after the games. Well what do you like most with the Capitol so far?"

"I think, the yard. Outside the training center. The fruits are delicious and the flowers smell like in a fairy tale."

"I haven't seen you there once. Even though I go there every day to calm down nervous tributes. You must be good at camouflage..."

"I like to practice camouflage at home, so, maybe."


They will start. Don't forget I made the death order at , so don't get mad at me if your tribute dies.

Death Chart

Place Name and District Cause of death
24th Marson McKellen, 6 Pierced by sword, Wren Hayes, 4
23rd Liberty Friar, 9 Axe in abdomen, Pearla Damon, 4
22nd Tristan James, 10 knife between eyes, Lewis Rye, 11
21st Aurora Wilde, 5

knife in abdomen and mouth,

Tanya Swan, 2

20th Johnathan Hunted, 3

Sword through chest, Draco

Woods, 2

19th Lizza Willow, 11 axe in torso, Galaxie Prope, 1



Jacob Pribe, 12

Sean Dansin, 1

Axe in head, Pearla Damon, 4

Squashed by hammer, Lynnette

Handsows, 6

16th Reggie Miller, 8 Beheaded by scythe, Collin Oats, 9
15th Collin Oats, 9 stabbed in chest, Draco Woods, 2
14th Elin Lauyner, 12 arrow in head, Tanya Swan, 2, and throat slit, Pearla Damon, 4
13th Tanya Swan, 2 throat slit, Kat McCoran, 7
12th Pearla Damon, 4 Vampire muttations
11th Lynnette Handsows, 6 Arrow in brain, Tim de Winter, 5
10th Dolls Mgurf, 3 head cut, Draco Woods, 2
9th Karmin Johnson, 10 fingers cut off (lost a lot of blood), Galaxie Prope, 1
8th Draco Woods, 2 Arrow through brain, Tim de Winter, 5
7th Tim de Winter, 5 strangled, Kat McCoran 7
6th Wren Hayes, 4 fall from tree, broke neck, Luna Snare, 8
5th Kat McCoran, 7 drowned + seriously wounded, Luna Snare, 8
4th Christian Lorne, 7 speared, Lewis Rye, 11
3rd Galaxie Prope, 1 knife between eyes, Luna Snare, 8



Day 1 - Part Day - This is how we'll have to pay

{C}Karmin's POV (10)

22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17...

My last seconds could be very soon. This is so scary. All these kids, almost all of us will die, only to please the stupid Capitol. I wish I'd been to more help during the Dark Days, I could've helped the rebels. This is how we'll have to pay for letting the Capitol win. 3, 2, 1...

Marson's POV (6)

Oh, my! I can't swim! I mean, my plate is on the water, dark uegh-y water that just wanna make you go away from it, but I can't. The Cornucopia is very far away on a mossy island. If I only could fly away from it. But no I can't. I jump of my plate, relieved to find out that the water only goes to my shoulders. Though less relieved, when the boy from four stabs me with his sword.

Wren's POV (4)

The transportation boy was an easy kill, a weakling, nothing, I mean, he didn't even try to fend me off...

I better get back to the island and get some more sponsor money. I mean, like, I'm awesomeness embodied, I bet the underdogs wanna see me face-to-face before they die...

I see Pearla's axe pierce the abdomen of the District Nine girl, who actually had the brains to be armed, and at least tried to do something with her stupid slingshot. I mean, the sissy weapon.

Lewis's POV (11)

I don't want to die! I know I will when the District Ten boy attacks me, he carries a spear, and I only have a little knife. His spear misses my arm by millimetres and he gives me time to hit him between his eyes with my knife. I retrieve it and the small backpack he had. I'm in luck I wasn't in the middle of the island or I'd be dead anyway. I make my way through the lake, and to my relief I find a small grove with small red fruits which we call appulinis, I love them! I take one bite and it's yummy! I scale a tree and open the boy's bag.

Johnathan's POV (3)

I try to run towards the Cornucopia without being noticed, which appears to be childlishly easy. I grab a small backpack and a spear and then I lose my concentration as I see the District Two Girl hit the District Five Girl with her knife. She only needs two knives to finish her off. One hits her in the abdomen and Aurora, I think that's what the d5 girl was called, starts bleeding. The blood makes me fall and hit the ground. Aurora's bloodstained face makes me close my eyes and hope this only is a nightmare. I feel somebody kicking me and I only have time to see that it is the District Two Boy's sword that caused the blackness.

Galaxie's POV (1)

15 minutes have gone and I still haven't killed anyone, I'm starting to get nervous. Then I see the District Eleven Girl trying not to be noticed, her idiotic plan backfired when I approach her with my axe. The smile fades from her face when I lift the axe and it enters her body. She will be one of the luckier, having such a fast death, the others certainly won't... ;)

Elin's POV (12)

I'm doing OK so far. I'm in a big marsh with a water bottle and a package of crackers somebody dropped. The marsh looks OK, but I wish I could find a tree or something to sleep in. I don't think the marsh water is drinkable so I'd better find water too, when my bottle runs out. Then I find some knives, five or so, which somebody must've dropped! I mean, THAT'S MY JOB!

Tim's POV (5)

I grabbed a bow and some arrows, well, I had to run to the mouth of the Cornucopia, but atleast I wasn't the biggest target. I don't know how many of us have died, five or six, I think. And they're still fighting.

"Don't kill me! Please Don't Kill Me!"

"Shut up, chicken! Welcome to reality. We are in the HUNGER GAMES! The point is KILLING EACHOTHER!" The voice belongs to the tall girl from District Four who is holding an axe, ready to kill the boy fom Twelve. He must think he can stop her with his talking, but he can't. At some point he must realize it's too late and scream or run. To my surprise, he does the first. The Four Girl raises her axe and I'm lucky I'm ontop of the Cornucopia or I'd be a even easier target than poor Jacob...

Lynnette's POV (6)

This is like my worst nightmares, people dying everywhere, I just can't take this... But I have to, atleast I have a knife... Not much but it's a lot better than nothing. The One Boy approaches me with a hammer and I do my best not to lose my senses. I send off my only knife and it hits him in his eye.

"Aouwee! What're U doing! I'm gunna kill U, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!"

