Rumor or Fact?

Okay, I know you can probably get all this stuff with a little bit of searching, but now you can be lazy because I will do the searching for you! Yay for laziness! Haha.

Emma Watson is Katniss?

Actress Emma Watson revealed that she was taking a break from Brown to work on "professional projects." A few people decided that this meant that she had been cast as Katniss in THG movie. According to one website, she was even a frontrunner for Katniss a while back. For a while, Emma fans were excited that she had taken on this project. So, is it a....

Rumor or fact?: RUMOR. As far as I know, Emma was never a frontrunner for Katniss. In addition, "professional projects" means "Perks of Being a Wallflower" which will start filming this summer. (Emma and Logan Lerman both star in this movie. That's promising!) Also, I suppose she has to promote part 2 of "Deathly Hallows." I honestly don't think that Emma even has time to play Katniss.

Gabriel Liotta and Chloe Moretz are Peeta and Katniss?

Recently, both Chloe Moretz and Gabriel Liotta were up on THG IMDb page, listed as playing Katniss and Peeta. Are they starring in the movie?

Rumor or fact?: Rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor. Lionsgate was alerted of it, and they took it down, saying that Chloe and Gabriel had not been cast. Chloe has yet to appear back up. A few days later, Gabriel reappeared on the page, still saying that he had been cast as Peeta. Lionsgate said that they had taken it down, but Gabriel appeared to have put himself back up on the site. Lionsgate took it down. As far as I know, Gabriel has yet to appear back up. Because anyone with an IMDb pro account can edit information, Lionsgate suspected that Gabriel was doing this to promote himself for the role. HOWEVER, a little over a week ago, Gabriel Tweeted that he had not put himself up on the site, and that he had no idea what THG was. Some people suspect that this was just so people could see his IMDb page- where, according to many, a lot of his credits are fake. I believe that a Chloe fan put her up there, however I still think that Gabriel put himself up there, despite what he may say.

Elle Fanning is Prim?

A few days ago, my friends and I were talking about THG. When I mentioned that a movie was going to come out, they informed me that they knew, and couldn't wait to see Elle as Prim. When I said that Prim auditions haven't started yet, they directed me to a website where someone had reported that Elle had been cast as Prim.

Rumor or fact?: As far as I know, this is a rumor. Until Lionsgate (or Elle herself) makes an official statement that Elle has been cast as Prim, it will continue to be a rumor.

Lionsgate has their top 4?

According to various websites, there is four people that Lionsgate is currently considering for Katniss. Despite an official statement made six days ago that said there were no frontrunners, it is believed that Lionsgate has narrowed down their choices to four actresses. I only could find the names of three- Abigail Breslin, Jennifer Lawrence, and Hailee Steinfeld. The fourth actress may be Chloe, Kaya, or an unknown.

Rumor or fact?: Unconfirmed. I know Lionsgate said that there was no frontrunners, but that was six days ago- they could've chosen a top four anytime after that statement was made. I don't know about Abigail, but all the others are currently Katniss favorites, so maybe Lionsgate chose them because of that? Or maybe, if this is just a rumor, someone decided to falsely report (or, maybe they thought it was real) that these girls were in the lead.

Update: Lionsgate is rumored to have their top 3 now. Again, both of these rumors are still unconfirmed.

Jennifer Lawrence got an offer for Katniss?

Last night, THG fans were in a frenzy- many sites had posted that Jennifer Lawrence had gotten an offer for Katniss! According to Lainey Gossip, who seems to favor Jennifer getting the role, Jennifer was slightly ahead, however her statement was proven false when Lionsgate announced a few days later that there were no frontrunners.

Rumor or fact?: Rumor. A few hours after this rumor started, MTV spoke to Lionsgate. Lionsgate revealed that no offer had been made. The "reliable source" that many sites had gotten this information from may have recieved the wrong information. Other sites believe that no deal had been made, but was about to be, or that Lawrence had indeed recieved an offer but Lionsgate didn't want the public knowing that. My problem with the last theory is that if it was already out, wouldn't Lionsgate just go ahead and say that it was true? IMO, I'm kind of glad that Jennifer wasn't cast. I really can't see her as Katniss. I can see her as Glimmer, but as Katniss? She seems too mature. It is my personal belief that Hailee Steinfeld is the perfect Katniss, but. Oh well.

Update: Last night, a rumor spread that Jennifer was close to getting an offer. Jennifer's PR people or whatever said that this wasn't true. Why has there been two Jennifer is about to get cast as Katniss rumors in two days? Is it because it has happened but Lionsgate doesn't want it 'out, or maybe it's because the reliable source isn't so reliable after all.

Yet another update: The third Jennifer rumor in five days happened last night. Jennifer's reps said that she was out of the country at the moment and no offer was close to being made, however another rumor started stating that she was closer than Hailee, Abigail, and Emily. Hailee and Emily would make better Katnisses, IMO.

Update x3: Jennifer was indeed cast as Katniss, after a week of denied rumors that she had been cast. I can't say that I'm surprised, with all the rumors that had been going around about her being cast.

Jackie Evancho is Primrose and Saoirse Scott is Rue?

So, on THG IMDb page, I noticed that three people were listed for the cast. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss (which is true), Jackie Evancho as Prim, and Saoirse Scott as Rue. Does this mean that we have our Katniss, Prim, and Rue?

Rumor or fact?: The "we have our Katniss" part is a fact. Jennifer is indeed playing Katniss, as covered in the last topic. However, as far as I know, Jackie and Saoirse playing those roles are rumors. They haven't even cast Peeta and Gale yet, for one thing, so why would they cast more minor roles? Another is that an official statement from Lionsgate saying that these two have been cast has not come yet. And finally, anyone with an IMDb Pro account can edit IMDb, meaning a Jackie and Saoirse fan could have edited THG IMDb page as well as their pages to show that they are playing Prim and Rue. IMO, Jackie looks too young for Prim, but give her a few years and she'll be fine. Saoirse is too young, and just doesn't look the part.

In Conclusion

IMO, in order for these casting rumors to stop, Lionsgate should hurry up with the casting! Filming is supposed to begin late April/early May, so they probably will find a cast soon. I just wish they could go faster.

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