Hey guys, I'm sorry my blog suddenly disappeared, so I had to redo everything, but it's all good :)

There will be three tributes allowed per person, no sponsers and no tokens.

The arena is a TROPICAL ISLAND.

I hope you have a great game, good luck, and "may the odds be ever in your favor"

SCORE: Tribute Name: Age: Strengths: Weaknesses: Preferred Weapon: Appearance:
District1:M 10/12 Max Cleaner 17 Killing, running, climbing Swimming Sword or throwing knives Short black hair, tan skin, dark brown hair, 6'4
District1:F 9/12 Ruby Jackson 16 Running, climbing, killing Making small decisions, stealth Bow and arrow, beauty, spear Long red hair, brown eyes, fit, tan, 5'8
District2:M 9/12 Clay Ferintino 18 Leadership, killing, sprinting Not having enough food Spear, sword, hand to hand combat Blond hair that sticks up a lot, dark brown hair, pale, 6'3
District2:F 9/12 Sparkle Glimmer 18 Quiet, climbing and small Dying Sword, explosives and archery Heavy build, red hair, green eyes
District3:M 7/12 Rye Skylark 12 Trust, speed, flexibility, swimming, climbing, sleuth, plants Tough spaces, won't kill, heights Mace, knife, electronics Short black hair, bright grey eyes, wheat-colored skin, 4'10, skinny
District3:F 8/12 Ingrid Silva 16 Speedy, good at hiding, plant identification, intelligent Swimming, climbing Poisons, wire 5'5, wavy reddish-brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin
District4:M 10/12 Thomas Quince 15 Very good with trident and a spear, can climb very well and jump high Afraid of lightening and doesn't like insects Trident and net, spear Short black hair, brown eyes, not very tall
District4:F 8/12 Octavia Gloss 16 Leader, Swimming, Fast The dark and tracker jackers Spear, throwing knives and sword Skinny, light blue eyes, and dark brown hair
District5:M 9/12 Wrad Ging 17 Trusting, plant identification, stealth Mutts, tracker jackers Trident, water cannon, blow gun Medium height, red hair, freckles
District5:F 9/12 Ella Mockingbird 13 Fast, bow and arrow, hiding, throwing knives Fire snakes and spiders Bow and arrow, throwing knives Light brown hair and hazel eyes
District6:M 6/12 Brann Clatch 16 Strength, and good with all kinds of swords, and very smart Very bad at swimming and a little bit scared of the dark All kinds of swords Brown hair with brown eyes, very nice smile, muscular, tall, and has strong legs
District6:F 8/12 Lindsey Fear 16 Good at swimming, fast Gets very scared about a couple of things, one of them being careers Axe, knives Medium height, blonde curly hair, blue eyes
District7:M 10/12 Justin 16 Strength, swimming, hand to hand combat, arm speed Speed, intellect, trust Mace, katana sword, axe Long brown hair with one blond streak, bright blue eyes, tan skin, always wearing long skinny jeans
District7:F 9/12 Mckenna Brew 15 Climbing, plant identification, running Camofluge Throwing axes and throwing knives Long brown hair, electric blue eyes, tan, 5'6
District8:M 9/12 Mark Silk 18 Killing, running, hiding Snakes Knife, bow and arrow, axe, spear Brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, very handsome
District8:F 8/12 Kylie Stewart 17 Speed, climbing, intellect, manipulation Agility, swimming, trust Bow and arrow, two sided sword Long blonde hair with blue and pink streaks, green eyes, light skin, dolphin earrings, glitter, 5'9
District9:M 7/12 Kevin Quince 12 Good with his weapons, can run and swim very fast Is claustrophobic, will get crazy if he sees is brother (Thomas Quince D4) get hurt Trident, net and yin-yang swords Long black hair, shorter than his brother and has blue eyes
District9:F 8/12 Nellie Cowan 14 Swiming, climbing, running, hand-to-hand combat Plant identification Axe, sword Short blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin, short, about 4'11
District10:M 7/12 Banak Crane 17 Good throwing skills, very strong, bloodthirsty Can't get his own food, can't look far, bad at sprinting Trident, spear Brown/black hair, big and strong and blue eyes
District10:F 5/12 Agnes Layne Turning 15 in game She can befriend any animals and turn them agaisnt her opponents, climbing, strength, always has a plan Swimming, edible plants Animals 5'2; Caramel colored hair, blue-grey eyes, fair-skinned, lots of freckles
District11:M 8/12 Cody Birch 13 Plant identification and running Trusting People Bow Curly, dirty blond hair, green eyes tan skin, 6'8
District11:F 6/12 Lauren Hill 12 Plant identification, climbing and camoflage Swimming and hand to hand combat Knife or spear Long brown hair, tan skin, green eyes, 5'1
District12:M 9/12 Garrett Henderson 18 Intellect, speed, arm, climbing, swimming Heights,bugs, spiders Short knife, mace Short brown hair, hazel eyes, 6'5, gawky
District12:F 7/12 Willow Coral 13 Bow and arrow, fast, strong Fire spiders and being alone Bow and arrow Brown hair and brown eyes