I get his hammer out of his grip and I hit him with it. It's a plain hit in the head. No, I can't be a monster already! I think, I'm going to die, but, I still don't want to be a monster...

I quickly grab my knife and his hammer. I cut of his gianormous backpack, and I do my best not wanting it to get wet. I run through the plain and finally I find shelter.

Reggie's POV (8)

"Allies?" I hopefully ask the Nine Boy.

"Nope", he smirks and his scythe beheads me.

Draco's POV (2)

Gah! Silly. I just saw the idiot from Nine behead the one from Eight. It was funny. The nine guy smirks and doesn't seem to notice me. That's to bad for him, I think as I quickly stab him with this nice sword I found.

Tanya, Pearla, Wren, Galaxie and me assemble in front of the Cornucopia mouth.

"Where's Sean?" Galaxie Galanté screams.

"Last I saw of him. He was crushed of the Six Girl by his own hammer."

"No way!" Galaxie screams and we hear the cannons.


"Nine of them. One of us", Pearla sneers. "Anybody in for a hunt?"

We all give approving hoots, and we head for the plain.

Kat's POV (7)

Those RASCALS! How could they?? I mean: We made a formal deal with my mentor Andrew and everything! Well, it's more their problem, since I'm pretty well fed with ten knives. But, I hope they find me...

Then I hear the anthem and I look up in the sky.

First I see Sean! That's a big surprise, a Career, most likely at the bloodbath! Then the boy from Three, I hadn't expected that, since he was so good in training, well, that's that. Then I see the girl from five, well, she was so small, she didn't really have the same chance as most of us. Then the boy from six appears. I saw him die by Wren's hands, so no surprise here. Then the boy from eight, I don't remember him, not even with my memory. Then both from nine. Both were outsiders, but still, there was some kind of fighter spirit in the boy. Then I see the boy from ten. Is that true? He pierced many dummies wit his spear in training, maybe he died because dummies are still, and humans move. Then the little freaky girl from Eleven, who climbed on the walls of the Training Center and hit all the targets with her knife. Last is the boy from Twelve.

So the weak girl from twelve made it through the bloodbath? That's a big surprise, I guess.

I smirk and I hear a cannon. They are here now.

"Did you hear her scream?"

That sounds like Pearla, the mouthpiece.

"*sob*sob* don't kill m-meee... *sob*. Yeah, such a baby." Definetly Wren, from four too.

"And when she saw my arrow she started sobbing even louder! That was so funny!" Tanya's voice is clear and haughty.

"And when she got the knife in her foot, she tried to run!" laughs Draco.

"She had no chance, with that knife in her foot", almost purrs Galaxie. "Well, she didn't have a chance before either."

Tanya coughs and then she sneers: "Well. It was almost comical when she tried to hit you with that knife. She missed you by feet!"

I throw a knife to hit just in the middle of the crowd and they smile.

"Hello, Lumbercat!"

"Hi, Quileute Wolf Pack (sorry Twilight Lovers)."

I can hear Pearla cough. "Excuse me, I'd rather be a vampire than a werewolf, Lumbercat."

"Well, you are like a vampire, you slit her throat with your bare teeth", Wren laughs and smiles to me. "What was that good for, Lumbercat?"

I slide down the trunk with my packs and smile. "Just a nice way of showing you I'm here."

"More show-offy, I'd say", Draco laughs. "That was a cat-like way of coming down. I'd say from here on your official nickname is Lumbercat."

"Better than Lumberjackie, that's what my classmates call me."

"Lumbercat is better", laughs Galaxie.

"Wa-hay better", Tanya smiles approvingly. "Join in. I think I heard the girl from six somewhere, be silent."

"Can I have some more knives in my pack, Fisherdolphin?"

"Lumbercat sounds better", Pearla - or fisherdolphin says.

Day 1 - Part Night - Treason

{C}Luna's POV (8)

I grabbed a blowgun and then I ran for it. At least it worked. I didn't get killed, although I think the girl from Four aimed for me with her axe, but saw Liberty as a bigger threat. Bloody Day! Already e-le-ven dead. I don't think I can chose a target yet since it's unknown who died minutes ago he or she must have been a victim of the Careers. I can't think of anything else. I don't think it was a Career - so I could target one of them, but that isn't too smart since they are bigger and stronger than me. I'm not sure I could hit someone with my blowgun from up here, I haven't tested it yet...

Reggie is dead. I don't know how I'm supposed to take that. Well, he was my second cousin. I knew him fairly well, he was a year younger than me. He wasn't much, but he was from home.

Karmin's POV (10)

Should I try to make an alliance with someone? I can't survive for very long on this loaf of bread without water. I can't rely on sponsors, since I'm not so promising. A temporary alliance might be OK. If I find somebody decent to ally up with :S...

I hear a rustle in a nearby tree and I see somebody, not the biggest tribute, definetly not a Career, who frightened looks at me.

Lewis's POV (11)

I wish I had a sleeping bag. This blanket is so moth-eaten. I dropped my token by the Cornucopia, I wish I had it here now, a big appulini seed that we found in our shack one day several weeks ago. I kept it in my pocket every day and kept it there while harvesting. In the boy's package I found water, crackers, some beef and a knife. Good, I lost mine at the Cornucopia. In my pack I found salad, bread and some bandaids. This will do very well, for a while. It's icy cold and I hear something strange. I look down at the marsh from my tall tree and what I see almost makes me fall of the branch.

It's Sandra! My little sister! Why is she a part of the games??? I start climbing down the tree and she snarls. Sandra never snarls... Something is wrong. I look at her and her eyes are blood red. Her features are beautified and her skin is pale, not her rich brown. Around her mouth she has something red around her mouth and her nostrils are extremely big. She stares at me, Sandra never stares, no matter what. Not even if I would wear a wedding gown and a banana on my head. This can't be Sandra, although the creature resembles her a lot. The creature is so strikingly beautiful and she looks like a goddess. I stare at her for a moment until I get what kind of creature this is. It's something about a book I was forced to read in school. Apparently it was extremely famous 4000 years ago, or something like that, about a girl who moved to a town where it rained a lot and fell in love with a beautiful, scary, blood-drinker. That's what the red thing is! Blood! From a dead tribute? From an animal? I can't think of what the terrible creature is called.

