Well, I'm finishing up another Games right now but I think I just got a GENIUS idea!

I'm going to have a games with kids from the Olympians + Hades (!) -Hera (so yeah, there will be kids from the Big Three) in the ages between 12 and 18

So I'm a big fan of Percy Jackson too!!!

I'm not going to have any minor gods like Iris and Nemesis and so on and so on. There will be one daughter and one son of each the gods participating... (And I don't feel like writing a backstory :/) Two of Artemis' huntresses (suggested by Mysims) are in too


There will be 24 tributes (create your own)

Two of Artemis' huntresses (suggested by Mysims) are in too.

Reservations end in 2 days

Think a little of what special powers they have when you fill in their skills and tactics using this template:


Godly Parent:









Image/Lunaii/Physical Description:

have fun!

you can enter 3 tribs

Godly Parent Name Gender User
Zeus Ellodie Bolt Female PeetaPancakes
Zeus Jay Greendale Male Shadow_Seer
Poseidon Misty Calliden


Poseidon Male RESERVED by PeetaPancakes
Demeter Celestra Demetre Female Polinarose
Demeter Alex Johnson Male Wesolini
Ares Female reserved by District3forever
Ares Robert McCoran Male Mysims
Athena Breeze Oaklyn Female PeetaPancakes
Athena Stock Thomas


Apollo Female reserved by District3forever
Apollo Thomas Quince Male Robin040197
Hephaestus Chelsea Torres Female Shadow Seer
Hephaestus Jeramy Al Male Italicos
Aphrodite Lillabeth "Lily" Harvey Female Mysims
Aphrodite Clark Westover Male Shadow Seer
Hermes Annia Springs Female Desirée snyh
Hermes Örjan Lee Male Desirée snyh
Dionysus Alexia Titus Female KatnissRox24
Dionysus Male
Hades Hadley Bryce Female Readwritelivenikki
Hades Fred Williamson Male FoxfaceMasonOdair
Artemis (huntress) Mollina Canterbury Female Mysims
Artemis (huntress) Camille Summerglow Female Readwritelivenikki


You'll do these in the comments. (the only empty spot is Dionysus male). Add who you want your tribute to be allied up with :) Please do the Careers in comments also, not only the Big Three, since the Hades' tributes seems to want to be alone

Name Godly Parent Desired Allies
Ellodie Bolt Zeus
Jay Greendale Zeus
Misty Calliden Poseidon Big Three kids. (careers)
Celestra Demetre Demeter
Alex Johnson Demeter
Robert McCoran Ares : Anyone he could betray.
Breeze Oaklyn Athena
Stock Thomas Athena
Thomas Quince Apollo
Mollina Canterbury Hunter of Artemis Her fellow Huntress, maybe some trustworthy people.
Camille Summerglow Hunter of Artemis Celesta, Chelsea, Breeze, and Molly. :)
Chelsea Torres Hephaestus
Jeramy Al Hephaestus
Lillabeth Harvey Aphrodite Any hot guys or people she could use as a wingwoman. ;)
Clark Westover Aphrodite
Annia Springs Hermes
Örjan Lee Hermes
Alexia Titus Dionysus
-empty- Dionysus
Hadley Bryce Hades No one. Only dead warriors.
Fred Williamson Hades

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