Tribute Name: Status:
Max Cleaner Eliminated
Ruby Jackson Eliminated
Clay Ferintino Eliminated
Sparkle Glimmer Eliminated
Rye Skylark Eliminated
Ingrid Silva Eliminated
Thomas Quince Eliminated
Octavia Gloss Eliminated
Wrad Ging Eliminated
Ella Mockingbird Eliminated
Brann Clatch Eliminated
Lindsey Fear Eliminated
Justin Eliminated
Mckenna Brew Eliminated
Mark Silk Eliminated
Kylie Stewart Eliminated
Kevin Quince Eliminated
Nellie Cowan Eliminated
Banak Crane Eliminated
Agnes Layne Eliminated
Cody Birch Eliminated
Lauren Hill Eliminated
Garrett Henderson VICTOR
Willow Coral Eliminated

Day One:

(Lauren Hill: D11F) I see everything I need, knives and spears. I also see quite a few backpacks, rumors say that all of them actually have all purpose medicine in them. Also, there should be ropes and carabiners, which would come in handy, since climbing is one of my strengths. 10...9...8...7...6, My hands start to shake and sweat. I feel as if my heart is going faster than my feet, as I run off the platform, on the count of 3. I feel hottness below my feet once, in that moment I realize what I've done. I've gone before the end of the count. Boom! The first cannon goes off before the games have even started.

(Brann Clatch: D6M) I see the district 11 female get blown to kingdom come, right then I get incredibly nervous, 3...2...1, I run off the platform, my nerves still getting worse. I grab a sword, I turn around and run into this small scrawny kid from district 9. "Kevin Quince", I say "you think you can kill me?" Quince is silent, I run past him, my nerves still sky high, I trip over a backpack. I glance up and see Quince throw a trident in my chest. Boom!

(Kevin Quince: D9M) I'm running, minding my own buisness when I run into Brann Clatch (D6M) and he starts talking to me like I'm some kind of helpless kid. Well I'm not helpless, as Clatch runs away I grab my trident and once I see Clatch trip I take a leap of faith, I throw my trident, Bam! Target hit, "now who's the helpless kid" I think to myself. I take my trident out of the "late" Brann Clatch and run into a heavily wooded area and hide. "Now to find my brother." I think to myself, "I need an ally, but who?....Wrad Ging!" I begin my search at dusk.

(Wrad Ging: D5M) My plan is to kill as many people in the beginning as possible. I run off the platform and see Clay Ferintino just standing there I assume making his game plan. I run up behind him, grab his head and snapped his neck. Boom! I then grab a couple knives and a backpack. I see Ingrid Silva laying in pain on the ground. I stop and drop to my knees to possibly help her, I then notice her hand is sliced, only a couple pieces of skin keeping the hand dangeling there. I pick her up with thoughts of saving her. She screams "STOP!" I stop dead in my tracks, she whispers to me "Please just put me out of my misery, my hand can't be healed." I try to object but she wouldn't let me talk. "Please." she says. So I lay her down and hand her some poisoness berries. "Thank you for trying to help." she grins then eats the berries. Boom! Then I walk into the woods hanging my head...."Now to look for some allies."

(Kevin Quince: D9M) I begin walking deeper into the island, I see a pond/lake sort of thing so I stop to fill up the canteen I got in my backpack. I glance up and across the lake I see Wrad Ging. I yell "Hey!" he looks up and says "I'm not gonna kill you." I respond back saying "Me either, I'm looking for allies, are you intersted?" Wrad nods his head. I start walking toward him. We find shelter for the night and we'll look for Thomas in the morning.

(Willow Coral: D12F) As soon as I ran off the platform, 3 people looked at me, we all ran directly into the woods. I think I have an alliance, Rye Skylark (D3M), Lindsey Fear (D6F) and Banak Crane (D10M). Luckily Banak was able to grab 2 backpacks, we find shelter then eat and shortly after that we all fall asleep.

Day 2:

(Agnes Layne: D10F) Today I'm turning 15! I never thought I would celebrate my birthday wondering if I'm gonna die. That's not anyones birthday wish, I was bitten by a few misquitoes overnight and I'm incredibly itchy. I scratched one so much it turned into an open wound, I have to keep it clean so I don't die of infection. For now I have to keep searching for water.