The book I read was awful, just a stupid love story, about a stupid girl who fell in love with a stupid ... vampire! That's the word! I better climb up higher now.

Kat's POV (7)

It's freezing cold. It took hours until The Little Murdermaid decided that we could put up the tents. Apparently we have two tents. We divide into two groups. In the blue tent, the Merpeople (a.k.a. Wren and Pearla) and Galaxie Galanté are getting ready to sleep. I get to sleep with the Stonecutters (a.k.a. Draco and Tanya) in a yellow tent. We ate chicken and bread for dinner and the merpeople went to bed first. They make me want to puke, they were making out in the blue tent (ugh!) and Galaxie snickers outside their tent. The stonecutters where arguing about that they wanted to hunt longer. I got my idea now. I'm going to kill Tanya with Draco's knife. Not kill her directly, since the cannon would reveal me, only make sure she is dead by morning. I hear Tanya and Draco speak of District Two and then something that surprises me.

"Draco, I've had a crush on you forever."

Draco's jaw twitches and drops down.

"At least you could have waited until Lumbercat is asleep!"

"She is. Her eyes are shut. She's breathing slowly and doesn't move like she's awake."

"Allright, allright", Draco is very nervous, I can tell from his twitching and his little squeaks. Draco! Nervous! I'd never think that of the killing machine Draco Woods!

Well, I wouldn't think that of Wren either. And Pearla and Tanya don't seem like that kind of girls, beheading and shooting people all the time...

Then I hear Draco replying in a strange voice: "Tanya. This isn't possible. We aren't the joyous merpeople from District Four. We can't love eachother - we could before, now it's too late. Fall asleep and forget.

"I can't forget, Draco. You're the hottest, cutest, awesomest, coolest, most murderous and attractive one I've ever met."

"Goodnight, Tanya", Draco turns his head away from Tanya, and I act asleep even better than before.

Tanya starts crying and then she falls asleep. Murmuring phrases like: "Draco, you're hot", "I love you, Draco", "I have to win", "I hate you, Pearla", "There's something strange about that Lumbercat." I bet she doesn't know that I'm about to kill her, and how right she is about that phrase.

I silently pick up Draco's knife and I put it against her throat, carefully, not wanting her to die yet.

I lie down in my sleeping bag and close my eyes.

Day One - The Fallen

{C}24th: Marson McKellen, D6

23rd: Liberty Friar, D9

22nd: Tristan James, D10

21st: Aurora Wilde, D5

20th Johnathan Hunted, 3

{C}19th Lizza Willow, 11

{C}18th Jacob Pribe, 12

{C}17th Sean Dansin, 1

{C}16 th Reggie Miller, 8

{C}15th Collin Oats, 9

{C}14th Not announced, yet

Day Two - Part Day - Nightmares

{C}Christian's POV (7)

I can't believe this! I haven't killed anybody yet! This is awful. I hate this arena. I haven't seen any trees yet, only this big, awful desert. I have a hooked sword and a chicken. I like the heat if I only could get something to stop the burning thirst... I'd do anything for a glass of water right now. I'll keep tracking tributes, which is hard since I have no idea of where they are.

I keep walking the entire morning and I still don't see any sign of life or shelter. I hate this arena!

Then I see a rabbit. It's dead. By the smell of it it died only minutes ago. I look around, whoever killed it aren't here. I wish I had wood. I can't start a fire with sand and rocks... I take the risk and eat it raw. Then I hear a noise. I see a snake. It must have been that that killed the rabbit! I see it's fangs and they pierce my calf, and the nightmares begin.

Pearla's POV (4)


The cannon startles me. I jump out of my sleeping bag and let go of Wren's hand. He just woke up to. Galaxie looks frightened and very surprised.

I get out of our tent and see a normal morning. I enter the yellow tent and I see Draco startled and Kat wondering. Then I see Tanya's dead body with a knife against her throat. The knife has the letters D. W. for Draco Woods on it. And Galaxie starts screaming:





"Ok", murmurs Galaxie, her face red. "I admit - I did eavesdrop. Admit that you killed her!"


"Why are you arguing? It's too late to save her anyway", I whisper.

Kat nods sadly. "The least we could do is leave this stinking place and let the dead be dead."

Lynnette's POV (6)

I'm by some cliffs, in a small cave. Next to a green forest with deciduos trees and next to my cave there is a marshy area with waterbirds. They are delicious. If I only had some clean water. I hate wasting the little iodine I have in my bag.

I found a sleeping bag (not reflecting body heat, just a regular one), apples and knives in my bag. I hear something outside my cave and I run in. I see a small boy, from 5 or 7, I don't remember. I see him. He's armed. But also injured. He carries a bow and a quiver of arrows. He also carries a bag of apples. He doesn't see me. But I see him. I only have the District 1 Boy's hammer and some food in my giant backpack. I dropped my long knife on the way here. I bite on the bread. I hear the boy sneezing and I fall out of my cave.

Too late, now. He sees me. Without a second's thought I raise my hammer. And I realize it's too heavy. It makes me fall backwards. And the world becomes black.


Dolls's POV (3)

I made it! I made it through day one. I survived the bloodbath, I outlived my male counterpart. I'm high up in a tree. I look into the scared face of Karmin Johnson. Her brown hair frames in her face, and her blue eyes are wide open and afraid. I'd say she sort of mirrors my feelings. I know this girl could finish me off in seconds. The seconds pass. Her frightened look turns into something else, something unreadable. I can't tell. Her mouth forms the word: "Alliance?" I think of it and I decide to nod.

"I'm Karmin, from District Ten", she says when I carefully climb down from my tree.

"I'm Dolls, District Three."

I show her that I only have a flashlight and some fruits that were in the Edible Plants Section in training. I carry them in my jacket, which has many pockets. Karmin seems to have a lot more, but I didn't go to the Cornucopia, I found this flashlight by the big lake, at the edge up in a hollow tree.

Karmin has a loaf of bread and a bottle of water. We decide to start moving towards the big lake I was by before.

