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    Raise your hand if you love Madge Undersee. *raises hand*

    Raise your hand if you had some people picked out that you would love to see play Madge in the movie. *raises hand*

    Why am I doing this? Prepare to be mad.

    As you may or may not know, filming of the District 12 scenes begin in six days. There has been no information released yet on Madge casting. If casting for Madge hasn't started by now, then I honestly don't think that she will be appearing in the movie.

    A few weeks ago, a rumor started going around that Madge would not be appearing in the film, and that Katniss would recieve the Mockingjay pin from her father, before he died. Now, I have a few problems with this.

    1. Katniss would do anything to help her family. She could probably get a …
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    Okay, I know you can probably get all this stuff with a little bit of searching, but now you can be lazy because I will do the searching for you! Yay for laziness! Haha.

    Actress Emma Watson revealed that she was taking a break from Brown to work on "professional projects." A few people decided that this meant that she had been cast as Katniss in THG movie. According to one website, she was even a frontrunner for Katniss a while back. For a while, Emma fans were excited that she had taken on this project. So, is it a....

    Rumor or fact?: RUMOR. As far as I know, Emma was never a frontrunner for Katniss. In addition, "professional projects" means "Perks of Being a Wallflower" which will start filming this summer. (Emma and Logan Lerman both star in…

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    Top 3 People!

    February 21, 2011 by RueRose

    These are my top 3 people for some roles! *Note*- I do say "an unknown" for many of these roles, because in my opinion an unknown would do a great job portraying them. Feel free to comment about my choices and to tell me who you think would do a good job!


    1. Hailee Steinfeld (You may recognize her as Mattie Ross from "True Grit." She looks like Katniss, and we all know she can act like a determined girl who always gets what she wants!)

    2. An unknown (Okay, there are a ton of people who are currently unknowns who would love to play Katniss that would do a great job. Why should we count them out? Lionsgate is holding open auditions, after all.)

    3. Malese Jow (Malese actually looks somewhat like Katniss. I've never seen her act, but if we …

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