(Mark Silk: D8M) I stayed up all night thinking of my game plan, "The first person I come across I'll kill." I think to myself "I want people to think of me as a serious threat." I walk and I hear rustling, I stop and listen. The rustling stopped, suddenly throwing axes come flying at me. I dodge them, from a distance, I see Mckenna Brew (D7F) starting to retreat, I run after her. I get my bow and arrow ready, I aim, shoot, miss. I sprint to get closer to her, we come to an opening to an open field. She throws knives at me, one sliced my arm, I get an arrow ready, aim, hit. Brew falls to the ground. Boom! I take her backpack and put some medicine on my arm, I make a fire, eat and find shelter.

'(Thomas Quince: D4M)' I see smoke from a fire in the distance. I slowly approach it, sitting there is Cody Birch (D11M) eating a squirrel, he looks at me in fear, it almost hurts me to kill him but I need to get home, alive. I point a spear at his head, He's frozen in fear. Suddenly, I see a swarm of tracker jackers in the distance, I run the other way, leaving Birch alive, but not for long, the tracker jackers got him. I hear him scream, a few seconds later, Boom!

(Kevin Quince: D9M) Wrad and I have been searching for Thomas all day so far, and, no luck. We stop for a couple hours to eat and relax. We hear someone coming so we get our weapons ready. We see Thomas burst out of some shrubs. "Thomas!" I yell "We've been looking all over for you." "Who's that?" asked Thomas to Kevin "Oh, Thomas, meet Wrad Ging, we're in an aliance." "Okay" Thomas says in a concerned voice. Him and Wrad shake hands, "Our alliance is complete now." Kevin states happily. They go to high ground to set up camp for the night.

(Octavia Gloss: D4F) There's a horrible storm tonight, luckily I found a rock hut sort of thing to keep me dry, I feel bad but not at the same time for the other people. I'm debating wether or not to make an alliance, I'll sleep on it. Tomorrow I will make up my mind.


(Mark Silk: D8M) I woke up this morning and saw my wound is almost all healed. I'm thinking about having allies but you can't trust anyone. Everybody wants to get out of here alive so there's going to be betrayal sometime. I'm going to stay at it alone for the time being. For now I'm going to look for some water and new shelter.

(Agnes Layne: D10F) I woke up and my wound is getting better. I need to find water. I walk a couple minutes and find this small creek, I clean my wound, then take a few gulps of water and I begin to cough then I begin choaking, I then realize there was poisoness algae growing in the creek. I continue choaking, the last thing I see is some birds in the trees above. Boom!

(Kylie Stewart: D8F) I haven't eaten or slept for 2 days. I'm so tired, I don't want to die, but it's making me more sick. I suddenly pass out.

(Thomas Quince: D4M) I was walking around looking for food when I come across this girl, I think it's that district 8 girl, Kylie. I decide to take her back to camp to see if we could possibly help her. I take her to Wrad Ging beacuse he knows more stuff than me when it comes to health.

(Wrad Ging: D5M) Thomas brought me this girl that's passed out, I think she's over tired and dehydrated, so I'm gonna keep a close eye on her. It won't be hard to keep an eye on her, she's pretty, I have to admit. She suddenly wakes up in a panic. I calm her down and explain to her that we are helping. She allows us to give her some water and food. Her and I talked for a while and now she's part of our alliance.

(Kylie Stewart: D8F) I woke up and saw an unfirmiliar man watching me to i began to panic, he explained to me that everything would be fine, so he got me some food and water, we talked a little while, and laughed a good bit. It's hard knowing you have a crush on someonewhen one of you are bound to die.

Day: 4

(Justin: D7M) It's 2 a.m. on day 4 of the games and this is the day where I show people who's boss. I see some smoke in the distance, I slowly approach what seems to be district 1's place to sleep for the night, I take out my sword and decapitate Max Cleaner (D1M) Boom! Ruby Jackson (D1F) then wakes up to the sound of the cannon and pulls out her spear, I take out my axe and throw it. Bullseye, Boom!

(Octavia Gloss: D4F) I'm afraid of the dark but it's time to buck up, there's too many people, some need to go. I look up and notice Nellie Cowan (D9F) sleeping in a tree right above me, I take out my throwing knives and on my first throw I hit her right in the side, she then falls out of the tree and lands on her head snapping her neck. Boom! I continue walking and see Rye Skylark (D3M) leaning against a tree sleeping, I take my spear and stab him in the stomach. I stabbed him so hard that my spear went through the tree. Boom! My work here is done.