Luna's POV (8)

I'm by a big lake, in a pine forest, I think. I'm up in a tree with a blowgun and crackers, and some water purifier. The lake water tastes good, but I miss the goat milk, which we bought as a special treat once a month, always the Eighth. Today it's July 8th. I wonder if they are drinking the delicious goat's milk or if it doesn't go down. I eat a cracker, and I see a squirrel. I shoot it with my blowgun and because of the mist I risk a fire. When I start the fire, it becomes giant, a big wall of fire, blocking the lake from me. It becomes wild and big and out of the trees fireballs start coming. The mist seems to make the fire even bigger, I know it's the F48JU7 from the Fabric's Washing Department - where it says "DANGER - FIRE HAZARD. F48JU7 - HIGHLY TOXIC". I do my best to forget it, because that's where my oldest sister Liana died in an explosion...

My left hand is hit by a fire ball, lucky I had packed all my stuff in my bag, but the squirrel then, but at this rate, it's probably uneatable anyway. I know it's a Do Or Die situation right now. I run for my life. Dodging the fireballs, but my left hand is hurting. Well, more than hurting. I run away from the lake, through the pine forest. I run, and run, and run, it feels like I run in circles, until I'm in a desert and the stones start shooting fireballs too. This must be going on for hours. When the fireballs finally stop, I'm in a grove, by a big and marshy area. I scale a tree and look into the perfect, brown eyes of the boy from District Eleven.

I'm to tired to raise my blowgun and he apparently is too tired to do anything too.

Kat's POV (7)

So far, I'm playing my part quite well. I think that Galaxie, Wren and Pearla still think it's Draco. Draco has taken over as leader now and we're on the march, in the marsh. I want to go back to the woods. They say it's more likely with tributes here. Still, we haven't found anything useful, and night's falling. Then we see somebody. It's a pale person with black hair and beautiful features. I try to remember the tributes that are alive, none look like that. The person resembles Tanya a lot though, even though it's beautified and has red eyes. It has something red around it's mouth and then. It starts running towards me, like the wind, extremely fast, and it gives a feral snarl and dives after me. I run into the woods and apparently the other tributes are chased too.

Galaxie is chased by a spooky creature that resembles the girl from Eleven, Pearla is chased by the dead ringer for the weak girl from Twelve, who actually runs faster than Pearla. I see that the creatures are toying with us. Catching up, and then slowing down on purpose. Draco is chased by a beautified version of the gangly boy from nine, and Wren is chased by a creature who looks almost exactly like the boy from Six.

The strange creatures also resemble eachother, with pale skin, beautified features, and blood red eyes. They also run superhumanly fast and jump world records all the time. Even the lookalike of the 12 girl must jump at least 12 meters (length) and 6 meters (heigth).

Then a cannon fires and a somebody's body falls down and the creature bites at the person's throat, drinking its blood.

Then the creatures run towards the corpse, all thirsting for the precious blood. Then a hovercraft appears and both the mutts and Pearla's corpse is picked up.

Day Two - Part Night - Griever

{C}Lewis' POV (11)

I heard a cannon, and then, suddenly I'm looking into the eyes of Luna Snare, D8!

She climbed up in my tree and she looked so tired. I see her blowgun and I see that she is badly burnt. Her left arm has many scars and she is extremely tired. I try to push her off the tree, it doesn't work. Then she jumps down from the tree with her bag and I hear the anthem.

I'll finally know who died today.

The first is the girl from Two (second Career in two days)! Then I get another big shock! Next is the girl from FOUR! Three Careers in TWO DAYS! Finally is the face of the girl from Twelve.

Luna runs through the marsh, into something unknown.

Tim's POV (5)

I see the girl from District Six. Lying unconscious on the cliff. Killing her would be easy, but not so fair... Maybe I should wait until she wakes up and surprise her with an arrow through her brain. No.

I climb the high up and I load my bow. And the arrow goes off, and hits her straight into her brain. BOOM!

Wren's POV (4)

I don't bother thinking who that could be. I only think of Pearla. The mutts killed her. If they had killed me too I wouldn't be here, grieving.

Pearla, I'll win for both of us now, I think. Galaxie sits staring at Draco. Still blaming him for Tanya's death. Now she also blames him for the death of Pearla, because it was his idea that they should go into the marsh. I almost got stuck in the marsh, but we moved to the edge of the forest, on a small strip of grass. I try to sleep but I hear footsteps outside mine and Draco's tent. I hear the door open and somebody get in. It's to dark to see who it is, the person climbs in, squats next to Draco and pulls a knife. Instinctively I jump out of my sleeping bag and hit the knife out of somebody's hand. The somebody runs away and I turn on my flashlight. I see two letters on the knife: G. P.

Kat's POV (7)

AAA! Stupid Wren! Why was he awake? I should've doublechecked first, but I was to stupid! Atleast I had Galaxie's knife so Wren must think it's her. It's very likely too, since she blames him for the deaths of Tanya and Pearla. I crawl back into my sleeping bag, and try to sleep, although I know Wren won't be able to.

Congratulations - Final Ten Tributes in the 1st annual Hunger Games - Galaxie, Draco, Wren, Tim, Kat, Christian, Luna, Karmin and Lewis.

{C}What?? Is that idiot who wet his pants before the interview still alive (sorrry NerdDFTBA)??? LOL! That's strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear something outside the tent. I keep myself awake and I see a redhead outside our tent, from District 8 or 9. OMG! she has a blowgun!!!!

Karmin's POV (10)

"Godnatt! Sov gott, Karmin!" (see translation)

"Can you please stop talking that stange language??? I don't get a thing..."

"But it's an old language. It's very similar to English -"

"Doesn't sound anything like it though. Now please be silent!"

Finally she falls asleep, and I wonder if I should just slit her throat... No, she's been quite useful, finding all these edible plants and building an ideal shelter. And then I haven't got a knife either.

She even has made a blanket, and she keeps speaking strange languages called French, Swedish, Spanish, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Danish, Norweigan... I can't remember them all.

I finally fall asleep.

Day Two - The Fallen

13th Tanya Swan, 2

12th Pearla Damon, 4

11th Lynnette Handsows, 6

Day Three - Part Day - SURPISE!!!!

Hello, Remaining Tributes! We have an announcement: Listen closely, your life is going to rely on this:

We have taken all your weapons back to the Cornucopia.

Luna's POV (8)

That explains why my blowgun evaporated right when I was going to shot my target in her head! I had planned that moment for days, and it went wrong! Should I go to the Cornucopia? I don't know. It's not far away from here, but I can guarantee a second bloodbath, maybe not as big, but there will be one. Maybe the games are getting to dull, well, may the Gamemakers be executed...

I could go there and hide somewhere, no, there only is grass to my knees, I can't hide in that. I could hide on top of the Cornucopia, but then someone might see me on my way up there. I'll use my blanket as camouflage and shoot people from up there with my blowgun. I walk towards the Cornucopia in a rapid pace with my packed bag, and to my relief nobody is there. But nothing is there at all.

I scale a tree at the edge of the plain and wait.

Tim's POV (5)

Those gamemakers will have to pay for this! My bow and arrows are gone, most likely the only food source I'll get! I think I'm quite far away from the Cornucopia, so they most likely will be gone when I get there, but it's worth a try. I might get a little knife at least, and even that is better than nothing.

Christian's POV (7)

I'm so thirsty! When woke up, minutes ago, I really can feel my burning thirst and my pulse going high. What if the only water source is the Cornucopia lake? I can't go there. I don't think I'll make it. I wonder how long I was unconscious. When I woke up I heard the end of the anthem, I wonder what they announced... I try to hunt again, and I find a gerbil asleep. It's extremely tough to kill it since I can't find my curved sword. I strangle it, but I can't cook it without fireweed. It must be atleast 40 degrees (celsius). I still haven't got any water. I hope my sponsors can sarifice some money for a liter of water... Because, it's not likely that it will rain here.

Galaxie's POV (1)

"What???!" I jump out of my sleeping bag and check my knife belt. It really is empty! Then I see Kat next to me also looking for her knives.

"They really are gone!" Wren screams from the other tent. "All my knives, my bow and my trident are gone!"

"Wooo! A second bloodbath!" Draco screams. "This day's gonna be a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!!! Let's go kill some triiibuuuteees!!!!!"

"Uhh... Ok, Draco, I think we got it," Kat says. "Let's pack straight away. I'll take care of the stuff so nobody steals them when you go fighting."

"Deal", Wren murmurs, packing down the tent.

Draco is packing the sleeping bags and I put the food into the bags. Kat is packing the other tent and eating a cracker.

Wren seems quite sleepy, but he still does well with the sleeping bags. We start marching towards the Cornucopia, and when we're there. We see a high wall blocking the surrounding lake. It's smooth and impossible to climb with knives or pickaxes, or something.

"Shizz! What is this??" Draco screams.

"No idea", I reply.

Dolls's POV (3)

We are walking towards the Cornucopia with our few supplies packed in the basket I made. We both thought that this might be our chance to get in the games. To get a fair chance.

When we approach the place where the Cornucopia was and see a high, smooth black wall blocking it from us. Then we hear an announcer:

Hello, Tributes! As you might have realized the Cornucopia is blocked. It will be until exactly noon. Then the wall will disappear and, alas, all your weapons will be in the mouth of the Cornucopia. Oh, and if you want to know what time it is - It's 11.35.

Oi! Then the Second Bloodbath will occur in 25 minutes!

Lewis's POV (11)

What?? This is scary. There most likely will be a HUGE fight over the weapons. Here I am. In a tree not far away from the Cornucopia. I'm not going to participate in that fight. I'll go there later and see if there's something left. I see something red in a nearby tree. Just beneath that I can see the girl from 10 getting ready. Not far away from her I see the boy from 5 with a backpack on his back.

Then I hear the announcers:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0...............

Dolls's POV (3)

I run towards the Cornucopia as fast as I can. I dodge the girl from One's knife. While in the Cornucopia I grab a sickle and a belt of knives.

Somebody is behind me. Oh, no... It's the boy from Two, I think his name is Draco, and he has a sword and a spear. He throws his spear, but I dodge it.

I throw a knife at him, but it misses his left ear with millimeters. Then he tries to slash me with his sword. I jump and throw another knife at him. It hits his arm. Then I feel something against my head. And blood runs down my face, everything goes dizzy and ...

Galaxie's POV (1)


I think that was the girl from 3. Draco smashed her skull with his sword. I feel a something sharp in my calf. "OUCH! That hurt!" The girl from Ten is sniggering behind me. "You're gonna have to pay for this!!" I scream. Running quickly and grabbing a belt with knives on my way.I hear this song, played over and over again in my head...

I push the girl from Ten down easily and I sneer when she screams. I pick out a knife and I say:

"So, what to do...?"

In reply she tries to bite my hand.

"Naughty girl", I say cockily and I cut of her thumb.


"Be quiet, quicker death."


I cut of her index finger, eugh, that looks bad. Remember, this is the games, I tell myself. Then I cut off her middle finger, and she's slipping away.


Allright then. BOOM!

Luna's POV (8)

I think two people already are dead. It's the girls from Three and Ten.

I'm running away from the Cornucopia with my blowgun and a dagger. I'm in the woods when a parachute comes down. My first gift from a sponsor! It's a long rope. It seems quite strong and it's extremely long. It's time to do a my-surname-thing...

Oh, and my first targets will be the Careers...

Kat's POV (7)

LOL, that was easy, maybe because Wren didn't listen too closely... I have a tent, a sleeping bag and all the food. I dumped the tent and the other sleeping bags in the lake, hopefully they'll never find them... I'm in a forest, next to the marsh with all our goodies... Well, but the weapons then, but I can choke people to death, I've choked many foxes in my days... Not that the tributes are very sly and clever, but the girl from Eight then, I bet she's the smartest one here, but me then.

I set up the blue tent in a big bush and I covered it with mud, for camouflage. I have five bottles full of water, a big package with beef, dried fruits, stew, rice, bread, crackers, apples, a flashlight, matches, water purifier, a salmon we caught in the lake... As you see, all I need, but weapons. I lie down in my sleeping bag, although it's like two o' clock, just to rest...

Tim's POV (5)

I have my bow and arrows back, and a sickle. I try to walk away with out being noticed, which is hard since I'm the only non-career left here. I have a knife in my foot and I try to run, which is very hard. I fire off an arrow and it hits the boy from Two in his eye. BOOM!