(Ella Mockingbird: D5F) I slept in a cave last night, filled with spiders , so I actually got no sleep. I step outside the cave and see a poisoness fire snake, I freeze in fear, I realize there's seven of them surrounding me. I am freaking out then out of the corner of my eye I see Justin (D7M) and the throws a mace at my head, the last thing I see is his smiling face. Boom!

(Wrad Ging: D5M) Our alliance has been searching all night and we come across a cave, I was thinking we could camp there but then I saw Ella Mockingbird (D5F) laying dead with a mace in her head, but now she's being consumed by the surrounding fire snakes. I went and took the mace out of Ella's head, I grab Kylie's hand to calm her down because I knew she was afraid. We all walked a couple minutes and set up camp without a fire, and take turns on guard.

(Lindsey Fear: D6F) Rye Skylark was recently killed and now everyone in out alliance is kind of frightened. Except Willow Coral (D12F) she seems to be going a littlr crazy. I've seen her fight with herself and what it looks like, trying to kill herself almost, Banak and I don't know what to do.

(Octavia Gloss: D4F) I'm walking through the wooded part of the island trying to find my next victim and Justin (D7M) comes along. I throw a knife at him while he's charging at me and it hits his thigh, now he's wounded and limping, he pulls out his katana and I pull out my sword, we fight for what feels like a life time, then I see Sparkle Glimmer (D2F) watching us. While I look at her he stabs me right in the stomach. Boom!

(Sparkle Glimmer: D2F) I almost feel as if I'm the reason Octavia Gloss (D4F) died. After she died I climbed the nearest tree and I get out my bow and arrow, and I think of killing Justin (D7M) now from above in this tree. I won't do it now, I'll save him for later.

Day: 5

(Mark Silk: D8M) I'm spying on Willow Coral (D12F) beacuse she seems to be going crazy, I saw her ripping some of her hair out. I take out my bow and arrow and I decide to do what's best, I shoot her. Boom!

(Kevin Quince: D9M) I see Mark (D8M) and he is what it looks to be grieving over Willow Coral (D12F). But this isn't a place to waste time grieving, I pull my trident out and kill him. Boom! Then I turn around and all I see is a katana lodged in me and Justin (D7M) looking right into my eyes. Boom!

(Thomas Quince: D4M) I just found out my brother died. Wrad says to me "I'm sorry dude, but you gotta get over it, he was a dead weight." I respond "I lost someone I loved." Wrad says happily, "Well that'll never happen to me." so I say "Oh, well, yeah it will." and I kill Kylie. Wrad screams, "No!" Boom! "Now you know how I feel." Wrad begins to cry then he tries to kill me so I stab him with my spear. Boom!

(Lindsey Fear: D6F) Banak Crane (D10M) and I have stopped the alliance, we're on our own now. It's kinda scary, but refreshing, being able to do things your own way. But then out of the corner of my eye I see Banak Crane (D10M) on the ground bleeding to death. By the time I run over there he had passed away. Boom!


(Thomas Quince: D4M) I see Justin (D7M) laying on the ground sleeping, since he killed my brother I'm going to kill him. I take out my spear and slice him right down the middle. Boom!

(Sparkle Glimmer: D2F) I see Lindsey fear trying to hunt, so I decide to "help" her, while walking up I put a small but deadly explosive in the pile of wood. I approach her saying "I'll help" and she nods. I say to Lindsey "I'll go get the food while you start the fire." I start running away as fast as possible, once I'm far enough away I sit and listen to the dead silent island 3...2...1 I hear the explosion then I hear the cannon. Boom! I then just sit and listen, then I suddenly hear heavy breathing behind me, I'm frozen. I feel drool on my head, "Mutts!" I think, I last remember pressure on my head. Boom!

Day: 7

(Garrett Henderson: D12M) I've been laying low this whole enitre game. Now that I'm in the final 2 it's time to seriously prepare to fight. I have both my short knife and my mace ready to go. It's time to fight, I go to the beachy part of the island and wait for my life or death fight. I see Thomas come onto the beach looking kind of disoriented and confused, but once he sees me he snaps back into reality. I approach him saying "Lets get this overwith." He nods and grins. We start fighting intensly, neither of us with any regrets what-so-ever, yet...I loose my short knife so I pull out my mace, this fight is going on for too long. I grab some sand and throw it in his face so it can get in his eyes so he can't see, then he trips over his own two feet. I take his trident from his hands and kill him with his very own weapon. Boom! I drop to my hands and knees and immediately begin crying. I'm going home.

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