Luckily, the other Careers weren't paying attention. I limp back into the forest and I know I'll be extremely easy to catch with this leg. I don't even try to scale a tree, but I crawl into a bush.

Then I realise something. There's canvas in this bush. It's blue, and has some mud on it... I hear something that sounds like someone getting out of a sleeping bag. Who sleeps at two o' clock??

Then I hear the tent opening. I try to be as silent as possible. Out comes a skinny girl with brown hair. I think she's from Seven. And she sees me....

I don't think she went to the Cornucopia, so she's unarmed. But she's taller then me and looks like she is in a lot better state then I am...

She jumps at me like a cat and


"Save your breath." She says. She has me in a headlock and I think I'm going to s-u-f-f-o-c-a-t-e.......

Then I free an arrow from my quiver and I try to stab her with it.

"IDIOT!" She screams, and everything goes black.

Christian's POV (7)

BOOM! A distant cannon sounds. I don't think it was mine. Then I smell pine trees. PINE TREES!

Yesss! Finally trees!!!! TREEES!!!! I run straight into the forest and I smell WATER!! OMG! I'm sooo thirsty... I pour some water into my bottle and I put a purifying pill into the bottle and then I have to wait for half an hour...

And then I drink. Slowly. The water is delicious... I don't think I'm in mortal danger anymore. I pour some more water and purifying pills. And I put it back into my bag. I hear something in the forest...

Big, yellow, eyes...

I hear howling, and suddenly something jumps at me.

"NOOOOO!" It's a big wolf. It's ripping and scratching and biting me!

"OUUUCH!!!" I hope it's not a pack... I wish I had my sword... I try to run. Then it spits at me...........


I see my skin becoming red. It's swelling... That must be some kind of poison....

Christian needs medicine in two days or he'll die

Wren's POV (4)

Both Galaxie and I think this has been an awful day, but Galaxie killing Karmin then. Draco died, and we still haven't found Lumbercat... It's starting to become dark and Galaxie is extreemely tired. I could go on for a while, but I'm not sure she can.

"Look! Something in the lake!" Galaxie points and we go there. It's a big package with canvas, soaking wet. Our tent... Then there are two small stuff, our soaking wet sleeping bags...

"How could she?" Galaxie screams. "AHHHH!!!"

Ofcourse, it must've been Lumbercat unless that was her cannon a little earlier. It's freezing cold and all we have is our soaking wet sleeping bags and the even more wet tent... Oh, yeah we found water purifying pills in Galaxie's sleeping bag. We use my leather backpack as a waterskin and then we can get some water. We take the risk to start a fire and grill a turkey.

Christian's POV (7)

It hurts. It really hurts, it feels like it's burning... I try to clean it with water, but it doesn't help. It's probably twilight now. The sun goes down extremely early here. Then I see a silver baloon coming from the sky! No it's not a baloon - it's a parachute! A sponsor gift!!! It's a green jar and a blue bottle. Then there's a paper that says:







Uhh... Ok? I guess this is medicine for my wound then. I lay out my sleeping bag and I apply the salve. It cools down and burns also, I hope it will help. Then I find a spoon in the parachute and I take one spoonful. It tastes disguisting. I want to puke... I try to relax in my sleeping bag, which is hard with my growling stomach.

But, I fall asleep.

Galaxie's POV (1)

I hear the Anthem. Wren looks up in the sky, and so do I, still gnawing on my turkey leg.

First to come up is Draco's face. I do my best not to think of him... Then I see the girl from Three, Dolls or Dolly was her name. Then I see the boy from Five who killed Draco, he must've died when we heard the cannon after the bloodbath. Finally is the girl from Ten, who I killed...

Four deaths today, a lot for a normal day, little for such a big fight.

I try to remember who is left. Wren and I ofcourse, then both from Seven (Lumbercat!!!! where on earth is she???), the girl from eight and the boy from Eleven... Is that all? Only six left?

Day Three - Part Night - Snares

Luna's POV (8)

So, it's only six of us left??

I saw the girl from One counting on her fingers. I cut of a piece of rope and I start making a trap... They had loads of these like two meters in front of the electrified fence. It's a snare that will make you hanging from your foot in a net ten meters above the ground, upside-down... In the beginning, it's almost like making a noose, then I string up another piece of my rope and I tie it carefully on a branch near the ground. It's unseeable because of all the leaves. It's crossing the only path from the Careers' camp to the lake...

Then I climb up in a tree 800 meters away from the snare. I tie myself up in the tree in my sleeping bag.

Lewis's POV (11)

I'm in the same tree that I was during the 2nd Bloodbath. I have three blankets, I sleep in a pine tree. Or no, I try to sleep, I just can't fall asleep... I see the deaths played over, and over again in my head, Karmin's bloody death, Draco's quick, scary death. The blood flowing from Dolls... Oh, and me killing the boy from Ten... I can't forget that, how I, stole his life...

Day Three - The fallen

10th: Dolls Mgurf, 3

9th: Karmin Johnson, 10

8th: Draco Woods, 2

7th: Tim de Winter, 5


I'm not doing family and friend interviews...

Day Four - Part Day

Galaxie's POV (1)

Yesterday must've been an interesting day. Four people died and the positions are slightly changed. Wren and I only have two sleeping bags, a tent and a chicken...

I guess Wren is going to get water already. Then I hear somebody screaming. It's Wren.

Luna's POV (8)

YES!! Somebody is caught, hanging upside-down in my snare!!!! WOOOO! It's a Career! I think it's the boy from Four. Then I see the girl from One running towards him, seeing him dangling in midair, screaming.

"I'm coming, Wren!" The girl from One starts scaling the tree with a belt full of knives, if she cuts him down, they'll get the rope too!! NOOO! I run towards their camp. I snatch a grilled chicken, a waterskin, a sleeping bag and a spear and then I climb up again. I climb from tree to tree until I'm next to the lake.

The girl from One, Wren calls her Galaxie, is cutting the rope and trying to hold Wren so he won't fall. Then a branch brakes exactly when Wren is freed from the rope and...


That was another Career tribute that died then...

Christian's POV (7)

That cannon awakes me. I dart out of my sleeping bag. It was kind of far away. I look at my wound. It looks a little bit better.

Something silver is sinking down. OMG! Another parachute! It's a extremely long and sturdy rope... This I'll make good snares of...

Kat's POV (7)

I wonder if the Careers are missing me... I think I should go back to them and continue my task of killing them off in their sleep... I walk towards the place where I dumped the other sleeping bags and the tent. I hear a hovercraft. What? Did somebody die so close them? A victim of the Careers maybe? No. It's Wren.

Christian's POV (7)

I heard a cannon. Someone died. I set up a snare on the edge of the forest. Once it catches something the game high up in the tree, away from other animals. I purify some more water and I keep the rest of the rope in my belt.

I hear something in the forest. I try to find my snare, then I see a dead squirrel in it! Only half an hour after I set it!

I scale the tree and then I realise, something is wrong with the squirrel. OMG! It's alive! It has blood red eyes and...

It tears apart my rope and attacks me! I don't have any weapons... I start garrotting it with my rope. It bites my arm. I punch it in the face. I'm lucky I grew up in District Seven, or I'd be dead. I climb higher, and the squirrel climbs after me. Then I let it come nearer and I kick it in the face.

It falls, falls, falls and hits the ground.

I stay in the tree. It just lies on the ground ... I hope it's dead...

Kat's POV (7)

A silver umbrella with a basket a. k. a. I forgot the word lands in front of my feet. A large... machete! And a pack of different kinds of knives... Maybe I don't need to return to Galaxie and ally up with her... My instinct tells me she can put together two and two and realise who killed the other Careers and dumped the sleeping bags in the lake. I think it's better to kill her in her sleep tonight...

Luna's POV (8)

I killed someone! I killed a Career :P Beat that if you can!!!

I decide to go hunting unicorns, I mean wild bacon nuggets, I mean squirrels!

I scale another tree and I stay silent. Two branches under me is a squirrel! I don't want to kill it yet since Galaxie is right under. I don't want to give her dinner... Galaxie puts up her tent next to the lake. I aim with my blowgun... and a dart pierces it's body. I watch Galaxie grilling a chicken. She lets the fire burn out since it's far away from her tent. I get an idea! I climb down and I grill the squirrel over her still-hot coals.

It's delicious...

I hear the Anthem.

Only one death today, Wren. My kill...

Day Four - Part Night
Http media 7-01-2012 blMf6T

Has nothing with the games to do...

Lewis' POV (11)

So, five of us left...?

Maybe I finally have a chance. But then I need weapons, I haven't got anything since the 2nd Bloodbath...

I have food and survival items, such as a sleeping bag, matches and a flashlight. I've got water purifier and two bottles of water, plus a grilled chicken and some edible berries.

I eat a handful of berries, watching the sun set. I think of home, hopefully my family is at home, watching my every move on that rusty projector. I can almost hear my grandfather whispering: "You can do this, Lewis."

I swallow a berry. Something is wrong with the taste... I spit it out, hoping it's not too late. And I'm in luck, it wasn't a poisonous berry. It only was unripe. I can almost hear my mentor saying whew, after I spit it out.

I try to fall asleep in my sleeping bag, high up in my tree. I yawn and tie myself to the branch so I won't fall of. Luckily I fall asleep quickly.

Christian's POV (7)

I caught a normal squirrel in my snare too. I grilled it, risking a fire. I still wonder where my sword is though. I try to fall asleep in my sleeping bag, but I find it hard. There are only five of us left: The One girl, Kat, me, Foxyface and Eleven Boy. Anyone of them could be hiding just in that bush, ready to attack. I yawn and Mr. Sandman arrives.

Galaxie's POV (1)

Great, I'm the only Career left. Yawn, yawn, what to do? I have got a lot of weapons, two sleeping bags, a water skin, a bottle with water, three crackers and a chicken, great.

Oh, and a forest full of tributes and muttations ready to kill me in any sec....!

A big wolf jumps out from the forest. I leap towards a tree and I start scaling it with all my stuff. Apparently, the wolf can climb too. I have all my stuff in a sleeping bag which is buckled in my belt. I climb and I jump from tree to tree hearing some other wolf friends joining in, great. I throw a knife at one and it screams and falls to the ground, lucky they're easy kills. I climb ten meters higher hearing the wolves come nearer and nearer. Those claws are at least as long as my knives. They pierce branch after branch, to my surprise, they jump swiftly and high. A little too high for my taste. I sacrifice Draco's spear and it pierces one of the muttations. It kicks a second by mistake and then actually, that one pushes a third and only one mutt is left to hunt me...

I'm getting tired. But I climb higher and higher. I try to jump into another tree when possible, but mostly upwards.

I throw my knife and I miss the mutt's left paw with millimeters.

It's getting closer and closer, and I'm getting more and more tired. When I reach the tree, I have nothing to lose, so I throw my knife, it hits the mutt between the eyes and it falls, falls, falls and falls. I buckle myself to a branch and I fall asleep.

Day Four - The fallen

6th: Wren Hayes, district 4

Day Five - Part Day

Luna's POV (8)

I wake up and something is on my face. WHOA! It's a silver parachute!!! I open it and I find a belt with small, long knives, throwing knives!

I eat the rest of my squirrel and I drink some mouthfuls of water. Galaxie isn't here anymore, I wonder where she went. I haven't got any food now so I decide to hunt.

I walk silently and I try not to make too big moves, something is near the lake. A small rabbit! A knife pierces it's body and I run forward and it's dead. I risk a fire, because nobody seems to be here and there is so few of us left.

Kat's POV (7)

I smell smoke. I jolt up from my sleeping bag. Even through the canvas I can smell something strange. I crawl out of my tent and I try to stand up. Somewhere I can see smoke rising up to the sky. Then something lands behind me. Oh, only a leaf... I hoped that I'd get more weapons, although I have a lot. I pack my tent and my sleeping bag and I sharpen my knives. I walk towards where the smoke comes from, I hope it's not Galaxie or Christian... it isn't... It's Luna from Eight. I sneak and I trip over a log. Stupid Kat!

Luna realises that I'm here and jumps up from the rock that she sat at. She has her knives ready.

SKIT! I should've checked! Too late now... I jump up and I aim a knife for her head. She dodges and instead I get a dart in my left arm. We are about the same size, so I can't take her down when she's like this. I run at her and I swing my machete and I hit her left leg. She grimaces and aims a knife for my head. I jump and it hits my jacket instead.

Burning pain. I jump at her and I scratch her forehead with my knife. She punches me and rolls over. I crawl after with my knife belt still on. She jumps over a log and I jump after. My stomach hurts but the cut isn't very deep. I punch her in the stomach. She falls backwards and I hear a SPLASH! ohhh... she's in the water... I hope she can't swim... Apparently she can. I sigh and she drags me down. NO! NO! I can't breathe. But then I reach the surface and I see Luna is on the shore, waiting for me to drown or come up. I crawl up and something whizzes past my right ear.

Luna's POV (8)

I tried to drown her, but it DIDN'T work!!! But she's worse injured than I am and not as fast. But her weapons are more dangerous... I threw a knife... it misses her right ear.

I feel something hitting my right foot with such a force that I fall backwards into a tracker jacker nest.


I run and I get a few stings... I dive into the lake, but Kat isn't as lucky... She gets many stings before realisisng what it is and then she collapses into a thorn bush. She twitches and finally goes still, but her cannon hasn't fired yet. Probably in some sort of coma. I try to swim to an island in the lake, and I make it there. I lost my blowgun in the swim. Everything is green and glittery. Somewhere I see a mermaid, pretty at first, but suddenly it becomes orange and looks moldy. Oh, ofcourse, tracker jacker venom.

BOOM! Kat's cannon fires and I fall into nightmares, I see my sister Lilie exploding in a factory, Gerí being whipped by peacekeepers, all my friends and family getting hurt...

Lewis' POV (11)

"Well, I felt something died..."

Ok, not time to quote songs but someone died... I wonder who it is. I rest a little in my tree and something lands on a branch. A parachute! It's a sword and a spear! Yeah!!! Weapons... I might need that. Wait I'm in the FINAL FOUR! I actually might make it home!!! I eat some appulinis and I decide to move away from here since somebody built up a fire not far away from here. I pack my stuff and I pick some appulinins and other edible plants.

Christian's POV (7)


It's time to get away from here.

I check that I have all my stuff and I purify as much water as it's possible.

Somebody died.

I'm in the Final 4.

I might come home.

This is awesome.

Or not.

I hear a rustle in the trees and a spear enters my body.

Lewis' POV (11)

I'm a mass murderer!


I have killed TWO people... I'm a monster!

I climb down to retrieve the spear and climb up in the tree before the hovercraft comes to pick up the dead body of a boy from district seven I don't even know the name of... :S

I climb from tree to tree with my packs knowing that the other two - the girl from One and the girl from Eight most likely'll come here...

I try to stay silent in my tree and nobody comes. I take a big breath and I see the girl from One approach with knives and a tent on her back. She's bigger than me, in a little worse shape though, she's dark under her eyes and a lot skinnier than before the games.

I throw my spear and it hits her foot...

"IDIOT!" she screams and looks up in the trees. Oh no... She has seen me...

Luna's POV (8)

I finally wake up, but I still have hard focusing on the world around me. Everything is ... shiny and unstable.

Something lands in front of me with a bottle saying: Tracker Jacker Medicine, drink two mouthfuls every two hours for 2 days. So I drink two mouthfuls and the world becomes more stable. I walk towards the lake and I purify some water and I start walking. I can't stay here, maybe there are more tracker jackers. I walk into the forest for some hours, and the world is starting to be orange and shiny. I drink some more of the medicine that tastes like slugs, trust me I have eaten slugs and it wasn't pleasant.

I walk into a grove and I find a bloody spear on the ground. I see trees rustling and I try to run away, but the girl from Galaxie has me on the ground after ten seconds. I try to punch and bite her. She sees my medicine and immediately crushes the bottle with her bare hands which gives me time to get up and get a knife on my shoulder. Lewis from district Eleven, the boy I spared in the beginning of the games, climbs down from a tree. I throw a knife at him, he ducks and it hits a tree log.Galaxie tries to pull me down again but Lewis is punching her and trying to kill her with a sword. I say a quick and sarcastic "thanks" to him, and I stab his right foot.

Day Five - Part Night - THE FINAL FIGHT

Galaxie's POV (1)

That Luna girl stabbed Lewis in his foot and I wrestle her down and I start cutting her fingers, like I did with the girl from ten. But Lewis punches me with the not-sharp side of his sword and stabs Luna's right shoulder and I jump on them both. Luna will suffocate any moment if not...

She stabs Lewis in his stomach and he falls into me. Luna gets up on her feet and starts scaling a tree. Lewis follows her like a squirrel and I do my best to follow them. Lewis kicks me in the face and my nose starts bleeding. It really, really hurts but I try to follow them anyway. They are both more wounded than me but Lewis seems to be in better shape. Luna stops climbing and throws a knife. It hits me between the eyes and I fall, fall, fall and fall into darkness...

Lewis' POV (11) This is it. Only Luna left, her red hair shining brightly. She's missing three fingers, my stomach and feet are bleeding. I can only hope now.

But then I hear a strange noise and see a strange blue shape appearing in front of us. Luna stops dead (no, she actually didnt die) and then she pins me to the ground. A man wearing a grey jacket and a bow tie steps out. "Where am I?" Asks a girl standing behind him. Are they mutts? Is this a trick of the Capitol? I think so. "You're in The Hunger Games", says Luna, still sitting on me and showing her bloody hand. "Get in here, if you want to live", says the man. "You're a mutt", I say. My stomach is painful now and I can't walk. "We can't trust you." "Yes. You can. Trust me, I'm the Doctor." The man says, and I pass out. The next thing I know, I'm inside some kind of machine, with greenish walls and yellow lights on the walls. "Am I dead?" I ask and look around. I don't think so, Luna is here too. Maybe the man was a mutt. "No", says the strange girl. "You're in the TARDIS."

'Sorry, guys. I have no actual explanation for not being on at all. I won't be coming back, but you all earned this. Very, very sorry. -RueButtercup signing off'

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